1229.1 Where All Honor Lies

Received in December of 1228, via Redcap.

Alexei von Kroistau,

My dear Miles, it is with a sense of urgency that I write this letter to you. I am need of your assistance in gathering together and reforming the Milites. The system has fractured under my leadership, and several Miles have taken up with Lucius and Rotgiers. Using my power as Prima, I am summoning all Miles to Val Negra to be here 1 week after the Spring Equinox. And it is there, that we shall reforge them. Please be aware that several of the Miles will be agents for Lucius, but it is my hope that the inspirational speech you gave at the Normandy Tribunal can be replicated, and we can turn some of the Miles back from Lucius's clutches.

Ariel, Prima Flambeau

Isen also receives a letter, one that simply requests his presence one week after the Spring Equinox, as she is gathering all the Miles together.

Ariel, Prima Flambeau

My esteemed Prima, I have received your earnest message and shall arrive with time to spare. It is with a heavy heart to hear that the values of the Miles are being turned from their noble origins. I only hope that my efforts can be repeated and received as well as they were at the Tribunal. I shall fervently pray that I may be inspired and share the sense of duty and conviction that comes with being in the Milites.

Expect me in the Spring, my Prima, with triumph.

Very Sincerely yours,
Alexei Von Kroitsau Flambonis, ex Milites, Chief Hoplite of the Noramdy Tribunal

((Alexei will be sure to tip the Redcap well for any information that could be had regarding Rotgiers and Lucius and any Flambeau that might be getting cozy with them. And then for a quick roll of Order of Hermes Lore and Intrigue:

Using Unseen Servant:
OoH Lore + Int = put: OoH Lore: [1d10 + 1] = 5+1 = 6 (should be 8, forgot to add his Int)
unseenservant.com/Default.as ... &what=sand

Also going to make an Intrigue + Int roll:
Intrigue: [1d10 + 5] = 10+5 = 15 Don't know if this was stressed or not.
unseenservant.com/Default.as ... &what=sand))

Which grogs are going with Alexei?

About time.

He'll go see Alexei at once.

Alexei. I just received this summons. I guess you did, too. I intend to attend, of course, as I'm sure you will. So the only question for me is, do you want us to travel alone or together? Both have merits, after all.

(Utterly lost here, too many threads, characters, and posts per day :frowning:)

((I have a story for Isen that will kick off, so as always you really only have to pay attention to your thread, but I sent the letter, because he is a Miles))

Alexei welcomes Isen in and offers a cup of wine as he's going through various gear and clothing that he intends to bring.

"Welcome Sodalis. Good to see you'll be coming. Helmut where is the purple tabbard and the ermine mantle? Or do you think purple is too ostentatious?"

"Well unless you've recently become royalty, I'd say it's ostentatious. Considering also that most of the Flambeau will likely either be wearing purple or laughing up their sleeves at those wearing purple, you should go with the red and gold thread."

Alexei examines the red tabbard with a critical eye and holds it up, turning to Isen. "What will you be wearing my friend? We should go together, it would look quite inappropriate were we to arrive too similar."

((I want Michel and Brione to come with, I'll look through the grog list also. What do others want to play?))

((The grogs may not see much action, unless another player steps up, but I want to have a clear idea of who is going with Alexei, and not do a just add grog later in the story. For that matter, if another player does step up, I have no objection to them creating a grog that they'd like to play. I may send Mufarjj along, but he's getting old and he's got a family around now.))

((I'm happy to play a grog in this scene :slight_smile: I don't have a particular preference - whoever qcipher decides is coming.))

((I would think an honor guard of 4-5 fighting grogs for each magus would be a good number, and then a few luggage handlers/servants. If we're going to port directly there we'd need less servants. So for Alexei he'd want to bring Brione, Michel, Claude, and Jolanda maybe, along with Helmut and a nameless servant perhaps.))

Korvin would ask that you take either Claude or Jolanda but not both. He does not want to be left without a shield grog that he is familiar.

That's fine, I'll go through the list of Grogs again.

