1229.1 Where All Honor Lies

((Yeah, if we can rest up that'd be great, there isn't like an emergency or anything...yet))

Alexei quirks an eyebrow at the tone and hold a restraining hand on Michel knowing that violence could be imminent if left on his own. Helmut looks back to Alexei in some confusion and turns back to the men addressing them. "Master Alexei was invited by Ariel the Prima of House Flambeau, for a meeting of the Milites..?" he holds up the letter from Ariel.

"We are expected." Alexei says firmly.

"What meeting? What are you talking about? Who is expecting you?" The grog says in a demanding tone. Can do some folk ken checks if you'd like.

((Making a couple rolls.

Brionne has Folk Ken of 3 with a specialty of Covenfolk, assuming thats what they are:

1d10+5 → [6,5] = (11) (or 10 if the Specialty doesn't apply)

Alexei has Folk Ken 2 with a specialty in soldiers, so that should apply, but his Perception kinda sucks:

1d10+1 → [9,1] = (10) Pretty good still.

I'll wait for results before saying anything.))

They are legitimately confused by what Alexei and Michel are saying, and if the invitation that Alexei is holding is true, they should be well aware that 20 or so magi are about to descend on Val Negra for a conference...

Alexei whispers to Michel. "Stay calm, be wary though." then he addresses the guards. "Gentlemen...I suggest you send someone quickly to Ariel and let her know that we are here for if I'm here others are likely on the way. We don't mean you any harm, but there appears to be a mix up"

"What on earth are you talking about? We are expecting no one. And this heavily armed force is provocative. Disarm your men, the magi may retain their weapons. Do this and I'll dispatch a grog to get someone who knows something, it may or may not be Ariel. Don't and I'll sound the alarm and summon more grogs and magi, and when they arrive they won't be here to talk." All of the dozen grogs eyes are on him, watching him intently. It's very obvious this group is well trained and deadly, and they are very disciplined.

"Like bloody hell..!" Michel begins but Alexei actually clamps a hand over his mouth.

"Be quiet!" he snaps. "My apologies. You are well trained and that is to be commended and if the situation were reversed I would have my men do the same. Can you verify for me please, are we in fact in Val Negra, please answer me that." he turns to Brionne. "Disarm."

((For right now just having Brionne disarm, trying to get a touch more info before we comply))

"Yes, this is Val Negra." Also, the place matches the physical description with which Alexei is familiar.

Alexei nods. "Men, bows unstrung, swords on the ground." Alexei points to the ground in front of him. "We are not hostages nor prisoners, the weapons will stay there. If you please, tell the magi of Val Negra that Alexei and Isen are here. We have been peaceful and complied with your demands."

((Not dropping shields, nor small Brawl weapons, just the large hand weapons and disabling the bows, if the others come to take the weapons Alexei will stand in front of it))

The leader signals to a grog who runs off. About 5 minutes later, from one of the towers a figure emerges and flies toward the gates of Val Negra. As the figure gets closer, Alexei can tell it is Ariel. She seems surprised and confused. "Alexei, I was informed that you and Isen were here, and that more Milites were on their way. Can you explain what is going on here?"

Alexei squints at Ariel, trying to make sure it is actually her and then motions for Helmut to give her the letter that was supposed to be from her. "We received this letter...from you I thought. You had called a meeting of the Milites and needed my help."

That is my signature, and it seems to be my handwriting, but I never wrote this. I've requested no such meeting." Ariel says while looking over the letter.

Alexei allows some tenseness in his voice, not directed at Ariel, but potentially how serious the situation now is.

"Prima...if you did not call us here then an attack upon us while we are together is imminent, or an attack where we are not is imminent. Val Negra seems very well protected, I commend your men, but could you be vulnerable here? If not, then either of our holdings elsewhere is likely going to be hit."

((I always enjoy how Alexei sees combat around every corner. Playing with Alexeis paranoia for a bit, the other reasonable alternative should be Mons Electi, that an attack on Mons Electi is imminent or underway, and so he should be acting accordingly.))

((What do you think he meant by 'either of our holdings'? :slight_smile:

He is likely to head back asap to Mons Electi, but he also has a duty to the Miles and his House, if that is safe then back to Mons Electi, so he'll wait for Ariel before hurrying back))

"I feel confident in saying that we are in no danger of attack. Many of our members are as capable as you. Can you say the same for members of Mons Electi? I urge you, should you think there is danger, return to your home and confirm, but it is more likely that someone is manipulating us." Ariel nonetheless orders a doubling of the watch for the time being.

Alexei bows to Ariel. "That is all I needed to hear, if you are safe then I'm heading back to Mons Electi, that is likely the target. I have one question for you though. Did you at any time make arrangements with Harco to have a portal set to Val Negra? If not, then whoever did is the culprit and is acting as you or someone who can speak for you."

((her answer here will help determine how we're getting back))

"No, and the portal here is protected with a password known only to members of the covenant, and a few Redcaps. I have informed Redcaps at Harco in the past to allow transport to Val Negra, either waiiving the fee or charging a fee, but all that is handled by the Redcaps after I send my message."

Alexei seems confused. "So...we arrived by portal at the base of the mountain and climbed the rest of the way up, that is a legitimate portal that's been set in the past, but any other portal is secured, and if we had taken that we'd be actually inside Val Negra not" he gestures about him "here.".

Ariel explains more fully, "No, that portal down below is the only one. If you were let through it was because they believed I, or someone from Val Negra had decided to allow you to come through. I had, in the past, sent written messages to approve people coming through, but I suspect that I will not be doing that any longer, given the present turn of events. I would appreciate if you could investigate this matter for us both, Alexei. Ascertain the individual or individuals responsible, and coordinate with me for an.. she pauses a moment, "an appropriate response."