1228.2 I Know What You Did That Summer

Fiona is a delegate to the Grand Tribunal and needs to make arrangements for transportation. I had asked about maintaining the Portal, and I believe that had been affirmed. Quarters for Fiona and two grogs are available to all delegates.

Is transportation for her and her two grogs included, or does she need to pony up the fees for her and her two grogs to go from Mons Electi to Harco, to Durenmar? And can she claim Sheelagh as one of her "grogs"?

She will write to Durenmar, to the Grand Tribunal Steward (by name, if she knows it), to let them know that she will also be needing accommodations for another magus.

It's free. Normally, delegates are responsible for making their own way to Harco or Durenmar, whichever is more convenient. The portal from Harco to Durenmar is free to Delegates and their attendants for the Grand Tribunal and one week on either side of Grand Tribunal.

((Who's the other magus, is Fiona going to name the magus?

I was under the impression that Gerulf would be accompanying her, but now that I look back, I'm not quite sure where I got that from. He is dining with her once or twice a week, though (I think), and she can ask him if he wants to go. Assuming he agrees, he would be the other magus. And random "Secretive" roll says that she would, simply because, being from there, they might want to put them in a particular part of the covenant when it comes to housing.

If not, I guess it would be simply her, Sheelagh, and Jehanne (unless someone comes to Fiona and says they want to come).

The steward for the Grand Tribunal responds

[i]"Dear Fiona,
We received your request for housing for one Gerulf of House Bonisagus. We appreciate your desire to introduce a young magus to the workings of the Grand Tribunal, but we simply cannot make an exception and provide housing for every magus who wishes to attend that is not a delegate. Doing so would create a significant precedent and would put undue hardship on Durenmar. Gerulf must find his own accommodation if he wishes to attend the proceedings.

Philippus Niger doctrinae Flambonis ab Durenmar[/i]

((Yeah, I did the name from memory, if there are Latin snobs in the troupe, my apologies.))

Fiona reads the letter, then sets it on her table and leans back for a quick think. She then makes her way to Gerulf's sanctum.

[color=blue]"I've just received a letter from Durenmar," she says after she's (presumably) been invited into his sitting room.

[color=blue]"Unfortunately, they say that you must find your own accommodations if you wish to attend the proceedings. Now, we could share a room," she says with a smile and a wink, [color=blue]"but I'm not sure how comfortable we would be."

Gerulf invites Fiona in the usual manner, and they cross several wards at the threshold. Fiona has seen them on her previous visits. He motions for her to have a seat in her customary chair: a stuffed, comfortable thing, made just her size after their first rather awkward meeting in his newly furnished sitting room, during which Fiona either sat uncomfortably or stood much to Gerulf's embarrassment..

"I see," he replies, sitting back in his similar, though smaller, chair. Next to him stands a small table with wine bottle and goblet atop. He casually pours himself a bit, then looks to Fiona to see if she would like any.

"Always so accommodating, Durenmar," he says, staring deeply into the shining cup. "Although, it isn't unexpected, by any means. Durenmar is the seat of politics for the entire Order. One can expect that, without significant acclaim, a magus will be treated as some indigent mongrel," he scoffs. He at last takes a sip and then sets the drink aside, leaning forward and interlacing his fingers. His eyes seem to glisten in the dim light filtering through the sitting room curtains.

"It is to you, Lady Fiona. I wouldn't presume to prevail upon your hospitality. My father lives in nearby Strassburg, and the journey to and from the Tribunal would not be a difficult one. However, if you prefer to have my counsel more readily available, I'm sure we can… make do with the space," he says, then waits for her reply.

Fiona nods yes, then thanks him when he hands her the wine.

Fiona watches him intently as she takes a drink of the wine ((Going for Folk Ken to see if she can tell if he has any preference one way or the other, or if he's intimidated by the thought of sharing a room with her, or what. Per 0 + Folk Ken (Magi) 2 + die roll of 4 = 6 (Invisible Castle seems to be down :frowning: ))

[color=blue]"I've never been to Grand Tribunal before. I intend to get there as early as they will let me and enjoy it. Let's give it a night or two, and if you don't like it, we'll work it out."