As often as not, Isen is surprised by the ease with which Alexei conducts himself with mundanes, and how they feel at home with him. More than anything, this is his strength, and his charm, this capacity to be a leader, to endear himself to the others. Not that Isen would like this for himself, but he admires it nonetheless.

Silver, Dark and Blue, as always. Adeline insists that it is important to set on a color scheme and not deviate from it. I don't care much, and it suits me, anyway.
As fer the trip, fine by me, then. We travel and come together. I would like to ask roberto to join, but he's not that found of the milites.
(And she'll come with Isen, of course. She wouldn't miss the opportunity, and he's becoming to realise that he's easily lost without her. Otherwise, he's never settled on a shield grog. Too reclusive.)

Alexei nods at Isen's description of his garb. "That does suit you my friend, I feel making an impression is a good thing. Some feel it's a distraction, but the well dressed army has an advantage over the peasant militia in terms of building spirit and comaraderie. Adeline is indeed correct."

He places the red and gold tabbard onto a dressing rack. "Now the question is do we arrive directly through some means of teleportation? If Ariel truly felt it necessary she might blow the horn and see who answered its call. Or should we take mundane travel? Both have their advantages and costs. Helmut, make sure to get some luggage handlers, you'll be coming with us of course. Make sure the grogs have their uniforms in proper order please."

"Aye Master 'Lexi." Helmut says as he pulls out a trunk with the help of another servant.

((So Alexei will bring Michel, Brione, and since Claude and Jolanda are a pair I'll take maybe Osster the Bear instead if he's available? That he speaks German is a plus. And while he's not a Grog, he should definitely bring Mufarj))

Isen ponders Alexei's question a moment

Translocating is faster and easier. Yet, unless you've got a way to do it while taking mundanes with you, we have no choice but to travel on land, or through Mercere Portals, should we wish to bring some grogs with us, as it seems you do.
So it seems that, on this at least, we have no choice. Unless, of course, you want to send mundanes alone, and join them later through an Arcane Connection. This might be safer, actually.

Alexei is considering, though it's difficult to tell if he's pondering his wardrobe or the travel arrangements. After a few moments he looks over to Isen. "The portal would be the only way to get us all there together, but...the rates they charge...I spent 45 pawns just to rescue Mufarrj and his family. We should probably travel mundanely I'd say. A dozen of us I figure would be an appropriate size party. I am a bit concerned that...well Rotgiers and Lucius may be dishonourable enough to actually attack on the road. Travelling larger though could attract even more attention." he pauses again to think.

"Let's travel o'erland As members of the Miles we should have a connection to get there if we need to."

((The circumstances of returning Mufarjj were a bit different. It required getting a Merceris magus who knew Leap of Homecoming to Mufarjj and his family, and also needed a device that would transport them, like Leap of Homecoming... It was a bit to coordinate on short notice, and in a hurry. This is a matter of going to your Portal to Harco, and then a portal to Val Negra, if one exists...))

((Do we know the rates for that, assuming it exists? If not that would be our next step, finding out the cost or if it's even an option.))

You could always right a quick note to Ariel asking...
But It's not unreasonable to presume she might waive any fees for arriving to Val Negra from Harco (she invited you, it's their portal)...and of course, there's no charge for using your own portal.

((Additional letter attached to original letter addressed to Ariel))

Ariel Flambonis, Prima of House Flambeau, Leader of the Milites,

Please forgive my carelessness, I should have included this in my original message. We have an easy means to go to Harco, is there a portal prepared from Harco to Val Negra, and if so have the payment arrangements been made? I believe I have a method to travel to Val Negra rather directly, but not for those who would accompany me, so the Harco portal if viable would be a likely method.

Thank you in advance,
Alexei von Kroitsau Flambonis, ex Milites

((I was going to go into more detail except for the possible treachery afoot, we can still use this letter and any response as a bluff perhaps or to flush out conspirators))

A quick response is received, indicating that the passage to Val Negra is free to magi from Mons Electi.