1229.2 The Antiquities Road Show

I'm trying to get a more advantageous time by getting more people and while they are within the aegis.

(( will the path they are following back to the portal bring them through the courtyard? Not sure where the portal is, exactly))

((Your question is making an assumption, that they are headed back to the portal. And while the location of the portal is not specified by the troupe, my wording of where they were heading was chosen precisely. We can say that they are very near the courtyard, but past it, or just coming into it, with the idea that they'll be past the Aegis in a few minutes, at their current speed. The location of the portal is immaterial, because I've clearly outline what the antagonist's goal is. :smiley:))

Pinchas is sitting in the courtyard, enjoying the summer sunshine, making notes as he reads Rashi's "Commentaries". Mons Electi is much cooler than what he's used to, so the sun's warmth is very welcome.

As "Insatella" and her entourage enter the courtyard, with Korvin following close behind, he glances up ... returns to his book... and glances up again, frowning. He does not know Korvin well at all, but something in the Mercere's face seems unusual. (Per 2 + Folk Ken 3 + [1d10] = 1 then [1d10] = 2 => total 9.)
(( Since Korvin is intent on sounding the alarm, I'm assuming that is sufficient to tell something is wrong. If that's an incorrect assumption, I shall edit. ))

When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. When you are obsessed with hammers, everything really looks like a nail. The Jew switches his gaze to Insatella, and frowns, peering closely at the woman. [url=http://www.unseenservant.com/Default.asp?do=showone&id=11295]Per 2 + Sense Unholiness 3 + [1d10] = 9/url]
(( Sigh. That would have been a good time for a high roll... ))
(( Note to self: next time, look at the mechanics when statting a character. ))

Are they making there way to the stables ( i.e. Abagail?)

No... :smiley:

Pinchas can indeed read Korvin's intent, but unfortunately he cannot sense anything malign or otherwise unholy in the woman at the center of four armed Redcaps. A 2 in 10 chance of knowing who she is...and he does not. He, can, however, not remember a squad of four redcaps moving with such military precision.

Are they heading for the library?

No, they're heading out of the castle and towards the bridge, the beginning of which is the Aegis boundary.

((What is the use of having an alarm and all that grog training if we can't try it out and see the weak points.))

I'll go with plan #1 which will be for the alarm to sound and rolling of initiative once they are more in the open. I would rather do it with the spell as it will be a slight surprise with them.

((You can initiate combat at any point you like. You can have whatever grogs there, that you'd like. I'm running the character of 'Insatella' and she indicated people would die, and I thought that was making Korvin back off. If you want to get grogs to attack them at a weak point, I'm personally fine with that. I'm trying very hard not to design or dictate where this happens, instead allowing you to control that scene. About the only thing I've said that can be considered descriptive is that they are a few minutes from getting to the Aegis boundary, and I did that because Korvin seemed content to let them back away and had told covenfolk to avoid them and give them room. If, on the way you want to create a spot to try and take them down, you can. But I am trying not to set the scene and also be the antagonist here, so I can act as authentically as possible. If you want to back up the timing a bit, and have grogs attack earlier, you can.))

((I have to look at the dates better in the story title, I assumed Alexei was in his own story. Has an alarm been raised? As in another story Alexei keeps ACs for the various bells if he hears them. Then it's a question of him getting to the right one. As it is, if a lot of magic is being flung about Brionne will likely smell it and come running. I'm going to check again and see if I can hop in with anyone.))

Pinchas frowns, pulling a fresh sheet of vellum towards himself and dipping his quill. He murmurs a prayer as his quill glides over the parchment, scribing a six-pointed star surrounded by one of the lesser Names. It would be the Tetragrammaton were he certain of the necessity, but he isn't.

That accomplished, he rises to his feet, following Korvin at a distance of about ten paces. There is something about the situation that seems, shall we say, not kosher.

Deykin ap Daffyd , his archery practice done for the moment, is headed from the practice field through the covenant to his cottage when he is stopped by the procession of magi, apprentices, and the new Jew. Far be it from him to interfere in the affairs of the magi, something about the procession, and their behavior, strikes him as curious. His bow still unstrung across his back and his quiver at his side, he watches for a moment before his curiosity gets the better of him and he follows along behind the rabbi.

((I rolled a 2 on my "can I bring Fiona or Wilhelm" roll.))

((What makes Korvin back off is attacking when there are only servants around who will die easily. And Korvin is not a combat magi of any sort. jebrick thinks he knows what is happening but Korvin does not have the information yet. It is a tough decision. If we have 4-5 combat grogs in the area( i.e. Korvin can see them close enough) to react to the alarm, Korvin will risk it. Otherwise, he will let them escape.))

((This would just be 4 redcaps who act like combat soldiers escorting a 5th, older redcap and Korvin trailing behind them at about 40-50' ( voice range). Abagail and my 2 shield grogs are at the stable.))

((Sure, you can get 4 or 5 grogs together by the time that you reach the 2-3 minutes before the edge of the Aegis point. They follow behind Korvin at a discreet distance, ready for Korvin's signal. Like I said, I didn't want this to devolve into a 30 on 5 fight, or something. Can probably bring in another supporting magus or companion. I haven't rolled for Mufarjj, yet, for instance, because I want the players who like combat to get a shot at it...))

((And while combat capable Redcaps aren't uncommon, they're not exactly common in what appear to be a trained group.))

((Then 5 grogs in the area plus whatever else shows up. sound the alarm!!))

Korvin init: 1d10=5
I was not sure if the group rolled a single init or not.
Grog 1 1d10=3
Grog 2 1d10=8
Grog 3 1d10=3
Grog 4 1d10=6
Grog 5 1d10=2

I'm not going to initiate something with faceless and nameless grogs, except to just mow them all down and ask for some more.

((The alarm was sounded, Alexei is on the way. Need to take care of a few things and then he'll make an entrance with Brionne and Michel))