1228.2 I Know What You Did That Summer

((Ah. Got it. So, good for one or two tumbles, but he'd quickly grow tiresome.))

((And now, back to the story))

Seven days before Tribunal, the earliest that delegates can start to arrive, Fiona arrives at Gate 9-3/4 shortly after sunrise, with Sheelagh and Jehanne in tow, with Claude and Blanche along to act as porters, to get their baggage through to Harco.

(Gerulf, do you know if we tip the porters with silver or vis?)

"I would presume silver, though I've not traveled by portal before. Should be fascinating. I once read a-" he begins, then cuts off as he becomes aware of himself. "Another time. In any case, there is no way of knowing whom or what will be waiting for us on the other side. The covenant might have selected just about anyone in their employ, and we can't be sure which option will be more appealing. Let us default to silver and then see how things go."

[color=blue]"Very well," she says, then offers her arm to Gerulf. [color=blue]"Allons-y!"

Gerulf looks at the arm with some trepidation. It is, after all, a little ways above him and somewhat thick. He does his best to link up, though, and they head through the portal together.

((... on a whirlwind adventure. I'm not sure of the boundaries here. Should I try describing the scene at Harco, or are we handwaving to Durenmar? And, then who takes over?))

((I'll be taking over at Durenmar. :smiley:
No, that's not right. Let's try this one. :smiling_imp: ))

After a moment, when Fiona realizes how difficult it is for Gerulf, she simply walks close by his side. Inside, she's going Stupid, stupid, stupid! She probably hides the fact that she's kicking herself pretty well, though. ((Com 2 + Guile (hiding true feelings) 3 + (die roll of 1, followed by die roll of 6, for a 12) = 17.))

((Per 2 + Aware 2 + die roll 3 = 7))

Gerulf doesn't notice Fiona's inward kicking. When she withdraws, he chastises himself for his hesitation. He then ruminates on his lack of Creo aptitude. With the right spell, he might have equalled Fiona's stature rather than engaging in nigh-adolescent awkwardness.

((Com 1 + Guile 2 + die roll 8 = 11 to keep this to himself))

Harco is buzzing with activity, and there would normally be a redcap nearby the portal, but there isn't this time. A few minutes later someone comes by and says, "Pardon the wait, but we are quite busy. IF you're going to Durenmar someone will be by to assist you with your luggage, eventually." How long will you wait?

((Ten, fifteen minutes, or until Paul wakes up from his nap, whichever comes first.))

((Paul doesn't really want to go, unless you force him. 15 minutes pass and no one stops to help.))

Fiona stands there, tapping her toe and looking around to see if all the porters look like they're busy or if they're just making their wait.

(Assuming they're busy) After a couple more minutes of looking around impatiently, she blows a wisp of hair out of her eyes, reaches into her purse to retrieve a couple of pennies, and (metaphorically) grabs the next empty-handed porter that scurries past. [color=blue]"Excuse me," she says, making sure the pennies are visible, [color=blue]"How long until we can get some help with our baggage?"

((I am having a hard time not seeing this as the Bazaar at Deva, and the porters as Deveels :laughing: ))

HE stops for a moment, and blurts out, "I'm sorry, we have the delegations of the various Primi to take care of. Poena, Bilera, Ariel and both Primi Tytalus arrived just moments ago. And worse still, Bulliste and Harpax have begun arguing in front of the portal to Duernmar, preventing anyone from getting through. It's brought everything to an utter stand still. We're just hoping it doesn't turn into a Certamen contest." And then he's off.

[color=blue]"What do you think?" Fiona asks Gerulf. [color=blue]"Should we wait, or should we try to cut in line in front of the Primi?"

Fiona finds a semi-out-of-the-way place and sits down tailor-style, watching everything intently...especially whatever's going on in the direction of the portal to Durenmar.

"I'm not keen on the idea of gaining the attention of two Tytalus magi in conflict," he says, taking a seat next to her. "Besides, this could be an excellent opportunity. Several primi in such close proximity? And, Bilera," he says meaningfully. "If we don't become engaged with this event or at least observe carefully, we might as well tell Mons Electi that we slept through the Grand Tribunal." He casts about, spinning his cane on its end. "Where should we begin? Shall we see how close we can safely get to Bulliste and Harpax? Or would you rather see to Prima Bilera?"

((Someone could go back to Mons Electi, and get grogs and/or another magus to assist in transporting things through Harco to the Durenmar portal, so you can get a spot in line. I'm not sure whether the password is shared with any grog from ME, or how it's restricted.))

((Thanks for the tip. I'm not versed on the mechanics of portals just yet.))

((As far as I know, only the magi and maybe their apprentices know the password, on the Mons Electi side.))

[color=blue]"It seems we sent Claude and Blanche home too early. Sheelagh, will you please go bring them back? If we're to be waiting on Harco's porters, we may not get there until Tribunal's already opened."

Fiona continues to people watch while she waits for Sheelagh to come back with some porters, especially looking for anyone familiar.

Sheelagh fetches the grogs back from Mons Electi and they help with the luggage to the portal towards Durenmar. Basically, thee party follows along with the direction most people seem to be headed. By the time they arrive, the line is quite long, and several groups are ahead of Fiona and Gerulf. Harpax and Buliste are at the head of the line, blocking access to the Portal, and appear to be debating. No one appears to be willing to go around them and try and slip through the portal.
At the moment, they appear to be hurling insults, or debating or both. Every once in a while flashes of magical energy dance across their finger tips as a suggestion that this could develop into a more aggressive state.

Fiona watches the display for a few minutes, growing more annoyed and impatient. Finally, she silently casts Aura of Righteous Authority on herself ((CT 26 + Harco's aura – silent 10 = 16 + Aura + die roll of 6 = 22 + aura, vs a Spell Level of 10.)) Her hair snowy white, she gets to her feet.

[color=blue]"I'll be back in a moment," she tells the others quietly and makes her way to the front of the line, with the occasional [color=blue]"Pardon me" and [color=blue]"Excuse me" along the way.

[color=blue]"Begging your pardon, Primi," Fiona says as politely as she can, looking at both while trying not to favor one or the other. [color=blue]"We can't help but notice that you seem to have some kind of...misunderstanding. By your leave, may I help you sort it out?" She motions to one side. ((Pre 1 + Etiquette (magi) 4 + Aura of Ennobled Presence 3 + die roll of 9 = 17. I hope that's good enough.))