1229.2 The Antiquities Road Show

About a week after midsummer Insatella arrives with 4 Redcaps through the portal. To the nearest grog waiting nearby, "I'm the Prima Mercere, and I need to speak to your princeps on a matter of some urgency."

One of the guards at the portal stands with his mouth open but Jolanda steps up and bows. Of course Prima. Please follow me. ( she speaks in Italian since her Latin is poor). She hails another grog and sends them off to fetch Korvin.

Korvin and Abagail arrive at the Princeps' office at roughly the same time as Insatella. Korvin is straightening his more formal robes he uses for official princep business. He is wearing his Redcap. Both Korvin and Abagail bow to Insatella and Abagail finds the party seats in the office.

Greetings Prima. It is a pleasure to see you again. How can we help you?

Insatella's brusque and business-like demeanor doesn't serve her well, here, "I regret to inform you that Celestina has gone missing. She was due to report to Midsummer festival from some assignments she had in Iberia." She gives a glance to Abigal, and then returns to look at Korvin, "We haven't been able to locate her, and we were hoping that your familiarity with her could help us in this matter." A folk ken roll of 9+ will indicate something more.

1d10=6 + per 0 + folk Ken 3 = 9

Korvin's left eyebrow raises perceptively as he seems to be weighing Insatella's words and his response. Do you mean [strike]who's bed she might be in bed with[/strike] who she might ... know well in Iberia?

((Will this be considered Korvin's Redcap outing or is it in addition to? Just so I can update the mage planner))

((This is his Redcap outing.))
"She had taken to she had been known to deliver messages from Phoenix to covenants in Alps, Rome and Rhine, and from time to time even Thebes. It's not clear how she was able to get to all these places in addition to her standard duties in the Alps. And it's even more unclear why she hasn't been involved more in this Tribunal. Instatella looks pointedly at Korvin. "No, what's troubling is that her quarters at Rorschach were ransacked, and Jareth is also missing, or at least not responding to messages shoved under his sanctum door."

You will have to ask Hervè about this Tribunal. He has been closed to me. Celestina was here for the Tribunal held at Mons Electi at my request. We needed someone with experience to set up and run the booths and I heard nothing from Hervè or Èvrard. ( Korvin sounds like a person justifying his actions to the authorities).

Korvin pauses and steeples his hands in front of him, resting his elbows on the desk. He taps his finger tips together and his eyes seem to lose focus on anything in the room.[1] After a moment, What was Celestina's task in Iberia?

[1] all magi at ME will recognize this as Korvin's thinking mannerism.

Insatella shrugs, but glances at Abigail while saying, "I'm not certain. It wasn't part of her House or Redcap duties. It was above and beyond, and she was careful to never let it interfere with House business. I was hoping Abigail could enlighten us." Abigail, is not usually shy or reluctant to talk looks at Korvin for direction here, but her face appears to be pained and conflicted, as she doesn't know what to do or what to say.
Abigail glances around the room as if trying to come up with something, and finally gets there and delivers a firmly voiced response. "As an apprentice, it is not my place to speak of things, without my master not knowing what I might say, first. I'm sure you would expect the same of any of your apprentices."

Korvin looks at Abagail for a moment. We will talk about this later.

He turns back to Insatella I can guess what this could be about but I could also be very wrong. Have you contacted Azura about this? What does she have to say?

"We have not. We considered that the most prudent thing was to come talk to you, considering your association with her, and because of Abigail. We can involve Azura, if you'd like."

Not yet. Though if I were wondering how Celestina was able to travel quickly, I would think Azura or Attravere might know. What does Jareth have to do with any of this other than he is at Rorschach as well? Korvin thinks for a moment more. How long will you give until you force his door to see what has happened?

We were hoping we could convince you to assist in entering his sanctum. I'm wise enough to know that it is best that Merceris magi should handle their own affairs. And there is your relationship with Laetitia in Valnastium to draw upon. She is a Quaesitor that you know and trust, is she not?"

Yes. I may not be the best choice to get in. I have a flaw in my magic that will make it difficult if there are wards in place.

Abagail and I will prepare to travel back with you. But first, (Korvin stands) I wish a word with my apprentice. You may wait here Prima. I can have refreshments brought in if you wish. It should not be long before we are ready.

Korvin heads out the door to his office after hearing Insatella's response to the food. He and Abagail walk in silent as they head to Korvin's sanctum. Master, I can.. Korvin waves her to be quite. Once they reach the sanctum, Korvin turns to her. Tell me what was Celestina doing for you?

No, not for me. For my father and probably Azura, and Amos. Something's going on here. They aren't talking to my father or Azura about what's going on."

Who is they?

"Insatella and those four redcaps with her. Something's not right about this. Father's worked for the House for a while. His research is, in part, funded by the House, maybe because of the Merceris Magi, but still, she knows he's friendly to the House. And then there's Azura, too. Their actions don't make sense."

Then it is something they do not want Phoenix to know. Which in itself is interesting. I will have to talk to your Father or Azura to find out what they were using Celestina for. But now I must keep that from the Prima.

Korvin thinks for a little while in silence. Very well. Get your traveling clothes. We will dress as Redcaps. We can take Jolanda and Claude for protection. That is unless you would prefer someone else? We will need a donkey. Jolanda will know how to pack it. Pay attention. while she is not a Redcap she has traveled with them quite a bit so she knows what we normally need.

"Are you wanting to make arrangements with Jolanda, while you deal with Prima?"

I would like you to get ready. I will send a message to Jolanda and Claude to meet you in the courtyard where she will have the donkey. I will get ready and go talk to Insatella. We will meet you in the courtyard.

Abigail is off in a flash, and dresses in travel clothes, and grabs the red cap that Korvin had given her for such an occasion. She then rushes out to the courtyard, and waits on korvin, Jolanda and Claude. She mutters to herself, "I knew I should have gone to get them." Despite her feelings, she stands dutifully in the courtyard, waiting for Korvin, since it's what he told her to do...

Abagail waits foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ( at least a diameter) for Jolanda and Claude to come into the courtyard. Claude is carrying two rectangle wooden boxes and Jolanda is carrying packs for both grogs. Jolanda does a short bow to Abagail "Lei parla italiano? No? Greetings Apprentice. Please bring your pack to the stable." Jolanda's Latin is halting and rough. It grates on Abagail's ears.

Korvin goes back to Insatella after he has changed and gotten his pack. Abagail is getting ready for our season on the road. I think we were to report to Crocetta for our route. I'm going to guess that will be changed. We can meet them at the portal when you are ready.