1229.2 The Antiquities Road Show

Abigail looks as if she's ready to respond to respond to Jolanda in Italian (Folk Ken check of 12, include Gift penalty for either Jolanda or Claude)
Abigail dutifully follows Claude and Jolanda, and offers, to her mind, helpful hints in Latin, which I'm sure come across in a way she didn't intend.


Instatella looks at Korvin, a bit crossly, "What does your apprentice know about this? We need to know what's going on, so we can prepare any other Redcaps who might be in danger."

1d10=7 No chance.

Jolanda: I apologize for my Latin Apprentice. I live in Harco and everyone spoke Italian and Korvin spoke Italian. I understand that I will protect Master Korvin and Claude ( gestures as the big man) will protect you.
Calude: (in even worst Latin with French mixed in) Just listen to me if we get into a scrape. I've seen all kinds of fights. I was even at that vampire one with the dragons. You do not see that everyday and live to tell about it. Luckly, we had smart magi who listened to an experienced veteran in regards to tactics and we pulled though.
J: ( rolls her eyes at Claude)You listen to Master Korvin you big oaf.
C: These Redcaps. It is not that hard. Perhaps Korvin will bring that dragon on this trip? I told him to get one rather than that weasel.

The group reaches the stable and leads a donkey into the paddock.
J: Have you packed for one of these trips before Apprentice?


She knows nothing. You know that she had a baby recently and it is staying with her mother at Phoenix? I would guess she asked Celestina to stop in and have a look every now and then. What else was Celestina working on that might cause a problem.

((I'll try and remember to come back around as Abigail later...))

It finally clicks with Korvin, Insatella has very little reason to have traveled from Harco to Mons Electi with 4 Redcaps, maybe one or two. And now that he thinks of it, he notices that they are all armed, including Insatella, though he's never known her to carry weapons. "Korvin, you've known us for far too long to keep secrets. Your apprentice knows something, I encourage you to share it with us."

Korvin looks them over for a bit. Do you wish to tell me what this is really about? You seem to be expecting trouble at Mons Electi.

"Blast, this place is nothing but trouble!"

((Now is the time to decide what strength the Aegis is when it was cast in 1228.4... Can you see the screws I've put on the Vim vis source?))

((It must be 7th mag cast by Isen because No one has had time to learn the mag10 version. Jacques takes 2 seasons even if he had help. He can get his ReVi lab total to 49. He is doing it in 1228 but it can't be cast until 1229.3))

"Korvin, we're going to leave now. We will leave you with your illegitimate apprentice and allow you to attend to your duties as you find necessary." That, most assuredly, does not sound like Insatella. As a group they begin moving towards the door leading out of the princeps' office. Only one of them has their eyes turned away from Korvin at any one time. He can tell by their movement, that this is a trained group of grogs, who can fight and move together as a team quite well.

What do you mean Illegitimate! Korvin stands. All of the linage was in order! It was traced back to... Korvin pauses Insatella. Who was the shield grog you assigned to me when I left Harco?

"It doesn't matter, Korvin. The position you find yourself in now, is just how many deaths you want hanging over your head. Be very careful about how you proceed, allow us to leave, or deal with the consequences." By this time they've reached the door and it is now open. Covenfolk are in the hallways going along their daily tasks. "Tell me, Korvin. Your apprentice isn't in your presence. Do you think you can protect her before I get to her? Are you prepared for combat? Can you bring the collective might of Mons Electi down on top of me before I plunder her? What would Ra'am say to you after you bring her lifeless body to him?" The voice is Insatella's but the words coming from her, the way she's speaking, and the hint of power behind the some kind of mystical, magical, or supernatural power behind the voice is unmistakable.

Korvin follows at a distance ( voice). He will wave off any Covenant folk. He will try to cast Sight of the true form without words or gestures. CrCo10 CT 30 + 1d10=6 - 15 = 21.

Surprisingly he sees Insatellas face and form. The redcaps all look the same.

Any player can bring a character into play here, except jebrick, on a roll of 9 or 10. After two PCs come in no more can come into the thread.

I'm going to proceed, and a character can jump in at that point.
The Insatella impersonator makes her way towards the portal, but they are moving slowly. "You are smarter than Celestina. Her terror was delicious, I underestimated you, Korvin. I won't make the same mistake again."
By this time, Korvin estimates that they are about 2, maybe 3, minutes from the Aegis boundary.

on the way there, do we pass close(sight) enough to any of the alarm bells/posts? If so

spont Words of unbroken Silence (CrMe 10) to the guard (Sound Alarm!) Cr 27+Me5 + aura 5 + stam+1 - 10 no words - 5 no gestures + 1d10=7 = 31/2 = 15

Korvin can get a grog or any covenfolk to sound the alarm, I had the impression that he was telling people to give them space...

((Tranquillina doesn't pass the entrance test - rolled a 3. Do you want rolls for grogs too?))

((JL, roll for me please? I do not know if either of my chars are well suited to this, but no one else seems to be interested...))

It's player's choice as to who they bring in. If you have a grog, you want to bring in, by all means. Grogs probably don't need a roll quite as high (or at all), because they are nominally follow the orders of a magus, any magus. I just don't want to see 30 grogs try and rush this group, though. :smiley:

I was under the impression that had he done that openly there would be blood. I would have told the first servant that I passed to run ahead and clear the path for these people. It would be best if they were more in the open in any case. He can tell tell a grog to get the Flambeau to the portal. Once outside and no one seems to be coming he will have to sound the alarm.

Well, the statement was, let them leave, or deal with the consequences of the deaths you cause by not letting them leave.
If you block the portal, and they have to fight, they've told you people will die, and those deaths will be on your hands. If you've told grogs and convenfolk to clear a path, people will start hearing about it and begin coming to investigate (which is why I thought of magi and companions coming in on a 9 or a 10). Insatella's impostor is telling you let them leave. You can let them leave, or choose to engage them at an advantageous time...

I rolled a 9.
On behalf of cunningrat1, so he can bring someone in...