1228.etc: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

((So-called because I've not been able to come up with a better title all day, and you can't go wrong with Beatles references.))

After the Summer 1228 Council Meeting, before all the magi have had a chance to scatter and go their separate ways, Fiona leans over to Korvin. [color=blue]"I've finished the Corpus spells I've been working on all spring," she practically purrs in his ear, [color=blue]"and I'm having a little...party tomorrow night to celebrate, just after sundown. If you don't mind sharing, that is." She smiles at Stultus standing nearby; she had been whispering just loud enough for him to eavesdrop without too much effort, but too quietly for those farther away to hear.

She squeezes Korvin's leg. [color=blue]"If you come, yours can be the ram that opens the city gates. And feel free to bring some friends."

She's already starting inviting people to her little [strike]orgy[/strike] soiree over the last couple of days, those she's most familiar with and doesn't think would mind participating in something like this.

She's also working on something for the next night, to break in her other new form, but doesn't really know who would be up for helping her put it through its paces, so to speak. She knows Melisent prefers women, but isn't that keen on men. She will finally ask Moire if she knows anyone who is fairly free with their affections who she could approach. (in case anyone wants to play Moire for a bit, since I don't particularly want to talk to myself on this)

Stultus smiles back, a very small and thoughtful smile. A short while later, he wanders closer to say something to Korvin or Alexei... and uses the opportunity to subtly slip a note into Fiona's belt pouch.

(( Dex +1, Legerdemain 5. Invisible Castle is down, so I used rpol.net. 19:21, Sat 13 Apr 2013: Stultus rolled 9 with the Ars Magica stress die. ))

Korvin's hand finds her thigh and begins caressing. My dear. I did not realize the gates had been locked and that you required someone to break them down. I would have brought my siege equipment long ago had i know. Korvins hand moves further up. I will talk to my friend Celestina to see if she has time to visit us tomorrow.

[color=blue]"I will be very disappointed if the party ends before dawn, so I hope she will have time." ((Order of Hermes roll to recognize Celestina as a Redcap: Int 1 + Order of Hermes Lore 2 + (
die roll of 0, botch check comes up a 7) 0 = 3. So, no clue.))

Stultus says his farewells, acting somewhat subdued, and wanders out of the room.

She has worn me out many times before so I'm sure she is up to it. And she said she wanted to meet you. Korvin pauses on his [strike]grope[/strike] caress. I will have to leave now to go talk to her. You shall see me tomorrow and hopefully Celestina as well.

Korvin give Fiona a playful kiss on the cheek as he gets up to leave.

Fiona is totally unaware that Stultus slipped the note into her belt, and doesn't find it until she gets home. ((Per 0 + Awareness 3 + (die roll of 1, followed by die roll of 3) die total 6 = 9.))

Fiona watches him leave, feeling a little...maybe not guilty, but wondering if he thought she was mocking him for some reason?

Fiona stays for a couple of minutes after Korvin leaves, wondering if she should speak with Celestina about getting some...coaching for how to properly wield her other new body, then takes her own leave.

She finds Stultus's note later that afternoon, and reads it a couple of times, wondering what could possibly spur him to turn him down (an experience she's not accustomed to), then sets it down sits, thinking.

After a few minutes, she pulls the note closer, examining the ink. ((Int 1 + Scribe 2 + (die roll of 1, followed by a die roll of 3) 6 = 9 to determine what kind of ink it is...mineral, plant-based, whatever.)) She then casts a Rego Aquam, with the appropriate Requisites, touching the ink to have it move to one corner of the page, where she can have it slide into her ink well.. ((Base 1 to "control a liquid in an extremely gentle way", R: Touch +1, D: Diameter +2, T: Group (since I don't think "all the ink on the page" is an Individual, even though ink is an uncountable noun) +2, for a final target level of 10. Her CT is Sta 3 + Rego 10 + Aquam 5 (the lowest of any possible applicable Form) + Rego Aura 10 + die roll of 3 = 31, halved is 16. She then stirs the inkwell to mix the dried ink evenly, then pens a reply on the now-blank page. [color=blue]Stultus – I am glad to see that I did not offend you. I trust that we will find other ways to amuse each other in the months and years to come. As amends, please accept this gift of my favorite libation. Enjoy. Fiona.

