1229.2 The Antiquities Road Show

He'll come in later, Korvin and the grogs will get the first round of action...

Leadership 1 + int 2 + 1d10=7 = 10 Or 8 if you want to use perception. I think both are applicable in this situation.

I would also say that while Korvin has some knowledge leadership, he has never worked with the grogs at ME. Something Alexei/Roberto need to force us to do. I think Korvin will add it to everyone's to-do list :mrgreen: That being said, Alexei and Jacques and Roberto ( those the grogs would most likely practice with) all have different styles.

A couple of ways to do this. I do not want it too organized because of the lack of time working with the grogs and, I'm guessing, the short instructions before the action that Korvin would be able to give. I would say it all depends on the leadership roll above. If it passes they know to delay rushing in until after Korvin casts. Otherwise they would expect something more direct like Roberto or Alexei and get caught in the wave.

The range would be 15 paces from the targets to Korvin as he said he was staying in voice range.

Well, let's put it this way, then. Korvin's leadership skill wasn't high enough to keep the grogs from inserting themselves between Korvin and Insatella's groups. They've been nominally instructed to protect magi who aren't Roberto, Isen, Jacques or Alexei, and so they are protecting Korvin... That could change with spending a Confidence point, though.

If you don't want to spend Confidence, you can pick an alternative spell/action, because you'll be able to tell that they are in the way and recognize the consequences of casting that spell.

I will change it to PoF at one of the redcaps ( not Insatella). say number 2
Cr27 + Ig6+ stam 1 + aura 5 + 1d10=7 = 47 (27+ 3 penitration(Creo))

I'm adjusting your totals...

Alright, Korvin begins casting his spell, and all heck breaks loose. The phony redcaps in front of her adjust their stance as Korvin begins speaking, preparing for an attack.

I need some attack and defense rolls. Don't apply the +12, I'll apply it most advantageously this round representing your side controlling the timing. Of course, you can override it, after the fact, too..

Attack roll for group 1d10=8
Defense roll for group 1d10=4

I should have put Bernard's totals up as he acting is shield grog for Korvin.
Attack Dex 0 + 6 short sword + 3 weapon bonus = 9 Roll: 1d10=7
Defense Quickness 0 + short sword 1 + skill 6 = 7 1d10=1 + 1d10=3 =7

Damage str -1 + short sword 5 = 4 + AA
Soak = stam 2 + heavy leather +2 = 4

The following is my crib sheet for the phony redcaps
Redcaps are using their group bonus to defend.
They also have a 12 group bonus.
Redcap Group attack is 15
Defense Group total is 14
Damage is 7 + AA
Soak is 5

Insatella smiles, as she watches Korvin begin casting a spell. The impostor begins working a counterspell, and a deluge of water drenches the Pilum, preventing it from doing any damage. She is very fast and graceful.

The group of grogs attacks the group of redcaps imposters, rolls of 10 on attack and 3 on defense. The attack roll is not a botch.
It's a players choice this time, on what they want to do.

So, your attack total is 19 or 31 vs a 26 defense (which results in no damage due to their soak, regardless). Your defense totals are either a 12 or 24, versus a total attack of 15. It appears that the best that can be achieved is to use the group bonus on defense and avoid any damage.
Bernard is far enough away that it is a choice of engaging the group, or staying close to Korvin. He can move up and attack the group next round, but doesn't get anything this round. He can get back

Deykin can (he's got a bow, or am I misremembering?) take action during the second round, Miroslav can rush into action, and actually cover Korvin in the second round while Bernard moves up to engage the group of Redcaps. Pinhas, though he suspected something was up, is a bit too stunned to see Redcaps apparently engaging in armed combat against another magus. He's probably seen a martial Redcap, but four in a trained group, and attacking magi on their own covenant grounds has thrown him into a bit of confusion, so he can't come in until round 3.

"You don't know what you've done, Korvin. You will pay dearly for this." Korvin can make a folk ken roll, in addition to any second round actions.

Miroslav will cover Korvin, all the while mentally grousing about protecting a magus rather than fighting alongside one.

Folk Ken 2 + Per 0 + 1d10=9 = 11 ( unless the Insatella is really a female then it is 12)

Team Attack roll 1d10=10 No botch 1d10=6
Team defense roll: 1d10=7 I'm guessing they will put the leadership points into defense.

Emmanual attack 1d10=9
Defense: 1d10=5

Can Korvin get Charge of the angry winds on the mercs and not on our grogs? I'm guessing not. PoF with no words or gestures at a merc. If I can pick out the leader then that will be my target.

Cr 27+ Ig 6 + stam 1 + aura 5 + 1d10=8 - 15 = 31.

Alright, their Intiative is 9.
Attack roll of 3, defense roll of 5, and bonus goes to attack.

The attack total is 30, defense total is 19. They easily parry any and all attacks from Korvin's group, and delivery a blistering and overwhelming attack, against 8+7+12=27 for an AA of 3. Damage total of 10, vs the group soak of 2, for 8 Damage getting through, inflicting medium wounds on all the members of Korvin's group.

