1228 Wilhelmina ex-miscellanea

for the discussion, creation and advancement of the aforementioned character

So her Ex-Misc tradition would be
Major Non-Hermetic Virtue: Some form of Summoning
Minor Hermetic Virtue: Subtle Opening
Major Hermetic Flaw: Necessary Condition (Touching bearskin).

And as for lore, they would be a local shamanic tradition affiliated with troll and Jotun giants. And the Giant blood virtue is also mandatory. Anything else I missed?

I believe that covers it.

How would the summoning work mechanically?

Mechanically or what do the rituals look like?

Mechanically, but the rituals I'd also be interested in. Would it look something like the Muspelli Utiseta? Or more like a trance?

I'm thinking it is "calling through the grave door"
basic score is stress die+presence+summoning+aura+lore with whatever lore will best represent knowledge of the being to be summoned...
the magic (obviously) specializes in calling forth the spirits of the dead. It also will generate a penetration score and summon the spirit into a container- for those which had it their corpse is preferred for penetration. For spirits which have no body some form of vessel must be prepared by crafting- wood and pottery being common The vessel must incorporate an arcane connection, frequently the name or true name of the spirit.
From here it will be very similar to the Sahir tradition, except that 1/2 of (aesthetic quality-8) is added to the bargain roll for the aesthetics of the vessel if it is not their corpse.

Would it be a difficult art, art, or accelerated ability?

an art

a corpse will automatically animate, but vessels generally must be enchanted to move if that is desired. An animate vessel allows the spirit to work as a lab assistant, whether it was Gifted in life or not.

Oooh. Fancy. Does it always need a arcane connection, or can it scour the area with lore? And how long would it take? Any cost like fatigue?

It does require an arcane connection, locating an appropriate spirit can be done with an appropriate lore role (area lore, organization lore, religion, etc) depending on the type of spirit being sought. Also the "bargaining" need not use the bargaining ability- other forms of persuasion are acceptable substitutes (unless you happen to be dealing with Jinn).

Right. A art that works by AC, needs corpse or vessel that incorporates the AC, can be used on spirits in general. Spirits that had a corpse can animate it (for how long?), but others will need enchanted bodies. The rest works like Sihr, but there are bonuses based on the vessel, and animated beings can serve as lab assistants. Hmm. I like it.

Though the fact that it's a art would make it hard to advance, and Sihr had a rather expensice vis cost if I recall. Still usable in your opinion?

sorry, no standard vis cost, except by type. So if you are summoning a daimon- bid vis cost, Jinn? standard vis cost. Aunt Becky? No vis cost.
The spirit can animate the corpse until it decides to leave, or the corpse is destroyed.

Being able to summon a Daimon sounds neat (though considering it's a sole art, penetration will be quite difficult I assume). So you usually have to pay up like Sihr, but there are modifications. Alrighty.

In terms of background for your tradition, I am linking this;
Norse Ghosts & the Afterlife - Ancient History Encyclopedia