1228.etc: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

Alexei acknowledges the difficulty that Fiona adds to a fight. "Well...a smaller target at any rate. But Stephen will not be directly between you. If he is directly between you then if you try to attack or cast a spell you have to get around him. A bit back and then towards the opposite side of his shield arm. So towards your right. If multiple opponents are trying to get past him, then you may have to adjust and get more directly behind him. The nice thing about that situation is that targetting the one that is on his weapon hand side is easier to target and you have little risk of hitting your shield grog."

Alexei stands in front of Fiona so she has a clear view. "Now, watch the footwork. The step is easy, nothing fancy. If you need to move forward take a step with your lead foot, the left and then shuffle the back foot behind it, but never lose their direction. The left pointed towards the front, the right at a 90 degree angle. Do not cross your legs." Alexei takes a quick shuffle step forward with the left and drags the right behind it equally fast. "You are less likely to trip this way, either by encountering something underfoot and by not crossing the legs. Even someone as big as you Fiona could be pushed over with ease if your legs are crossed in mid stride. If you need to step back, then do the quick step with the right foot and then drag the left. You may need to change the feet facing here, but as soon as you've moved to where you need change them back so the left foot is towards the enemy." Alexei demonstrates with a shuffle step back. "If you're neither advancing nor retreating, and the grog is moving side to side, then you are the pivot on a wheel. Merely keep moving the left foot and adjusting with the right to stay in position. When you can do this, you make yourself safer and free the shielf grog to be less concerned about where you are, he can be sure you are in the proper spot and that you will be protected. So, let us see how this works. Stephen, guard me, we shall go through the paces. Gilbert! You are the attacker, take this slow, Stephen, protect me, Fiona please observe."

The other Grog Gilbert bounds up with wooden sword and shield and squares off against Stephen. Alexei immediately falls in behind Stephen and to his right. "En garde!" Alexei commands. "Slowly!" he adds so as to make it easier to see. Gilbert raises his sword and makes a simple probing thrust which is blocked and then begins to make leisurely passes at Gilbert, pressing forward and backing off, circling right and left. Stephen easily matches the pace, never following up very far and wheeling or backing up with confidence. Alexei is always a pace and a half behind him and to the right, their footwork almost completely in sync. "Now, normally I fight as the vanguard, but should I fight as the Magus, I will usually be slightly further back, my talisman as a weapon gives additional reach, when Gilbert comes in and is clashing with Stephen I can probably get a jab in with my staff and deliver a spell by touch. But should you decide mainly to be protected, then shadow the footsteps of your grog. With your height, you need a bit more space back from him, and you likely can still reach Gilbert if you need to."

((The footwork is basically borrowed from Aikido, which based it off of swordsmanship. As artistic as Aikido is, it only has 3 different steps, this is the first one))

By sunrise, it's just the three of them, as the poor mundanes, with no magic to aid them, fell by the wayside ages ago, although Sobran the vintner and Edward le Grand looked like they were going to give Korvin a run for his money for a while, there.

Fiona's not asleep, but is laying there basking in the afterglow, idly stroking the sleeping Korvin's member and nuzzling the beautiful redcap. She smiles at Celestina and rolls out of bed, not bothering to dress if her new friend doesn't. She smiles and admires the view as she follows her to the next room.

[color=blue]"I haven't crossed my legs in years," Fiona grins at Alexei.

Fiona nods. [color=blue]"So, basically, it's a lot like dancing. It's all in the feet. Everything else follows from that."

[color=blue]"I think I understand, so far. Shall I?" By Alexei's leave, she will take his place behind Stephen and tries to put his lessons into practice, occasionally shifting to try to get where she feels is the most comfortable place in the "formation."

Not sure on the timing of this. But I believe Roberto is the Imperitor at this point.
But if Alexi wants to continue his fitness training, so mote it be! Roberto will gladly participate in some strength training exercises.
He would also like to organize a footbal game (as in soccer as we Yanks call it).

He stands back quietly as he watches Fiona ask Alexi for some training and he goes through some pointers. He turns and speaks in Spanish to Carlos with a low voice.
They're doing it all wrong. Even I rarely wear armor that heavy. I know she is a giant, but that makes the aromr required to cover her that much heavier. And what's with that goofy footwork and odd jargon?
:laughing: "En Gard" is achronistic, and Akido is oop :slight_smile: So these advanced techniques that Alexi has invented are outside of Roberto's understanding.
As is what is really going on :wink:
Carlos chuckles. You really don't see it? It is a duel of love
What? She eats up men left and right and is certainly more straightforward than this. I am suprised you haven't visited her chamvers a dozen or more times, you old lech.
Heh-heh. Not my style. To aggressive. I like them a bit more dainty, slightly more resistent. Or at least playing at resisting. Alexi is much like yourself, old friend. Know it or not. He is reverent and traditional, reserved and conservative. Fiona knows this and adores him for it.
And as for love, though I am sure sex is ever present in her mind, I speak of genuine affection. They have been friends for years now, and she wants him to respect her and be proud. He earnestly intends to train her, and she honestly wishes to learn.
But it is Love that is the true motivator, for each of them
:confused: Whatever. She should still wear leather armor and augment it with Doublet of Impenetrable Silk. That is the method I have taken to. A well trained wizard's lance is a skirmish unit.
Just stop. Let them be. She is trying to emulate Alexi's style, and he fights like a knight. You can't cut it as a cavalier because horses don't like you. Deal with it. Your style isn't any better or worse. It is what works for you, and that is what works for him.
But still, the fighting style best for her is...
Madre Dios! Just shut up and catch the ball.
bomp (ball bounces of Roberto's head)
Wha! Bendajo! Catch this!
kick block return kick
(and they two continue knocking the soccer ball back and forth between them, as Europeans often do...

