1228.2 The Alabaster Lioness

that's okay. Your silence will be taken as acquiessence :smiley:

Need to wait for a few more members before I start.

((I'll point out, or remind Marko that Roberto is the Imperator, and has some latitude for allocating the grogs, as he sees fit. Further, other offices could be called upon to provide the necessary staff. The idea being was to skip over the wrangling for resources necessary to complete stories by shortcutting the process, so unless you really want a council meeting, it's not necessary. And part of me is thinking that a council meeting at the end of a story that affects the covenant (and they all do) will create the opportunity to summarize the story... Just food for thought, retcon as appropriate and/or desired. Of course, he would probably go to the Diocetes, who is...Tranquillina, or her deputy, Gerulf.))

((Oh, and let Tranquillina's experience be the cautionary tale (to the player, not the character) to calling a council meeting too soon. :smiley:))

It is not about resources. Roberto needs their advice and assistance. Alexi will hopefully fill in as Imperitor while I am away. Or another magus if Alexi wants to join me. And Payaso would make a cool sidekick :smiley:
In fact, the oppotunity to join in the adventure is open to anyone. And, seeing how serious this is, Roberto is willing to be humble and consult Markus as well. This is not about personal glory. It is about ridding the Order of an enemy and ridding the world of a foul Infernalist.
I am also planning on taking three queens of vis, unless the council advises me not to do that :mrgreen:

Also buying some time. I wanna write up the small conference Roberto has with his grogs, and formulate my plan and lay it out to the council. Won't be able to get to those until tonight though.

If it is your vis then you are free to take it. If it is the covenant's vis then no, you can't have it.

Jacques is the deputy Imperator, so he can fill in while you're away.
If you want all that there vis, better run it by the Aedelis, Gerulf, first (and I'm guessing last :smiley: ).

Also, side note: if Rose isn't staying at Mons Electi, then we need a new deputy Interpres for Fiona.

(All this info is on the officers list on the Bibracte wiki.)

Fiona arrives for the Meeting shortly after sundown in her Hermetic robes, magicked to fit her form for maximum effect, and takes her place at the table, setting her Talisman on the floor next to her.

Roberto holds a private conference with his entourage. In attendance are Carlos, Pedro, Johan Jr., Allen, Roberto, and Don Diego (aka Cidito the Cat).
I have been tasked with an important mission. Information was stolen from the Primus of Jerbiton. A book contating information concerning an ancient Egyptian relic. The specific of which I am uncertain of. But it is suspected that the theif is an agent of an old enemy. The Infernalist formerly of Jerbiton, the one who murdered that maga in Toledo and allied with Lord Soulis in Stonehenge. The fat one.
Carlos shakes his head. Leol...
Shhhh! Caliate! Carmine warned not to say his name, it fuels his power.
sigh :unamused:
He was the one we went after when we encounted the cannibal wild-folk and Marcello wend mad...
Anyway, I aggreed to help investigate the matter. To that end I am headed for the Alps, then to Venice, thence by ship to Egypt. I am taking all of you with me, and requisitioning six more men from the covenant ranks. Alberto and Allen, you work the closest with the other custos. Recruit from them three experienced soldiers, ones familiar with skirmish tactics and supernatural encounters. Pedro, find two men that are stout laborers as well as stawart guardians. Carlos, find me someone crafty and good with languages. Junior, your job is to look after Cidito.
What? I'm a cat-sitter now? That is total bunk...
You will also be my advisor during the shipborne leg of our passage.
That's cool...
Wait a minute! That blows! I gave up sailing. What if there is a woman on board? The ship will sink!
If it comes to it, I will make you ride in the lifeboat toad by cable. Suck it up! This is your opportunity to explore a foreign land and visit an exotic location, to get drunk and fight in a bar in a distant fatastic location!
Oh... well if you put it that way, sure :slight_smile:

Then the council...

Robero enters the council chamber with the most noble bearing he can muster. He is freshly groomed, wearing his finest clothes (but still with that old tattered red cape). [strike]Kosp...[/strike], er, Cidito is at his side, wearing a red coat. As cute and proper as this may sound, remember he has a face like Jonah Hex. Disfigured by scars and blind in one eye (that looks beady and red).
Sodales, I have come to you for advice and assistance. As some of you may know, I was visited by Carmine of Flambeau, who has come to me for assistance. A book was stolen, containing information on some Egyptian artifact of which I know little about. But the theif is a suspected agent of a known Infernalist, an old enemy of mine known as "The Fat Bastard". I have agreed to help her, and if you believe her to be trustworthy, I woild ask of your assistance in this matter.
I would like to requisition the service of a dozen grogs. My men, plus a few that they are recruiting, and perhaps one or two more I have yet to choose. I would also request twenty-pounds silver for expenses, and I would ask ask for a loan of two-rooks of vis.
(Is Roberto owed any vis for his time thus far?)
And finally I would ask, Which of you would join me on this quest? It is for noble purpose, and will be a grand adventure to a mystical land! First I travel to Valnastium to meet with Carmine's sone, whom she has pledged to my service. This is how I know she is sincere and forthright. Mothers do not idelly chance the lives of their children. From there to Venice, and hence by magical sail to Cairo.
Not only is it a chance to rid the Order of an infernal enemy, but it is the chance at an adventure that will give you tales to regale your children and filiae! And, though Hermetic Justice is my prime motivator, a successful expedition can bring us much fortune and glory. I give you a chance to share in success.
The small pitiance I ask, this is a trivial investment. I ask for more. I ask who of you will come with me?