Bernard's sword arm seems to whither into a pudgy arm, and it's not strong enough to hold his sword any longer, he drops his sword. Korvin can try and fast cast counter this spell, somehow, if he feels lucky, standard words and gestures were used. Korvin's Pilum of Fire does get through and hits the vanguard (Korvin can identify the vanguard, whether this is also the leader is tough for him to say, given his lack of combat experience).
His soak against the Pilum is a total of 3 against (roll the stress die for the damage, it can botch). He's at least taking an incapacitating wound, but he has a better of average chance of being killed outright.
I'll resolve Deykins attack when PB posts, but go ahead and declare 3rd round actions, and resolve the damage above, and I can synthesize everything into one post. Miroslav can leave Korvin and press the attack, Bernard will move back and resume his defensive actions with a round shield around Korvin.

(( All right, let's try this...))

Pinchas may not know much about fighting, but he knows that when a man loses his sword, that's probably not a good thing. He takes a few steps forward, murmuring in Hebrew and rocking back and forth in prayer. No one present would likely understand him, but the words are from the Book of Job. "How you have helped him who has no power! How you have saved the arm that has no strength! How you have counseled him who has no wisdom, and plentifully declared sound knowledge! In Hashem's name, blessed be He." As the recitation ends, he steps forward, touching Bernard's back with the parchment held in his hand.

(( Invoking Adjuration to restore Bernard's sword arm. General guideline (dispel magic/faerie/infernal power), going for base 10, +1 Touch. Com +3 (using Com for the Judaic version of Purity), Adjuration (divine names) 4, Purity (adjuration) 4, [1d10] = 8 = 21. Successful invocation.

Of course, that also would put him next to Korvin, and thus much closer to the battle...))

Deykin does have a bow, correct. And he remembers Alexei's training (iirc) to try to take out the magus first – if the magus falls, the rest will follow.

So. Init -2 + die roll of 7 = 5. Attack roll is 9 + die roll of 2 = 11. Defense roll is 3 + (die roll of 0, but luckily not a botch) = 3.

So, if I'm reading this right...it is only able to affect something when it comes from a creature with might? The effect is a Hermetic spell, and would seem to be unaffected, am I wrong? I'm unfamiliar with RoP:Divine, to be honest, but I'm willing to learn! :smiley:

Deykin's arrow is turned assigned by a quick shout in Latin and some vigorous gesturing.

As near as i can tell he is using Invocation and must spend a faith point or confidence point to cast. I have nothing that says that he can not heal the arm. I'm assuming it is a PrCo. If it is momentary duration then he is not effecting Hermatic magic but the arm. He can not use Holy Magic to sin

Round 3. Excellent...she's deflecting my arrow, Deykin thinks, but not easily. And the more attention she's paying attention to his arrow, the less she's focused on the others. He takes a quick glance around to see if there's any cover as he nocks, draws, and looses another arrow. Attack is 9 + die roll of 7 = 16. Defense is 3 + die roll of 9 = 12.

I understand it now...
So I missed that it was a General guideline, so the Effect level must be less than 10+X, where X is what is specified, which in this case is 10, so it must be less than 20. Arm of the Infant is exactly 20, so as far as I can tel this effect fails.

The guideline just says "Dispel magic, infernal, or faerie effects of level less than (this effect level + 10)." I don't see anywhere where it requires that it be a creature with might. shrugs Up to you as to whether Adjuration can affect Hermetic Magic. I thought it could, but the description is imprecise one way or the other.

[] I was actually using Purity and spending a Long-Term Fatigue level. The description was very similar to Invocation because -- again -- RoP:tD is effed up where it comes to Judaism and how Purity is described.
] It's a MuCo spell.
[] The intent was to affect Hermetic Magic. If I was trying to affect the arm I'd need to use Blessing or something else. All I have is Adjuration.
] What does Holy Magic and /or sinning have to do with anything?

Damage roll is 1d10=8 + 15 = 23

Korvin would try to spont a CrCo to defend Bernard even though the Rabbi is going to act. Per 0 Awarness 1 mag 4 - 15 = target 10 1d10=5 no luck. so he does not cast.

Bernard will fall back and Miroslav can press forward. Korvin will spont Swords to plowshares ( a spell on Jacques' sheet[1]) ReTe 10. with no words but normal gestures at a merc ( the next one that steps up ). It will force his sword into the ground and needs a str +9 roll to pull it out. Re14 + Te 6 + stam 1 + aura 10 - 10 for no words + 1d10=7 = 28/2 = 14

[1] Jacques version is for a group. so it is ReTe20. Korvin is for a single person so it is 10.

The vanguard of the Redcap Imposters goes down. This group will break into individuals (I'll continue the combat tomorrow, since it just got really complicated). Insatella appears to disappear. Can try and make awareness rolls to locate her, or can concentrate on the grogs.
Round three attacks for the group of grogs and anyone else needed...

Deykin will take a moment to look around to be sure she's actually gone and not invisible. Per 1 + Awareness 4 + die roll of 7 = 12.