Some weeks before they depart for Tribunal, Fiona will ask both Jehanne and Sheelagh (separately) if they have gowns for Tribunal. [color=blue]"After all, we are both, in a way, representing not only Normandy but Mons Electi, and we want to look our best."

She will also sit Sheelagh down for a little "girl talk" a few days before they leave (since Fiona's a de facto mother for her apprentice, she's already had "the talk" with her).

[color=blue]"I hope you're as excited about going to the Grand Tribunal as I am," she says. [color=blue]"When I was an apprentice, I never got the chance. This is a great opportunity we both have, and we should take advantage of it. We will be meeting magi from all corners of the world. This could be a chance for both of us to meet people the likes of which we never could have dreamed of six months ago. I, for one, don't want to miss this opportunity, and I hope you don't either.

[color=blue]"That being said...I also plan on enjoying myself while I'm there, and I'd like you to, as well. You're, what, 16 now? You're a beautiful young woman*, and I'm not going to tell you how to spend your free time while we're there. I will tell you, though, to be careful, and know that you can always talk to me about anything."

*It almost physically pains her to say that.

((Fiona can detect a subtle anxiety, but there is some brief distance in Gerulf's eyes, giving her the impression that she is not the direct source of the fear. Who or what that might be is a mystery.))

Gerulf nods his agreement. "Very well, then. I'll make preparations. Just let me know when we will be leaving, and I'll be ready." He stands, finishing the remaining wine in his cup. At slightly below the giantess's eye level, he extends his hand. "I do look forward to the journey. We will have much to discuss. I only hope our preparations will prove valuable to you and the covenant." He smiles weakly, but having spent some time with him (more than any other covenant member, to her knowledge), Fiona may surmise that it is genuine.

He waits for her reply, then, "I hope you won't mind, but since you decided to visit, I will take the liberty of having lunch brought here this afternoon. We can try to tie up a few loose ends before setting out."

Fiona would like to arrive a week before and leave a week after, taking full advantage of the travel allowance that she gets as Grand Tribunal Delegate. ((Only think I can think of at the moment is who carries their luggage through the Portals to Harco and Durenmar.))

((Ditto. Sorry. I may have painted us into a corner with the lunch comment. Wasn't sure where else to go from here. We can run a scene with one of Fiona and Gerulf's customary discussions about the Tribunal. Or, we could move on to preparations for portal or overland travel, depending on Fiona's preference.))

((I honestly have no idea what to expect from Grand Tribunal. My plan is for her to show up, get a feel for the place, enjoy everything the Tribunal has to offer, and hope for the best. If Gerulf (or JL through him or someone else) has any ideas, I'm open to suggestions.

As to how to get there...we have the Portal connecting us to Harco, and I believe there's one from Harco to Durenmar. No need to go overland if we don't have to, right? The sooner we get there, the sooner we can party.

If we can take a grog or to to take our luggage, so much the better. Or is our shield grog and apprentice supposed to do that?))

((Need a trunk like Professor Lupin. You can't take porters, but you can have porters at Harco and there will be some at Durenmar. Don't forget to tip.))

(( Take Claude He would do well at the Tribunal :smiley: ))

((I think you mean like Mad-eye Moody))

((When I said have porters, I meant at Harco and Durenmar, there will be porters to address your needs. Actually, Barty Crouch Jr's, and that one would work, too.))

((Is that possible with Ars, without having the trunk be a regio entrance or something?))

((Sounds like a plan.))

((Wait...seven feet tall, good looking, and stamina to beat the band? Why isn't he in Fiona's little black book? :smiling_imp:

((Read up on Claude before you put him in your book.))

((What am I missing, besides Int -1?))

((Claude is always right. About everything. He knows how to do everything better than you and will tell you. All the time. Both Jolanda and Claude are Korvin's shield grogs ( which I need to update). Jolanda loves Claude even though they, initially, could not speak a common language. By this point they may be married. But I was more referring to the loud, boisterous and is always right.))