1228 Franz ex Miscellanea

Okay, let me write out a pitch. I have an idea that is interesting to me

please do

So I don't know much about ex misc but based on what little I've read. This tradition is near some faerie forests in the Rhine. They recruit Strong Faerie Bloods and train them in magic. The training includes experimenting with all sorts of magic. Making them kind of outcast since they tend to backfire. One of the common flaws being then Blatant Gift. Since the magic backfires more than once at the magi

That description sounds more like Merinita. Ex Misc is not a single tradition, but rather a collection of traditions, the question is for your particular tradition where did it come from, what was it before it was integrated into the Order?

Oh okay let me write it more in tune with that

For a moment step away from the rules and try to describe where they are coming from.

I imagine they were people that lived and interacted with faeries. Germanic lore has tons of neat faeries that'd be cool for a bunch of people to work with. Kind of like Ireland but in Germany

Keep in mind that where you read faeries in myth they can be either faerie or magical beings. Saying they worked with faeries is about like saying worked around water in terms of vagueness.

Instead of trying to build up from what you want logically think about the tradition in terms of culture and style.

Then let's go with that these sect of people worked with the summer court. They like to be more eccentric and curious. Although I think this off puts most people from interacting with them. So they were outcasts from society. Making them hermits within human society.

I also imagine them using mind magic to mess with people and generally trick people

Again, it still feels like you are trying to build them in terms of what in game components you want instead of describing who they are and what they are about. Why do they do what they do?

I've been trying to us the examples in HoH:S as a guideline for how to describe it. So if it was a bit wonky sorry. I think they do it because they are curious how faeries work and so want to work with them

So how is this different from Merinita aside from you wanting to use different rules?

Because they don't know faerie magic. They are interested in researching faeries and it's interaction with the magic realm. Not serving the faerie realm. Also as an out of character thing. It would be neat to join house merinita later and explore joining a mystery cult through play. I have never done it and it seems neat

Short answer here is no.
"They don't know faerie magic" doesn't explain a real difference, just a mechanical one. You are rewriting Merinita culture with different mechanics, and that would not survive as an ex misc tradition, because all the members would have joined merinita.

Then what would make it different enough? I don't want to start with faerie magic but want to be faerie influenced. Because to me a lot of these traditions are similar to other houses. Beast Masters seems similar to Bjornaer, Columbae just makes wards and tries to redo what House Bonisagus does.

first question; do you have realms of power: faerie?
Aside from that you need to get into what the tradition is about besides "faeries are cool"- you need to create the culture of the tradition, not try to build the mechanics of what you want to have.

I can get that book if needed and I'll try to go more into it. That then leads to how much do you want me to write about it? Because I don't really want to write paragraphs about something that seems unnecessary. I'll read the book but if I use the other Traditions as example the differences between other houses and them are slim. For example the other difference between a normal Bjornaer and Beast Master is "This tradition commands magic that Hermetic magic finds very hard: the summoning and control of wild creatures." [PG 108 HoH:S]. Even the Columbae have " very few traditions unique to their line, instead having adopted the few trappings associated with the House as a whole" [PG 110 HOH:S]. The other other thing is that they follow don't a primogeniture style of succession which is only really unique to England at this point.

What does birth order have to do with creating a culture for an ex misc. tradition?Also no, taming beasts a la beastmasters and turning into them a la bjorner are not the same thing. Even where I was discussing the possibility of Pomeranian shapeshifter wizards with someone as an ex misc. tradition we did come up with a way they could be unique compared to bjorners in terms of a summoning aspect (though they decided not to play this since it overlapped another character's concept). I'm not saying you can't do faerie magic, I'm saying you have to have something that is different, it should have a background, a history, a perspective. You don't have to come up with the whole thing on your own but you have to at least make it unique enough for us to work on together instead of just trying to figure out how many ways you can say "they work with faeries and do mind magic" One issue in this will be that Merinita covers a lot of ground with their mysteries, and you can't simply replicate an existing mystery into an ex misc house.
I'm going to add one more thing here to save us both some time- if you honestly don't see a fundamental difference between beast masters and bjorner, find a different game, this one will not work out for you, and it would be better to back out now than driving up the frustration until the separation happens less amicably.