((I think it is more about Fiona's friendship with Alexei then titles or offices.))

Entering the other room, Celestina sees Moria doing her morning chores and calls to her in Latin and asks for some water to wash herself. Moria looks a bit shocked at the thought of washing ones body but a nod from Fiona sends her off.

Celestina moves over to Fiona and gently pulls her down a bit so she can give her a sensuous kiss on the lips. Moria returns with a bucket and then quickly exits the room. After she leaves Celestina gives a little giggle. I have not had that much fun in years. I will have to find room in my route for some more visits.

She moves away to the corner of the room, near the door, to her backpack. She rummages around and pulls out a small bag, with what Fiona figures is willow bark, and chews on some. Not as young as I once was and those young men can get rather too excited. She also pulls out a hair brush and moves to the water.

I thought we could have some girl talk while I got ready to go. But first, could you put your Parma on me? It effects me less as I have Redcap training but it does effect me. ((I will assume Fiona does this)).

She begins washing herself slowly while looking at Fiona suggestively. "This is not the first time I've seen you. I was at your recent Tribunal. Korvin asked me to come and set up the area for our Brothers and Sisters. We have a lot of pillow talk...Korvin and I. We have know each other since we were young. He was my first and I have borne some of his children."

Do not look worried my dear. You know somethings about our House. It is a duty we must perform. Some of us like it much more than others. No. I'm telling you this so you know something about me...and Korvin.

She finishes washing and then takes up the brush on her hair. "I know Korvin likes you. Not just for your obvious qualities." She pauses to caress Fiona. "But because you do not ask him for anything. None of this - I'll have a roll with you if you can exchange some vis for me. That means a lot to the Gifted Mercere. She brushes her hair in silence for a while. "Do you like him Fiona?"

((I was definitely concerned about the appropriateness of the style employed. I actually referred to a friend of mine, he trains people in Western Martial Arts and runs a sword fighting guild in Chicago. From what I recall, the basic footwork of Aikido, which I'm basing it off of, is still strikingly similar to European sword fighting techniques. However it has been a long time since I spoke with him about this, and I certainly could be mistaken in my recollections))

"Good! That's it. And you're right, it's much like a dance. Gilbert, step back. Alright, Stephen protect Fiona from me." Alexei takes up his staff. "It's enchanted so it can't get through your Parma my dear. But, this is where the two of you combine your steps. Fiona if my staff touches you...well you can consider yourself killed. At this point though you wish to emulate spells on me, as a warrior with no magic, so call out the name of the spell. Between you combined you need to take me out. Listen to each other, this exercise is for you also Stephen. Speak with Fiona as we have been showing you. I'll go slowly at first and build from there." Alexei picks up his staff and holds it as one would a long spear. "Don't worry about striking me Stephen, but be mindful your goal is to protect Fiona. En Garde!" Alexei begins to circle warily to his right, Stephen's shield arm.

Fiona drops to her knees and returns the kiss (at her normal size, she's still a hair over six feet on her knees) hungrily. [color=blue]"Definitely. I've not enjoyed a woman this much since..." Fiona's voice trails off as she remembers Alips, whom she hasn't seen since shortly after Praxiteles's death. Although she still writes regularly, and keeps intending to visit her (wherever she wound up moving to), it's not the same, and she still misses the woman who holds a special place in her heart.

[color=blue]"Or I can visit you. If you're in Harco, we have the Portal, so it shouldn't be that difficult."

[color=blue]"There is something to be said for youthful vigor. Usually 'more, more, more'," Fiona says with a smile.

((Fiona would have done this as soon she did her own, since Korvin is still asleep.))

[color=blue]"I don't like to mix business and pleasure. And to give him a tumble just so I can get something else from him just seems...tacky."

Fiona smiles. [color=blue]"Of course I like him. I wouldn't take him to bed if I didn't, and certainly not more than once." Then it occurs to her that Celestina might have meant something else.

[color=blue]"Um...do you mean do I 'like' Korvin or do I 'like' him?"

