1228 Jaeger

For discussion of creation and advancement of the aforementioned character

How much flexibility would you allow to be built into a Ritual Power? In particular, I'm thinking of something CrAn based, that allows for creation of animals; but if possible I'd like to have one power cover a range of animal types rather than just one specific animal.

Also, you said medium powered, but what season?

Probably should have started off by saying this was going to be a character of the magic realm.
Season would be summer.
How much flexibility is hard to quantify- and as with spells extra flexibility may simply require extra levels of magnitude.

Proposed character posted.

In particular, things for your approval/modification: I changed the canon focus power that was "Form (Creo/Rego)" to be "Form (Intellego/Rego)" and changed the name; also the Ritual Power as-is may have the complexity too cheap.

I gave him amnesia because I thought it would be interesting if he could be from anytime in the last few hundred years (though maybe I need to change his Bows specialty). Also took "Regio Network" in the Alps (and possibly connected to other mountain ranges), but of course if you don't want such a network to exist I can get rid of it.

Since he's starting with Might 10, not Might 0, I thought it wasn't appropriate to take Transformed Human. He is one, narratively, but has grown to a point through his travels (which involved him eating vis without knowing it because he was eating to survive, not fully understanding his own nature, early on.)

Of course if that doesn't work with your cosmology I can change whatever I need to.

A few issues here-

  1. you cannot have both monsterous appearance and natural appearance. Nor can magic humans take monsterous appearance as this is the default condition for magical humans.
  2. supernatural nuisance must be, by definition, supernatural. Mundane animals are not.
  3. bound to magic is implicitly a mundane version of acclimation, and cannot be taken by those with a might score.
  4. hunger for (form) magic is also a flaw that is explicitly for things that are warped by magic and likely on their way to becoming transformed, not for beings with a might score
  5. it needs to be kept in mind that everything gained by the character since becoming magical should make them a more perfect example of whatever it is that he has become (you also should have an essential trait regarding what exactly he has been transformed into), as opposed to a semi-random assortment of powers and flaws.

I do not see a issue with switching techniques based on a preliminary read over.

Made some adjustments.
1- Monstrous Appearance I just meant to include so you knew I hadn't forgotten it - it was supposed to have strikethrough but I forgot.
2-For Supernatural Nuisance, I meant it to include both mundane and supernatural animals, but if that's no good I'll try to think of something else. I thought it might be interesting if an Aegis didn't offer complete protection against it.

I took off powers and flaws so he is now more focused on being a hunter. I'm not sure about his Form; I had him as Terram because he was lost in magic regios and eventually the magic realm which was why he transformed; does that work? I had another idea that he was just on a hunt that went on far longer than normal, that ended up in the magic realm, but that feels more like faerie than magic to me.

in terms of abilities you have 445 out of 460 points in abilities
origin of the beasts comes out to level 40, not 35, ritual power only gives 25 levels of effect, you can gain 2 magnitudes from the variable power but this still leaves you 1 magnitude short.
Might cost would similarly be raised to 3 if this can be dealt with in some way.

Fixed abilities.

15 base +5 touch +10 group +5 complexity is 35, right? If I'm missing a math error I will lower the base so it doesn't make mammals at this Might.

The mistake was mine, but I would still restrict it at +1 magnitude for flexibility in some way- it can only create mammals, or can only create predators, etc.

Predators makes sense if you're good with that.

I made that change, fyi.

approved, although there is a possible flaw in the background- the social effects of the Gift do apply in the magic realm, it is only at teh covenant that they are altered (where they are reversed)

Well I noted that there was a sudden change in how he felt about Mingus when they left the valley. I did intend the old man to be Mingus, and the cave Jaeger came out of to be the portal, if that's ok. I should have been more explicit. I figure maybe that's how Mingus realized the aura reversed the effects of the gift, because his new friend suddenly changed how he was acting toward him.

No, he knew that before he found what he found in the magic realm.
And he gathered the covenant together when he came back.