1228.2 The Alabaster Lioness

Late summer, after Fiona has gone to and returned from Grand Tribunal a Redcap delivers a letter from Carmine to Roberto.
The letter isn't a letter, as such, more of an informal note.
I require your assistance. The Redcap is waiting for you to answer yes or no. I request permission to come to Mons Electi via your Hermes Portal. I am presently waiting at Harco. I need your assistance with an urgent matter that requires your discretion and your intimate knowledge of the Iberian Tribunal.

Carmine Flambonis

Who is Carmine? What do I know of him? Presuming it raises no red flags, I have no problem with a visit.

Ask the other PCs. :smiley:

Then I presume it rings no bell.
Roberto was eating lunch when the messenger came. Outside, a wooden table of some sort, hanging out with Carlos and Junior. Carlos plays guitar, Junior is picking fights with chickens :laughing:. Pedro is off working on his project, and the two Al's are consorting with the other grogs and working on military drills.
Roberto reads the note, turns to Carlos, and says in Spanish Calos, go and find one of the other magi of the covenant. I wish to ask them what they know about Carmine of Flambeau. He seems to know me, but I don't know him.
Carlos mumbles, the turns to Junior and in Flemish he says Get to it lad! Chop-Chop.
What? He told you to...
You forget who owes who here. Your double-or-nothing wager on the dice game the other night? How much credit I extended you?
(grumble-grumble). Fine. (stupid dice, grumble)
Roberto nods, then turns back to the Redcap and speaks in Latin. Have a seat and a draught of ale my sodale! :smiley: I await consultation from a covenant mate as to if I may grant such permission freely.

Roberto sits making small talk with the Redcap for what seems like days :laughing:, wondering what is taking Junior so long. A large orange tomcat strolls on by, rubs up against the Redcap being friendly (and scent marking him), then walks over to Roberto and meows very loudly.
I did not forget your lunch! I was waiting on you to show up and almost ate it myself!. Roberto sets a bowl on the ground and pours milk from a jug into it, then sets a platter of cold fish next to it.
See! Cidito is easy to please.
Anyway, I apologize for the delay. My ypung assistant, Johan, he has yet to learn the language. He speaks Flemish, no Latin or even French. Should have made Carlos do it like I asked instead of letting him pass the buck (smirking glare). So, while we await permission to use the portal, please tell me about this Carmine of Flambeau. Who is he? He sent you with this message from Harco, right? Have you met before? What do you know of him and this request? I grow impatient with waiting for Johan, so I may just give you the go-ahead and deal with the consequences myself later.
See, this is why it is often easier to ask for forgivness than permission.

((Wish i could help you on Carmine Flambonis but none of my Magi know her. I think Isen or Alexei would know her))

((I've been racking my brain for who Carmine is, but the name is not ringing any bells. I have to go through the posts and see))

((Members of Mons Electi, besides anyone who came after Tranquillina, would know who she is.))

((D'oh!! Carmine of Flambeau -- wife/muse to Andru, resides in Valnastium. Andru is Primus of Jerbiton))

Korvin will give her a pass without question.

((Now I remember. Been awhile...have fun!!))

((It's not about a pass, it's about Roberto understanding who she is. I'd rather have it come from a PC, as they may characterize her differently than I would as Marcus.))

I should have insisted on making an OoH Lore roll. Now that yoy guys jog my memory, I (the player) remember her sorta.

So, Johan VanHalen Junior runs around the covenant trying to get attention, only two or three other people here speak Flemish and Junior gets frustrated. He finds Korvin, and all he is able to communicate are the words brickabrackafirecracker "Roberto" blahblahblah Carmine "jibberjabber" Redcap.

Back at the picnic, Roberto is complaining about junior taking so long. Cidito hops down and walks behind the tree.
Then Cidito wanders around the corner behind junior and sees him trying to talk to Korvin.
Roberto wants to know who Carmine of Flambeau is. She is asking to come visit.
Answer recieved, he wanders back and comers around the corner of the building behind Roberto.
Roberto responds Ah! Well of course indeed. Tell her I will beglad to meet her and I await her pleasure.

((Is Ronerto greeting her at the portal, or having her escorted to him? And you never have to insist on a roll, if you think you can might need to make one, do it, and I'll judge the EF.))

It is more a matter that it was a secondary thought and I neglected it.
But I shall do so now :smiley:
Int +2, OoH Lore 2 (Flambeau, equals 5 plus 5, for a total of 10.

Roberto will arrange for a private escort. Carlos and the two Al's. The cat may or may not tag along out of curiosity. Further, he arranges to have an afternoon supper prepared. A couple of roast birds, bread & cheese and some wine. And salad. And milk for the cat.

Carmine arrives through the portal, and to the grogs present appears to be a bit put out that Roberto didn't greet her personally. She follows the grogs to Roberto's quarters, and before entering observes whether the sanctum marker is present or waits to be formally invited into his sanctum, if all of Roberto's quarters are so designated.

