1228 Oscen Ilfetwis, Follower of Bjornaer

For the discussion of the creation and advancement of the aforementioned character.

Hello. I have created Oscen as of his gauntlet. He is posted to the wiki @ http://amfightorflight.wikidot.com/oscen-at-gauntlet.

Remaining, pending a look over by silveroak, any questions or conversation:

Two years have passed since his gauntleting. The standard would be to give him "30" points to split between advancing arts, abilities and buying spells. Should I assume any distinct differences there? It is not my intent to take an apprentice or perform any longterm projects in that time.

Furthermore would be identifying his starting lab. I am not certain what the intended length of his time at the hidden covenent has been. Is he arriving just this year or has he spent time enough there to have more than a basic lab?

  1. German- is that high German, low German or East German?
  2. I'm coming up with 315 points in abilities and 120 points in arts

You would just be arriving at the hidden covenant, and I'm also curious why you believe this character would have been invited.

Advancement rules past gauntlet are on the wiki, including the lab quality assumptions.

  1. That would be low german.
  2. Yep. I managed to shortchange myself in both counts. Simple to remediate, will do so right away.

I believe the invitation to the covenant would center around the fact that he has the blatant gift and a love for teaching. Very probably his parens, notably mystical herself, might have recommended him to Mingus the Mad. Maybe accompanied by some of his early sketches of potential "Great Works".

Noting the seasonal advancement based on reading texts and lab quality assumptions. I will assume he spends the majority of his time reading text, maybe spending one or two seasons on creating some simple items. These I will capture in the wiki as appropriate.

Fixed, spent two years studying texts prior to his parens pushing him into Mingus' path as a way to get him unstuck and find him a potential place to build something and follow his passion to teach.

This is technically an acceptable character- what I am not feeling is the reason he would have been invited to the covenant- Mingus the Mad was not the type to take referrals from someone's parens, he would have been insulted to have been approached in such a way. He was looking for a few magi who seemed to really fit his project/covenant, not whomever someone felt like volunteering.

It's more a referral than being volunteered. If Oscen knew about the covenant he would volunteer, it just seemed more credible to me that his parens might have a long standing correspondence with another magus with similar interests. He certainly fits big parts of the covenants focus, despite his youth. He has the blatant Gift and an investment in education specifically.

If Oscen were at the Grand Tribunal and caught wind of Mingus' turn towards education specifically, he would have volunteered or even begged to be included himself. I just have a mental conception that the Order has a lot of backroom dealing going on between old freinds, acquintances, etc. Sorry if that's not a fit representation of your saga's Order.

Mingus did not have a long standing correspondence with anyone He had been thought dead or in final twilight after being ejected from Criamon and adopted into ex Miscelania, when he showed up in 1228 with wild stories about other mundane worlds beyond the magic realm.

Hmmmm, in that case, I can certainly see a bright eyed young Oscen volunteering, begging, hounding Mingus to be included, rather than being pushed forward by his parens. His primary drive is to build something that will continue to teach others after he dies, and teaching whatever truths lie beyond this regio is as good as anything else to him after two years somewhat listlessly studying in Durenmar.

I am also more than happy to make more drastic edits to the character to fit your concept for the Saga, but I suppose other than having an interest in the doorway between realms that Mingus has proposed, I am not sure what would make a good fit.

The teaching aspect is good, the issue is that it seems like a lot of this is sort of shrugged and crowbarred in- "as good as anything else" is a long way from excitement and enthusiasm.

I think that the big thing is access. Putting Oscen in the room when Mingus makes his proposal would send him running excitedly, eager to join the project, galvanized from being listless and uncertain into sudden action by the opportunity. So we can just cast it that way instead of it being a referral from his parens, he'd be enthusiastic about the covenant in any case.

okay, approved

Updating background and more to display his excitement about the project.