1228-1229 OOC

Drawing from what little staff we have stats for, Roberto requests the following grogs for his staff :smiley:

(Some of these are characters created by other people and I may have missed some. So if you want in or out or don't care, let me know)

Alabaster Expedition Personnel Roster
Roberto - Magus, Expedition Commander
Cidito - Cat, Magus Familiar
Pinchas - Rabbi, Advisor
Carlos - Specialist
Johan - Assistant Specialist
Pedro - Specialist
Ache - Assistant Specialist
Alberto - Sergeant
Allen - 1st Corporal
Villaume - 2nd Corporal
Deykin - Grog
Miroslav - Grog
Wen - Scout

Sure, Miroslav can come along.
You want Pinchas too?

I had a feeling he was the guy you mentioned earlier. Sure :smiley:
I will revise the roster using the edit function. Your rank will be Advisor.

I'd like to make Vincent a Captain if that character gets approved. There has been no discussion after the revision was made.

He is likely to be approved, but I would prefer to see him go along on another story, which lets you focus on your magus and the gaggle of grogs in Roberto's story.

FYI, in case you aren't watching The Misteress Spanks Twice thread any longer (or never did)... Cumhachd has given gifts...

Let C be the casting score.
If we apply the -10 before dividing, the CT for a spontaneous spell is (C-10)/2.
The CT for a formulaic spell is (C-10).
So for a spontaneous spell to be easier to cast than the formulaic version, we get:
(C-10)/2 > (C-10)
(C/2) -5 > C - 10
C/2 > C - 5
-C/2 > -5
C/2 < 5
C < 10
The exact point where it's easier to cast a spontaneous spell than the formulaic version is when your Casting Score ( Stamina + Aura + Te + Fo) is less than 10, which means you can't fast-cast that spell anyway, since the -10 penalty will put you in the negative.

To clarify, I'm not arguing, I'm just a math geek. :smiley:

I was told there would be no math!
Something seems off, and I probably need to take a rigorous approach to it. If 10 is x, where x is always the penalty from words/gestures, you come to it where all values of x>c. Which seems wrong.

I don't have an objection to the fast casting penalty coming off the CS before dividing. I've limited fast casting enough. It shouldn't be intrinsically easier to work a spontaneous spell you don't know without words and/or gestures than a formulaic one, which it actually is when you do the arithmetic. I cast a spell I don't know without words or gestures, spending a fatigue level, I've subtracted 7.5 from the casting total. I cast a spell I do know without words or gestures and I have to subtract 15. That just seems wrong, and it is effectively saying that all things being equal casting a spell without words or gestures is easier if you don't know it.

I'm not quite sure I see it that way. Let's say you're trying for a level X spell, without words or gestures. Your casting score for a Formulaic spell would need to be X+15. Your casting score for a Spontaneous spell (if we are subtracting the penalty before dividing by two) would need to be 2X+15. How is a spontaneous spell ever going to be easier?

What you're actually saying (I think) is that it's harder to adapt a formulaic spell to variant casting than it is to do the same thing to a spontaneous spell. That kind of makes sense to me, since with a spontaneous spell you're varying everything anyway.

Actually, arguing against myself, the formulaic CT only needs to be X+5, since formulaics can still be cast if their CT is no greater than -10 of the level.

I believe I just played a version of this game a few weeks ago at a party, it was called Werewolf.

It's based on that, yes. Actually, it's based on a version of Werewolf called 'Thing'. I had to make adaptations to the rules, though, in order to hide the fact from the participants that ALL of them are 'Werewolves'.

Naah, this is the Bachelor ( or Bachelorette ) with Werewolves on Survivor Island

Survivor is what happens when Valerian shows up. :smiling_imp:

I put Vincent on the Wiki as an NPC, implying anyone can play him when needed. But I have no problem leaving him behind on this adventure. Though it is what inspired me to create a companion, he took on a life of his own. His design considers only the needs of the covenant and his backstory is tied directly to Bibracte.

Some players might find that like putting on someone else's clothes, though. :smiley:

I know some here have expressed a sense of nominal ownership of certain grogs. So, I don't know that you'll see anyone in the troupe jumping to play him, although I could be wrong.

And that reminds me...

I have been trying to stay out of trouble and keep myself from shooting my mouth off :mrgreen:

I noticed that combing the OP site for potential grogs for my expedition. Some were PC's, some NPC's. I tried to pick ones who did not seem specifically tied to a specific magus. I listed Carlos, Pedro, Junior, and Cidito as PC's. Allen and Albert are listed as NPC's.
And seeing as how we have so very few grogs, I am wondering if, as Imperitor, Roberto has the power to hire more staff. Specifically, I want to hire another 10 almogavars from the Lumina Company. Not for this current expedition, just for our regular turb.
Then, after we hire Vincent, Roberto will turn managment over to him as Captain. Roberto and Alexi will likely still participate in training and administration. But it is probably wiser that the turb be led by someone without the Gift and who can devote their full time attention to leadership.

For a second, I read that as Valerian steel, and I was like, "Sweet!"

I know, right? I'm ready for a KFC run. Except for, you know, the whole no car thing and the 35 minute walk to the nearest bus stop thing.

I think that the PC/NPC might represent that, it's not anything I can remember actively discussing. As far as hiring More grogs there is the matter of funds...
Someone needs to take the initiative and renegotiate with the church, if a PC volunteered to do it their player needs to kick off the story. Or, and this is the first I've ever said this, if an officer wants to seek and expand resources, they can initiate a story, and I'll try and run with it. So I have no problem if Roberto wants to add grogs. Not having the financing in place to support them will make things interesting later on...