Did I make an ettiquete faux pax?
Was hoping the honor guard would impress her :blush:
Not his sanctum. A small dining hall off to the side of the kitchen.
I am having an afternoon supper prepared for my guest. A few roast birds, cheeze, bread, salad, the last of my Andalusian wine (there is no more after this :frowning: ), and some warm milk for Cidito.
Though this has made me think about adding a reception hall to my quarters, just outside my sanctum.
But anyway, I greet my guest with afabbility and enjoyment, trying my best to make up for my social error :smiley:
Salve sodale, welcome to Mons Electi. I have had a table prepared for the honor of your visit.

My OoH roll, total of 10. What do I know about her? What is her lineage/school/magical style? What is her House Flambeau Acclaim? What is she noted for?

Her lineage is a School of Sebastian and their focus is molten metals. Roberto faced off against her and her pratern (brother), Magmas in the Dimicatio. You know little about their pater, except that they share the same lineage, and Magmas is the older. She is the reputed wife of the Primus of Jerbiton, but she is not a member of Valnastium. She was a general supporter of Garus, and was instrumental in forging a closer bond between the two Houses, which has sadly waned since his passing.

She is sultry looking, and her coal black hair frames her olive toned skin, and broad hips suggestive of child-rearing. If Roberto is a man, her looks alone should awaken his ardor, though any suggestion that there could be more to the encounter is quickly dispelled when she talks."I appreciate it that you left it a simple dinner between the two of us. Sometimes I think Apollodorus did his job too well, in getting the magi here to understand Hermetic courtesy. I'll be direct, we require your assistance. We being Andru and Valnastium, but of course there is something in it for Mons Electi, and you, of course. I'm sure you need to know more before you can commit fully, but if you're not interested in doing this, then I can move on to the next magus we think could handle the task. Of course, we are starting with our first choice." She says directly without any trace of dissembling.

Cidito rubs against her leg and says meow. I am sure her Parma will block his scent marking, and he does it unconsiously/instinctively. She is probably well familiar with magical cats, so I think she will be used to it and not mind.
But gordito seeks affection :slight_smile:

Indeed I would like to know more, and hope that I may be of service. Andru is a man of honor in my eyes, and Valnastium is a pilliar of our Order of Hermes.
As for rewards, knowing that I am enabled to do my duty for the Order is motivation enough. I shall not refuse any alliance or assistance you wish to offer to Mons Electi. But as for myself, if your cause be just and worthy and I am successful in aiding you, I ask only for a cask of Andalusian wine. This bottle is my last. Most of my wine collection was ruined in a wagoneering accident.

"I'd heard about that accident, of course. Should you be successful in the task, I think we can sate your thirst. My hus" she pauses and starts again, "Andru his uncovered some research about a magic item from antiquity, and sending me presents numerous challenges to recover it. Not to be indelicate, but you have less attention focused on you than some others we have had dealings with. And your capability at the Dimicatio suggested that you had a few tricks up your sleeve. And you will probably need them, because no sooner than Andru discovered this information about the item, the book he'd read it from was stolen from the library of Valnastium. So, there is someone else looking for this item."
She pulls out a piece of parchment. And it has this...

"It's a jar. But we don't know if it is magical, or what it contains is magical. It might be nothing more than a few pawns of vis. Or it might be more. The only thing we do know is that someone else is looking for it. And I expect we are being watched, that a spy from Valnastium knows I've gone somewhere, and eventually they'll figure it out. But they may not be counting on you and your loyal men, where they might be expecting Alexei or Marcus. You'll notice I left Isen out. He wouldn't like it there, I don't think. Your destination is the Levant. We can arrange for a fast arrival there, or you can handle it yourself. You should limit the group to yourself and no more than 5 men, and I will add another, a translator." She smiles, "and my eyes and ears on the scene."

Odd. Your note said the matter required my intimate knowledge of Hispania.
But I have never been to the Levant. Could be interesting.
And I will tell you this. Right now, I trust the Primus of House Jerbiton more than I trust the new Prima of our own House. And if he thinks this item is important, I believe him. And his book being stolen suggests someone is up to something nefarious.
But there is a lot you are not telling me. What is this object? Why is it important? How did Andru first come to have knowledge of it and why does he seek it? Many mysteries, yes, but you might have some guess or theory you can share with me.
(sips his wine)
And it is not my thirst I am so worried about. It is my taste. The wines of Jerez are a small comfort from home, and the quality is sublime.
(pours the last of the bottle in Carmine's glass)
The stolen book, this is a cause of justice. But the item itself, though mysterious, impells me with no sense of urgency or righteousness.
I want to help you. I just need you to tell me more. Something that motivates me. Why is this the right thing to do?