1228 Saxewig ex Bonisagus

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I will post a gauntlet build before I advance.

Regarding the Diedne lineage idea I had; I think it should mesh well with a pagan mystery cult; but I have a question about research. My thinking as a goal is that Saxewig is researching to re-integrate Diedne magic; so that instead of being a virtue it's just part of Hermetic Theory; along the lines of how when you get a virtue from integration, you can re-research the same virtue and the second breakthrough makes it just part of basic theory; but I'm wondering if that's even possible with the fact that it's a virtue/tradition about spontaneous magic so there aren't really any "things" to integrate.

I'm thinking that this has to be possible for spontaneous spells to have been part of magic theory to begin with- probably by researching MuVi spells designed specifically to act on spontaneous spells in some way that connects to the Diedne virtue.

Posted at gauntlet.

You have 11 points in flaws, perfection is not a sufficiently defined minor magical focus, the eternal oblivion spells should be base 4 with +2 for voice to reach a final level of 10.

Fixed. Posting flaws below for math check:
Dark Secret (free),
Blatant Gift (3),
Cabal Legacy: NPOoLW (1),
Proud (Major) (3),
Covenant Upbringing (1),
Ability Block: Martial(1),
Motion Sickness(1)

Regarding mmf: perfection; I want it to apply to stat improvement rituals; the geometric perfection stuff in Hermetic Numerology/Architecture, and applications directly involving the magic realm and magical auras (seeing it as the realm of perfection).

Do you see those as too disparate? Or do I just need a different name for the focus?

They are not only disparate, but some of those could qualify for an mMf on their own.

I'm bad at naming/defining foci, what is one that would apply to stat improvements, and is that all it would cover?

human enhancement, there are a few other things it could apply to- mostly MuCo spells.

Thanks. Change made.

approved at guantlet

Can I get some more info on the Neo-Platonics? if you're ok with that being part of advancement.

Also, quick question, will Human Enhancement apply to LRs? I figure that might be too much for a minor focus but just to confirm.

The NPOoLW believes that acadeics have been slowed compared to ancient times and blames the rise of Christianity, also laying the blame for a number of lost magical techniques and limits which it does not believe were around prior to the rise of the divine realm and which it does not believe to be true limits but flaws in hermetic theory. They base their system of initiation on ancient educational structures, and seek to “reawaken” lost abilities.

Early level Initiates, or discipula wear robes when meeting or doing anything that could identify them as a member of the order of lost wisdom, since the would be considered at minimum heretical by many within the order of Hermes. Those seeking initiation at these levels wear black robes with a belt which denotes their level of advancement- a white belt is uninitiated, red has received the first initiation, yellow has received the second initiation, and blue has received the third initiation. Mystagogues for these levels wear black robes, with a black belt for those who can perform the first level initiation, a green belt for those who can perform the second level, a purple belt for those who can perform the third level and an orange belt for those who can perform the fourth.

To initiate the first station, and initiate must have artes liberals and philosophae each at 3 or higher, and pledge their rejection of monotheistic beliefs, taking the Pagan flaw as an ordeal. Additionally, the mystagogue must spend a season instructing the initiate in the lore of the mysteries. This script has a +13 bonus allowing a pres+cult lore total of 5 to initiate the Hermetic Numerology virtue

The second level of initiation (+6 from previous ordeal- target 15, pres+cult 6+… grants hermetic geometry, requires quest: to circumnavigate a significant obstacle in a single day- must have cult lore:2, artes liberales (geometry) at 4+ to begin.

Third level: divination (numerology), must have cult lore 3+. Arts liberales (mathematics) at 5+ to begin (+3 from previous ordeal, target 21, pres+cult 7+, requires 1 season to write a tractatus on cult lore which must be gifted to the mystagogue (+1), and a valuable classical book must be recovered and presented (+3), after which the mystagogue will spend a season teaching the cult lore(+3) before meeting the initiate at dawn in a pagan temple on an equinox (+3) to complete the initiation

4th level: hermetic architecture- (mystagogue pres+cult lore: 8+, target 15), the initiate must pledge a vow of obedience to the strictures of the cult (+3), and a burned incense (sacrifice) of cinnamon, lemongrass and gardenia (+1), meeting at a distant abandoned amphitheater at midday of midsummer.

At the end of the 4th level of initiation, which is only performed with those who either are initiating or have previously initiated at this level, the hoods are pulled back and identities revealed- everyone present has sworn to maintain the secrecy of membership. The newly initiated are presented with black robes, and must then learn cult lore until they can earn belts and the right to initiate further.

Litterarius: astrology: in order to begin initiating these mysteries the initiate must also be a mystagogue, with a presence +cult lore equal to the level of initiation they seek. There are no symbols worn at this stage to indicate their level of initiation, the black robes are from when they meet with discipula.

Fifth level: planetary Magic (target 15, pres+cult lore:8+) The mystagogue must spend a season formulating and specialized inception and how it applies to the initiate (+3) before determining the time and place where the initiation must occur (+3), retains +2 from previous ordeal
Sixth level: Periapt to begin this initiation you must have com+teaching of 3 or higher, and pres+cult lore of 6+, (target 15, pres+cult lore 8+), 1 season being taught teaching by the mystagogue (+3), retains +1 from previous ordeal, quest to obtain a divine relic (+3)

Seventh level: celestial magic, to begin this initiation you must have pres+cult lore of 7+ (target 21, pres+cult lore:8), 1 season being taught cult lore by mystagogue (+3), sacrifice divine relic obtained in previous quest (+3), 1 season investigating and recruiting discipula (+1), special place and time- astrological conjunction, stonehenge(+3), quest: obtain mystic astrological symbols from the faerie temple of the sun (+3)

Eight level: astrological divination (sacrifice the black robe) to begin this initiation you must have a pres+cult lore of 8+ (target 15, pres+cult lore:8)

I put above on the wiki on a subpage of my character.

Posted first chunk of advancement (recalling you don't like it all at once).

Does Human Enhancement apply to Longevity Rituals?

no, that's preservation, not enhancement

I'm trying to understand how a roll of 3 gets a study total of 24. 7+3(book learner)+3(roll)=13 * 1.5 (affinity) is 19.5.

I messed up the formula on my spreadsheet. will fix and repost.


In year 34 you did not take into consideration the change in rules for learning an art above level 20.
a roll of 10 would have given a base SQ of 6+3(book learner)+5=14 *1.5(affinity) is 21, not 30 gain for creo.