Fiona does as best she can, but it's soon obvious that she has no martial skills whatsoever. She manages to not trip over herself ((Dex 0 + die roll of 5 = 5)), but she's pretty much unable to keep herself from getting tagged. She does find herself using her talisman to try to block the shots, though, with limited success.

I've only done a very little bit of swordfighting (modeled off of 16th century Italian school), but your description was bang-on in terms of what I remember being taught. :slight_smile:

I would like that but I am in the Greater Alps so it is not as easy.

You do not know how rare that is Fiona.

Celestina looks at Fiona for a while then her eyes get wide and she laughs out loud. It is a good belly laugh
Oh no, no no. I did not mean are you going to marry him or something. She laughs some more.

She starts to braid her hair.
I mean...uh...could he confide in you as a dear friend?

Another moment of silence as she finishes the braid and ties it off.

I'm worried about him Fiona. He is being isolated. I'm afraid he is going to have a hard time for a while and I want to...

She pauses. At a loss for words and walks over to her backpack. She gets out her traveling clothes and begins dressing. How much to do know about our House Fiona?

[color=blue]"Pity. All the more reason for me to come up with...wait a minute. I can make my self smaller now, I don't have to invent a plus-sized Leap of the Homecoming!" Fiona kisses Celestina happily. ((Yes, that just, this very minute, occurred to me.))

[color=blue]"Of course," Fiona says seriously. [color=blue]"I guard my friends' secrets as closely as I guard my own."

[color=blue]"Probably not as much as I should," Fiona says. [color=blue]"I know that you're a cornerstone of the Order, and that we would have a much tougher go of it without you. I know that Korvin had a big meeting at the Tribunal, don't know if that went as well as he would have liked. And I know...or at least the rumour is that your House is very...well, you try to breed like rabbits, and try very often."

Fiona looks at Celestina, feeling a touch of concern. [color=blue]"How long has this been going on?"

As they've been talking, Fiona's been getting dressed as well...which isn't much, pulling a blouse and skirt on, lacing up her boots, fastening her belt, grabbing her talisman, belt pouch, and flask.

[color=blue]"Do you mind if I walk you home? Or at least a good part of the way? I...um...have a wee bit of a favor to ask you, too, if you wouldn't mind."

Alexei is doing his best to be observant and accomodating to Fiona's inexperience, he is also limited in that he's new to teaching, always relying on Gunnar.

"Remember Fiona, you have weapos that only we in the Order can use! Trust your shield grog and call out a spell!" Alexei makes another thrust but Stephen is able to block it. One of the tactics he tries is to circle to his right, the Grog's shield arm, and then double back to his left. It's a deft move requiring both to coordinate and not be out maneuvered.

((Output: [1d10+9] = 1+9 = 10
unseenservant.com/Default.asp?do ... &what=sand
Since Alexei is sparring we'll say this is a Simple roll, no need to get all explodey on it.))

Breed like rabbits Haha. in a more serious tone Everyone in our House is descended from Mercere. Everyone. She say with emphasis. That is not to say that we inbreed. Just to be a Mercere, either Redcap or Magi, you must have your lineage traced from Mercere.

Do you know why Korvin left Harco to come here? One of his daughters. One of the last ones before his Longevity Ritual, was Gifted. He wanted to apprentice her. But the other magi though he was too young. So he left.

Then miracles of miracles, he finds a long lost line of Mercere in this Jew from Iberia. He had the documentation of her lineage but there are those in our House that do not believe it.

It is one of the greatest crimes in our House to train an apprentice that is not Mercere. Many of the other Gifted Mercere are going to shun him.

There is more to it that I do not understand but I'm looking into it. Since you have been here at Mons Electi, has a Redcap come to get a longevity ritual done by Korvin?

Of course Fiona. I would like that.

Fiona thinks back. [color=blue]"I can't think of any, no. And he's done more Longevity Rituals than I've done any kind of enchantments." Fiona finds herself growing irritated on Korvin's behalf.

Fiona thinks for a moment and decides to try casting a spell that, even if she gets it off, has next to no chance of getting through Alexei's defense: Curse of Circe.

Her Concentration roll is Sta(!) 3 + Concentration 3 + die roll of 8 = 14, which should suffice.

Her CT is 35 + die roll of 9 = 44, less the spell level of 30 = 14 + Penetration (Transformation) 4 = 18. Alexei's Parma against Corpus or Animal is, I believe, 31/24. So, he definitely feels a ping.

((There has been 1 Redcap that got a LR from Korvin while he has been at ME. I'm not sure if there would be a roll to know that or who it was.))

"Why don't you shrink him instead?" Marcus calls out to Fiona.

((I think it's moot. Becauese we're talking about Renaud, right? He's a bit of a renegade, and himself isolated from the House. Celestina would discount him as a matter of course.))

((Indeed she would.))