1228 Anastasia Filia Pralicis

To discuss the creation and development of the aforementioned character

The character at gauntlet is ready for your review: http://amfightorflight.wikidot.com/anastasia-at-gauntlet-20-years-old

bound to magic means you sicken and die if outside of a magic aura of 5 or more. Your time during apprenticeship and until joining the covenant assumes you have access to a lavel 3 aura. If you have this flaw you begin the game dead.

Ah! Fair enough. I switched to Optimistic (Major).

puissant arts are +3 instead of +2

There are a couple of problems on spells- the inexorable search you have an Int+aura+magic theory+1(specialization)+intelligo+corpus of 19, the spell is level 20
similarly with wizards leap your total is 14 and the spell is 15.

Fixed Puissant Vim.

For the formulaic accounting, I believe my totals work, and I typically work with my excel lab total calculator sheet to ensure I don't have to recalculate it all the time.
Here's my math - Basic lab total for spells:
Int 1
MT 1+1 (specialization in spells)
Aura 3
Inventive Genius +3 since when being taught spells you are actually reinventing them with your sigil.
This gives me a standard lab total for learning spells of 9 before arts.

For inexorable search, I get to InCo20 by adding Intellego 6, Corpus 5
For Wizard's Leap, I get to ReCo 15 by adding Rego 1, Corpus 5.

I believe my math is correct here and my art combinations should enable learning level 10 spells in my weak arts, level 15 for any spells that uses one of Creo, Intellego, Muto, Corpus, Mentem and Vim and 20 for spells with a combination of technique and form.

Please let me know if there's anything else.

inventive genius does not apply to learning spells from a teacher, which is what is assumed for spells at gauntlet. It also does not apply if you use a laboratory text. Under character creation it explicitly states tha maximum spell level is te+Fo+Int+magic theory+3, nothing for inventive genius or other virtues.

Okay. So without that virtue, I found two other spells which I wouldn't be able to learn. As a result, I redid my art scores. The two Corpus spells you pointed out are legal now as I increased Corpus to 8, but I've had to switch posing the silent question to two perdo vim spells since I weakened my Mentem art score and wouldn't be able to learn that pre-gauntlet.

Okay, this looks good at gauntlet

Is the 1 xp per season for correspondence allowed during advancement? Do we have flex in where we put it?

no, it is too easily abused without any definition of how you acquired the correspondence.

Advancement log: http://amfightorflight.wikidot.com/anastasia-advancement-log
At 30 years old: http://amfightorflight.wikidot.com/anastasia-30-years-old

Working on the next decade to speed up character creation.

so far so good. If you would begin sections like lab activity with the score or scores you intend to advance though exposure that will make analysis easier to handle in my spreadsheet.

Do you have an example of what it is you're looking for? It's not clear to me what that section would be for and how to make it clear to you.

just add something like magic theory, lab total... at the beginning so I can use a text filter to extract what you are advancing. or parenthesis, or semicolon, you get the idea... (the example assumes you are getting experience in magic theory of course)

See Longevity ritual in Fall, 35 years old under advancement and let me know if that format works for lab work.

more complicated, but it works

Anastasia at 40 years old ready for approval: http://amfightorflight.wikidot.com/anastasia-40-years-old
Advancement: http://amfightorflight.wikidot.com/anastasia-advancement-log
Aging: http://amfightorflight.wikidot.com/anastasia-aging

There is a special or story event to determine from Winter 39 - you saw the checks.

The talisman design will be built and posted separately for review. Also, if you could clarify whether I can count on contracting for Alchemical Purification (A&A p. 76) to improve the shape and material of some or all of the materials I will work in my Talisman, to what degree, or whether you'd require me to roll something to acquire that or whatnot.

At age 30 you have 19 points in aquam, at age 40 you show 36, but your advancement log shows no investment in aquam between the two. At the same time you did advance Aurum in your log but failed to advance the art on your character sheet. Everything else checks out in terms of straight advancement (I haven't looked into the lab activities yet)

Thank you. Corrected the advancement log to show Aquam instead of Auram for the two seasons.