She then goes to her laboratory and prepares a flask of her home-brew whisky, summons Moire, and hands her the bottle and the note to deliver to Stultus. [color=blue]"Follow that path toward the top of the mountain. He is in the (x) cave you come to."

One afternoon, almost immediately after winter ends, Fiona arrives at the practice field wearing her full chain mail and moves to stand next to Alexei.

Moire actually trips over the dwarf a short distance from the top of the mountain -- somewhere between the Cave of Shifting Stone and the wind trap. Stultus doesn't move terribly quickly even on a good day, and this isn't a good day.

He smiles a bit after perusing the note. "Well. It seems great minds think alike. I had already intended to, as a friend of mine puts it, 'drink until I cannot tell the difference between Cursed Be Haman and Blessed be Mordecai....' -- so this is entirely appropriate...." He catches Moire's utterly confused look from the corner of his eye. "Don't mind me, girl. My mind is wandering, and my mouth is keeping pace. Please relay to your mistress that I am thankful for her gift and that it will be put to good use immediately. "

Alexei is polishing armour with some of the younger grogs. It's actually a strength building exercise and occasional punishment. A suit of chain is put into a thick bag with some sand and the bag is tossed back and forth between participants, much like a medicine ball exercise. Alexei switches from catching and tossing the bag by hand (he's quite strong for a senior citizen!) as well as using magic. The magical portion is harder to accomplish, requiring fast casting, a suitably strong spontaneous spell and then the finesse to move it. He's succesful perhaps one out of three of those kinds of tosses. As Fiona approaches one of the young Grogs pauses.

"Imperator." he said and merely points towards the giant in armour approaching the field. Alexei smiles and tosses the bag back to him.

"Continue!" he commands to the three grogs that were in the exercise. "Fiona! Such a pleasure! And you look Tres Formidable in that armour! The wound is healed and I feel like I can take on an army! Have you come to practice perhaps?"

[color=blue]"Thank you, my friend," Fiona says with a smile. [color=blue]"And, yes, I have, as a matter of fact. I remember we had a discussion some time ago...probably too long ago, in fact...about how it might behoove me to learn how to at least defend myself. And here I am." Fiona drops a little curtsy.

[color=blue]"Unfortunately, I won't be able to dedicate as much time as I should, at least for a good while, what with my studies and my laboratory projects and my apprentice. But I will attend when I can."

Korvin leaves via the Portal to Harco after changing to traveling clothes and returns the next day, late the following afternoon, with a woman. She is several inches shorter than Korvin with long black hair in a braided ponytail that ends midway down her back. Her complexion is a light olive skin like one from southern Italy. She has a full figure and a oval face that smiles a lot. she is dressed in traveling clothes and wears the mark of a Redcap. Korvin escorts her to his sactium where they have dinner.

Later after sunset, they make there way to Fiona's cottage dressed in lose fitting robes.

Alexei's smile could not be bigger. "Excellent! Excellent, yes a fine idea my Sodales. I think all in our Order should take some time to learn some of the basics. Considering your strength I think it's also wise to wear armour, should you be in a potentially dangerous situation. So many magi are milksops and get wheezy climbing stairs, but you're more than capable. I know a spell that lightens the load of armour..." he appraises the suit she's wearing. "...but it might not work on that suit. I might have to cast it on a normal sized and then alter it. I do that a lot in a fight, shrinking or enlarging armour and weapons can have a dramatic effect." he's obviously eager to speak on a subject he seems to know well about.

"Now then, we'll worry about that later. One of the most important things for the magi to know is the footwork and positioning. This can be more important than the spells you cast. You might accidentally kill the grogs protecting you or trip over them. I usually say two steps back away from their shield hand." he looks at the obviously huge size difference. "Hmmm...we'll need to see what works best with you. Might be useful to get one of our larger grogs for you. At your size you might attract a lot of arrows. Alright. Stephen!" he calls to one of the grogs. "Grab your shield, we're going to try the two step with Maga Fiona here!" he turns to Fiona. "Stephen is a bit new, but he's a fast learner. We mainly want to make sure you're not bumping into each other. Which hand do you favor? Do you usually carry a weapon, talisman, magic item?"

Stephen bounds up quickly, carrying a wooden shield and wooden sword. "Maga Fiona." he says with a bow.

Korvin and Celestina are greeted at the door by Fiona's maidservant Moire, a short and chubby dark-haired woman wearing a simple home-spun dress. She escorts them through the dining room and to Fiona's bedroom door, motioning for them to enter (though not doing so herself) and closing the door behind them again.