This is open to anyone (even Marcus). Magus, Grog, Companion, anyone who wants in on this is welcome :slight_smile:

Isen has come, of course, and sits quietly, slowly drinking some wine.

He won't talk about grogs, or wealth, or vis. There are people whose responsability lies in this, so it's up to them to judge if the demand can be met. If it can, though, and his input is asked, he'll agree. The levant is quite far, the danger may be great, so Roberto, valliant though he may be, needs all the help he can get.

Your news are alarming, and I would come with you. Yet, I have duties with this covenant. Since you've already defeated this man, I believe you can do so again, so you probably don't need the help anyway.
Now, he may have found allies. So I'll do something, with your approval. I'll give you a small chain, from which I'll take a link. And I'll give you an ember from my fireplace, in which I'll get a fire burning. And each sunrise, each sunset, I'll look at it. Should you need my help, drop the chain, and change the color of the flames to blue. I shall come.

(In short: He's got an AC to the chain, but it needs to be outside roberto's parma for him to teleport. And roberto can cast a simple MuIg spell on the fireplace: Base 1, +4 AC = lvl 05, 10 for Concentration.
This is because I'd like to participate, don't think I'll be able to, yet this gives at least the theoretical possibility, and is something Isen would do for another Flambeau fighting infernalists. Also, this means he may not be available when roberto needs him, which is great for the story and avoids problems)

"I would volunteer to go with you, but doubtless you were chosen because of your past experience, and I was not chosen, because of my baggage best left in that part of the world. I wish you luck, and if you come talk to me later, I might be able to give you some information of my own."

Roberto nods respectfully.
If there is no one that wants to join this quest, Roberto is dissapointed but understands. This is his burden, his unfinished business.
So, if there no objections, Roberto goes through the proceedures to withdraw 20 pounds of silver and 20 pawns of vis.
He sends his men off to go recruit from the turb who they think is best suited for the task.
Allen and Alberto are to recruit three crack soldiers.
Pedro is to recruit two grogs that are also fit & stout laborers.
Carlos is to recruit someone "crafty and good with languages", someone that can be a messenger, scout, and/or spy.
Roberto will keep one or two other positions in mind. Need to think...
I have an idea...

One of Pedro's finds is a grog I'll finish statting up soon - a guy named Ache whom I'll be happy to play in the background for this story. He's not real smart but he can lift heavy things. He has Craving for Travel - a Flaw from Grogs, which I don't have, so I don't know what it does really! - but it seems right for this thread. And he loves telling stories, but damned if anyone can figure out what the hell he's talking about.

I have that book :slight_smile:
It probably means he wanders around the area alot as he grows bored if he dwells in one location more than a season. And are often first to volunteer for adventures beyond the covenant. It is a good combination with Well Travelled.

The Alabaster Expedition
Stated Purpose: The primary goal is to track down a stolen text concernin an ancient Egyptian artifact (a "soul jar" with an alabaster lioness decoration on the top). The theif is suspected to be an agent of an infanouls infernalist. The ultimate goal would be to bring the renegade to justice, which superceeds the prime goal if a clear opportunity is present, but the prime goal exists as a first step towards this, and in and of itself is important for said artifact might be a powerful magical item and must not be allowed to fall into the hands of the enemy. If said item can be recovered as well, all the better.
Planned Proceedure: Travel via Portal from Mons Electi to Harco, thence Valnasium to Venice. Then by ship accross the sea to Cairo. Then establish a base of operations from which to carry out our opperations with a minimum disturbance to the local mundane community.

20lbs silver to pay for food, lodging, and other necessities. Travel espense paid by Carmine.
One rook of Vim, 5 pawns Perdo, 3 pawns Rego, and two pawns Ignem; to be used as needed according to Roberto's discretion, with the unused portion to be returned and the remaining to go against his account.

Roberto of Flambeau - Magus/Commander
Don Diaz, aka "Cidito" - Familiar
Carlos Guiterez -
Pedro -
Johan VanHalen Jr. -
Hervé-Huguenin -
(another laborer) -
Alberto the Almogavar - Sergeant
Allen the Almogavar - Sergeant
(? grog soldier)
(? grog soldier)
(? grog soldier)
(? some guy to serve as a scout &/or spy)
(? someone clever & crafty)

(? son of Carmine of Flambeau) -
(? ship captain) -
(? & ?? pwoplw that wind up tagging along)

The above is sort of a rough draft. I need to fill out the personelle roster and determine ranks & chain of command. But I do hope it is in enough working order that we may proceed and just fill in the blanks as we go along.

Is Mélanie "I ran to Harco" a good candidate for this adventure?

"It's about time the magi remembered how indispensable I am to this covenant," she would harumph haughtily.

But, yeah, I can bring her. Haven't been really paying that much attention to the thread, mostly skimming the new posts, but I'm definitely seeing a Dashiell Hammett tribute here. :smiley:

Not sure what role she would play.

Korvin will arrive with the tablets for the vis inventory. I understand you would like to withdraw some vis to use. Unfortunately, we are very low in Ignem and vim but since you will be taking the portal to Harco, you could arrange to exchange the vis for other more suitable to your task.

(( I am assuming we can add Reb Pinhas to the roster? If Carmine knows Ra'am, or Ra'am knows about the expedition, they can request Pinhas' help, and he can join the expedition on the way -- once they get to, say, Venice? ))