1228.2 Coming Straight On For You

((Fixed. Gave her Independent +2, Quiet +1, and Unforgiving +2.))

Wilhelm nocks the arrow and looks around her, as it finally sinks in how many people there are out there. She realizes that they're likely not after her for the reason she thinks they are (and, even if they are, the bastard had it coming). She's been away from where she grew up that the news of her father's death has likely faded away, and she starts to wonder what the real reason they are there is.

She straightens up and places the arrow back in its quiver, then unstrings her bow. [color=green]"What do you want with me?" she calls out in German as she rests the tip of the bow on the ground.

"Wilhelma Hiltprantin, you need to come home, come with us." He seems to saying it without guile, and the men aren't armed with anything more than nets and clubs. He bends down to the man that she shot in the belly. "Can you help us with our man?" She sees a certain familial resemblance in the man she shot, but it isn't one of her brothers, he's too young.

((So they look like they might be related to her?))

She looks over the wounded man quickly (she has no Chirurgy, so she can only tell basically "dead", "mostly dead", "wounded" or "just walk it off, bro."

[color=green]"I know people who should be able to help him." She will then help them get the man to the covenant.

If it doesn't look like she is running off, they don't crowd her. If she gets too far ahead, they ask her to slow down.
The man she shot looks like he might be related. She's not seeing it in the others. And she hasn't spotted her brothers, yet.

[color=green]"I am called Wilhelm," she says as she leads them to the covenant.

She leads them to one of the guard shacks. [color=green]"Send for the doctor!" he calls out in Latin when she gets within hailing distance.

The man who seems to be in charge, "You were named Wilhelma, and I should know, because I was at your christening."

Wilhelm looks at the man, feeling like she should know him, but it's been long enough that maybe she doesn't. ((Int 0 + die roll of 9 = 9; have no idea what (if any) the appropriate Ability would be.))

[color=green]"That may well be, but I have been known as Wilhelm for many years, and it's the name that I answer to now."

((Straight Int is probably good)).
Wilhelma thinks it might be her godfather, but she isn't sure. "It may be how you are known here, but it is not how I will call you. Are you aware of the Fae folk, Wilhelma?"

Wilhelm debates not answering him unless he calls her how she wants to be called, but decides that would be counterproductive.

[color=green]"Some. I haven't much experience with them, but I think I know some people who have the blood of the Fae in their veins. Why?"

"You know that they can play cruel tricks, right. Here's the cruelest one of all. You just shot your baby brother, the brother you never knew."

[color=green]"What?!?" Wilhelm says, turning to look at her godfather in disbelief. [color=green]"That's impossible! Mother wasn't with child when I left...was she?"

"No...but she was with child later. When your father was released from the dark fae of the forest, because his doppelganger was killed. It happened the a couple of winters after you disappeared. He walked into the village, claimed he'd been held in some magical forest, plied with food and drink. Said he forgot who he was, and then he thought he heard his baby girl crying from hunger in the forest during a mighty storm and struck out after her."

Wilhelm looks at her godfather, stunned into wordlessness. She feels the need to lean against a tree or sit on a log for a moment as she starts to tear up. [color=green]All these years of running and hiding, she thinks, [color=green]for nothing. The man I killed wasn't my father after all...wasn't even a man! And my father wasn't cheating on my mother after all!

It takes a couple of minutes for her legs to regain their strength. [color=green]"I wish I'd known," she finally says softly.

"The fae play cruel games on people. We know who you've been living with, we tracked you down, it took...so many years. You have nieces and nephews, and a brother you never knew. But we must get him healed."

The doctor arrives, but when he does he doesn't seem encouraged. Wilhelma can hear him muttering 'not good' in Latin. He passed out just as they arrived to the gates of Mons Electi. And they are still well away from the manor house.

[color=green]"What do you mean 'not good'?" Wilhelm asks him in Latin. [color=green]"Can't you help him? What about the magi?"

She grabs his arm. [color=green]"You have to do something for my brother!"

"The magi have their own desires my child. You need to ask one of them, yourself. We'll take him to a room in the manor house and hope he recovers, and I'll do whatever I can to make sure it happens, but its a grievous wound." A couple of grogs come along and take him to the house on a litter, with the doctor following closely

"Willhelma, we'll be at our camp, just down the road, we know your brother will be safest and cared for well, here. I'll come by tomorrow to check on you both."

[color=green]"Thank you, Doctor," he says almost absently, his mind going over what he knows of the magi, and who's at the covenant, to decide who he can approach.

[color=green]"I'll see you tomorrow," he replies.

He thinks he overheard some of them talking about Korvin and his magic that can help people live longer, so he'll start there.

He makes his way to Korvin's abode and knocks on the door.

((server must have eaten my reply))

Korvin answers the door in his lab robes.

Wilhelm isn't it? You look troubled. What can I do for you?

[color=green]"It is my brother, magus. He is gravely wounded. Can you come help? He is in the infirmary with the doctor, he says not good. Please?"

Of course. Paion! We have a patient.

A large weasel comes out of the cottage carrying a large bag and climbs on Korvin's shoulder. Korvin scratches her head and takes the bag.

How gravely wounded? Can you describe what has happened?