[color=blue]"Korvin, I'm glad you could make it," a voluptuous red-head wearing a thin white robe says. She sounds like Fiona, and looks like Fiona around the face...but she's only about 5'2", with noticeably larger breasts, a slender waist, and wide hips, and she looks to be about half her age (so, early 20s?). She kisses Korvin softly on the lips and hugs him tight, then takes a step back to look over his companion.

[color=blue]"And I take it this is Celestina?" she says as she looks her over, a smile on her face. [color=blue]"She looks delicious," Fiona purrs and licks her lips.

((Does Helmut want to party with Fiona and the others, or will he take a pass?))

[color=blue]"Aye, my size does tend to cause its fair share of problems." Fiona says.

Fiona takes a quick look around the field looking for Jehanne, then turns to smile at Stephen, checking him out. [color=blue]"Stephen," she says with a curtsy.

[color=blue]"I favor my right hand," she says to Alexei, and holds up her talisman (which is in her right hand). [color=blue]"And I almost always have my talisman with me."

Yes. This is my dear Celestina. Currently of the Greater Alps Tribunal. Turning to Celestina. And this is Fiona in a...different form

Celestina has a grin as she begins to walk around Fiona to "check her out". As she walk around she places a hand on Fiona's hip and lets it stay as she completes her circle, ending cupping a breast. Oh. I see why you like her Korvin. Very nice. We are going to have fun tonight. She eyes still locked on Fiona's.You may have to do that thing with your magic Korvin dear. No petering out early on us.

"Good! Let us get the basics. If someone is towards you in a fight, whether you have your Grog or not, this is how you present yourself. Stephen! Square off with me." The grog salutes and raises his weapon and shield getting into a stance a few paces from Alexei. "Good, now you must present less of a target and more distance for him to reach. So he is facing you in the front, shift so that your left side is facing him, your right foot is in line with your right shoulder. Your left foot though is pointed towards him and you look to him, do you see? Gunnar always said, pretend you are talking to someone here in front of you and then turn to speak to another, in this case Stephen. Your feet will look somewhat like the letter L. Try to keep this stance, Stephen, protect me now." Stephen immediately falls into place in front of Alexei with his weapons still raised. Alexei effortlessly moves a pace back so that he is behind him and slightly to the right of him, just over a pace in both directions, keeping his left foot pointed forward and his right at almost a 90 degree angle. "Start with this, with your stature we'll have to adjust. Move Stephen to where he is best placed for your protection as well as so he doesn't block you from targetting." Stephen steps up to Fiona while Alexei steps back to observe.

"Maga Fiona." he says again and turns slightly for her to direct him.

Fiona places her hand lightly on Celestina's and caresses it as she watches the redcap, feeling herself tingle at her touch and letting her robe (which had been held shut with just her hand) fall open. She smiles back, desire in her eyes. [color=blue]"Oh, I like you already," she says. [color=blue]"And you're right...we definitely want to keep the peter in as long as we can." She licks her lips hungrily. [color=blue]"I know I'm not getting any sleep tonight." ((She cast a sun-duration version of Endurance of the Berserkers just after her Parma. The spell is ReCo 15, +1 magnitude to go from Concentration to Sun duration. Her CT is Sta 3 + Re 10 + Co 15 + Rego Aura 10 + Talisman bonus 3 + die roll of 9 = 50, halved is 25.))

She leans in to kiss Celestina quickly, then turns to Korvin. [color=blue]"I did promise you dibs, dear...although I think the boys were getting a little impatient. I had to...handle one of them while we were waiting. But everyone I've invited is here."

Fiona chuckles. [color=blue]"I will never present a small target, Alexei." But she does turn as directed.

[color=blue]"I take it that Stephen is directly between me and my foe?" Fiona has him move a smidgen so that he's not blocking her view of her hypothetical doom.

As the sun rises Korvin collapses as both his Sun duration Endurance spell ( casting total 48) and The Satyr's Gift ( ReCo base 2 sun duration casting roll 49)*expire. After several minutes, Celestina gives a groan and disentangles herself from the now sleeping mage. She tickles Fiona a bit to rouse her. When she has Fiona's attention she gestures to follow as she makes her way out of the bedroom.

*Invisible cast is still down. Unseen Servant did the rolling.