1228 Giovanni the Merchant

you should not have an ability in all languages- while faerie speech will allow you to speak in all languages it does not affect reading, which actual language abilities will be needed for, and you should have a native language that you know as normal, even if illiterate.
He is 15 experience points shy of 21.
well traveled should include 50 points in area lore or living languages, you have 45 points in area lores, so 5 of the points (minimum) needs to go to one of these.
Also "Merchant prince" really isn't a thing, except in relatively modern fiction.

I fixed the problems, I think. My understanding is that social skills are also included under Well Travelled. But he needed some familiarity with his home city, even though he is never there, so he has that now.

I stand corrected, there is a list of other abilities that are also included (bargain, carouse, charm, folk ken, etiquette, folk ken, or guile) I'm simply used to people putting those points into area lores and languages (frequently with an affinity to stretch the value)

Only question remainng is how he became connected with the covenant- I'm going to move him to accepted characters.

Currently writing up his story. What I’ve got so far gives him a reason to be wandering around the Alps (looking for better passes through the mountains), a connection with the area (Fairie Summer Court), and second sight to stumble upon the covenant site.
Once he does that, his familiarity with multiple regions, desire to stay away from Venice until he proves himself, and social contacts should make him highly desirable to someone like Mingus the Mad.

One detail- you describe him as being part of a merchant familly/company, there are virtues which represent such relationships in city &guild, but none of them are free options. Also detailed in city & guild are rules for labor points which will apply to you as a covenant outsider- essentially it takes 36 labor points per year to maintain your lifestyle (this is always true, the lifestyle changes through various convolutions) and points earned above that can be spent on improving your wealth/income, investments, or charity...
as written right now your character will earn (com+bargain=6)*(wealthy=6) Labor points in a regular season Some adventures may result in labor point rewards. Your personal income is 20 MP/year.

The family is a way of explaining his wealth. His desire to impress them, and his lack of desire to be around his father (because he doesn’t want to lie to the man) means he doesn’t work directly for his family. He is just a wealthy merchant with a lot of contacts and contracts that make him money with one season worth of effort.
He is definitely looking for a way to increase his income, in his “spare” time.