1228 Saxewig ex Bonisagus

on your longevity ritual, by my calculation you have corpus 15 at this point, not 16, giving you a 51 on your LR instead of 52. I have 73 points in artes liberals, leaving you with a 4, not a 5, You show an increase of 3 in
I also get Creo at 21(15), corpus at 15(1) instead of 15(3),
obviously you need to add Pagan and Hermetic Numerology as well...

Added virtues, fixed L.R.

I copy-pasted to an excel and re-added the numbers, getting the same results...

For Creo I have 78 at gauntlet plus 157.5 after, for 235.5 or 21 (4.5)
For Corpus I have 123 after gauntlet for 15 (3)
For A.L. I'm getting 5 at gauntlet plus 78 after gauntlet for 83 or 5 (8)

okay, not sure where I put what in wrong, but your accounting checks out.

Going forward.

re: finding a familiar; looking for a Cane Corso or Molossus or something similar (ie roman war dog) of virtue; is that possible to find in Rhine Tribunal or a reasonable trip/purchase?

re lab virtues; can a Greater Horde be found and convinced to move in as part of the two seasons for installation? Or enchanted by something involving CrVi/CrMe? (To create magic creatures).

How specific do you want to be? A Cane Corso is an Italian breed of mastiff, and a Molossus was a breed in Ancient Greece. Is large dog sufficient or are you looking for a specific pedigree?

a greater horde- I will want more details as to what you are wanting for a horde since it sounds like some form of low level allies and not just a desk, for example.

Really just large dog is sufficient. If the breed of ancient roman war dogs from which the Neapolitan Mastiff descended are still around, (which to my research were either Cane Corso or Molossus, but I also found references that agree with your description, so it seems unclear), one of them would be cool.

Regarding Greater Horde; I really just want the lab virtue, but it's not clear to me what actually qualifies as lab inhabitants to do that. I thought of tiny magic people that revere him, which I would enjoy but I think you might find genre-violating; the other idea I had was that his lab equipment itself was semi-animated and intelligent, via enchantment, but I'm not sure if that's something Hermetic magic can actually accomplish.

A large dog of virtue is certainly possible- each season you spend searching roll simple die+int+area lore+magic lore with a target of 15. This season can count as an adventure or study of area lore in terms of experience.

Regarding the greater horse I need something more in the way of a narrative of who they are for something that is going to carry into the game.

My idea is that while he was searching for the dog, he came across a site that was being cleared in preparation for building a cathedral (not sure what one; but I will find something when I know what year this happened in), he discreetly investigated the site to see if any pagan ruins were being destroyed; what he found instead was a civilization of tiny people living in a weak magic aura, knowing that they would be displaced and likely acclimate out of existence, he offered them permanent shelter in his lab.

Is that ok?

I'm trying to consider this fairly, but honestly "a civilization of tiny people" makes me cringe before we get to what I see as an even more absurd idea of "and so they decided to follow me as their leader" completely ignoring things like the effects of the Gift. I don't want to simply say no, but the situation you describe is just too contrived for me to buy into it.

Fair enough. Honestly it's hard for me to come up with anything that would actually make the Greater Horde work so I guess I won't try to pursue it.

For the dog, how should I address trying to build it once it's found?

If you want the black dog archetype in the book does seem to be a "breed" of magical dog, and at size +2 (the size of a horse!) it is definitely a large dog.

That works. Technique Rego (from the text box, and his abilities to control other canines) right?


I've lost the inspiration for this character. I'm going to withdraw him, I may try to redo him without the mystery cult aspect, or it may be a lost cause.