1229.2 The Antiquities Road Show

((A moment then))

At the sound of the alarm there is a flurry of activity as servants and workers clear out of the way while guards take up their arms and send messages along to where the alarm was sounded. Brionne had smelled something on the wind even before the alarm and had grabbed Michel while sending word to Alexei that something might be wrong. At the sound of the alarm the two grogs were the first to arrive and hurry to Korvin the ranking Magus, looking suspiciously at the other group. Alexei appears moments later in a burst of imploding air and the smell of incense, armed and armoured to the teeth. He looks about him straining his eyes for a moment and looks to Korvin.

"What is the alarm?" he asks, the spear tip already mounted on his staff.

((Spells on Alexei: Scales of the Knight, Light Hauberk, Hardness of Adamantine, Tabard of impenenetrable silk

Those are spells that are on every day as they affect his armour and clothes, depending on how much of a response time he has he might have another spell or two))

((I can bring in Villaume and Jehanne, who can be standing guard near the path Korvin takes after the intruders. Jehanne of course has his armor bespelled to look like a comfortable dress, as usual!))

((Then 5 grogs in the area plus whatever else shows up. sound the alarm!!))

Korvin init: 1d10=5
I was not sure if the group rolled a single init or not.
Alexandre 1d10=3
Bernard 1d10=8
Daniel 1d10=3 vanguard
Christian 1d10=6
Emmanuel 1d10=2

(all are in the Random Grog project and all have been updated to 1229.2 ( added 7 years or 140 xp) They are untrained because Danial does not have a leadership high enough for all 5.)

(( Add another one to the list: guy named Miroslav, who showed up a month or two ago and asked for a 'job as shield grog' -- in accented Latin, and in exactly in those words. Badly scarred -- looks like something tried to claw his face off -- and if he says ten words during an entire day, he's being unusually talkative. One hell of an axeman, though. ))
(( If Alexei or Tranquillina or Roberto vetted him, let me know, I'll PM a bit more information.))

This is the first I've heard of Miroslav ... has he been brought up before?

:open_mouth: Can we get this straightened out a little bit?

Jebrick can bring in those 5 (his story) we'll do another grog from each of you, PB, qcipher, and cunningrat. Miroslav is new, and someone could have vetted him, Marcus is also a good choice to vet him, since he has enemies in Novgorod...

i'm going to kick off combat here soon (tonight after my daughter's softball game), with jebrick's group, and then we'll add grogs in over the next few rounds. After 6 rounds, Alexei will come in, because he's got to get all buffed up.

:bulb: I understand now! 8)

i can knock off two grogs if others want to join. Emmanuel and Bernard can not be there if others want to put their grogs in the group of 5. If it is cut to 3 or 4 then Dainel would be able to be a leader. and they get the trained advantage. But not with Miroslav since he would not be hear long enough to train with them.

(( Yeah, Miroslav would be best off staying out of the group.))

((Although, Miroslav could fight independently... Or we can adjust the timing of his arrival at Mons Electi to be such that he could fight as a group. But, group dynamics will limit the opportunity to make rolls and take separate actions, too. So, I have no problem with him being here, and he could be here as a bit of a spoiler, ignoring the group's commander, getting him into trouble, and he might save or lose the day... :smiley:))

((I say bring him in. The group is meant to fight as a group so an independent operator could be fun. Or die quickly.))

Attack total for grog group = dex 1 + 8 + short sword 3 = 12
Defense total for grog group = quk -1 + round shield +2+ sort sword +1 ( what is the combat ability for defense total??)
Damage = str 3 + short sword +5
Soak = stam 0 + 2 (heavy leather).

In hindsight, I might split Bernard off to guard Korvin and let the group fight as a trained unit with Emmanual as vanguard and Danial as leader.

Defense is still single weapon. However, you can't combine the shield and the weapon for defense, but you can choose the best one. I can't find anything that says you can or can't combine defensive bonuses, but it's what seems reasonable, and I don't think I've allowed it before...

((It is fine. Armed combat in Ars is so widely spaced for me in games I forget all the rolls :slight_smile: ))

Pinchas is holding his action, hanging way back, seeing what Insatella does.
Initiative [1d10] = 10 (Not a botch): total -3.

I went ahead and rolled for Miroslav as well, whenever he arrives (you said you'd bring people in gradually.)
Initiative [1d10] = 9.
Attack: Attack [1d10]=4 +13 => total 17.
Defense: Defense [1d10] = 7 + 12 => total 19.
Damage +9.

Go ahead and make your final decisions as to the actions and who is in and out of the group, we'll go with all the characters mentioned. Jebrick will command the trained group and split Bernard off (if he wishes), and Korvin, of course. Everyone else can take actions, too, but heavily coordinated attacks between the split off grogs and the trained grogs if it looks/feels too coordinated (think of it like there being too many cooks in the kitchen).
I'm also presuming that your group will attack "first" or initiate combat, since they haven't seemed interested in getting into combat, and instead getting out of dodge...

I will go with a trained group with Daniel as leader ( leadership 3(soldiers)) and Vanguard.

Attack total for grog group = dex -3 + 8 + short sword 3 + trained group bonus 12 = 23
Defense total for grog group = qik -1 + sword 1 + 8 + 12 = 20
Damage = str 3 + short sword +5 + 12 = 20
Soak = stam 0 + 2 (heavy leather) + 12 = 14 ( not sure if they get the trained group combat bonus on soak. It does not feel right but I put it in there).

If they survive this I will make some changes. Like getting the vanguard better armor :slight_smile:

I'm picturing the alarm going off and Korvin casting while the grogs come in from the edges and assemble.
Korvin will open up with Crest of the Earth Wave ReTe 20 Re 14 + Te 6 + stam 1 + aura 10 + 1d10=5 = 36

Bernard will rush to Korvin's side to be his shield grog.

The other will assemble in front of Korvin (but of course not in front of the wave)

The trained group bonus applies on only attack or defense, not both. (last paragraph of Trained Group section on page 175 of the core book).
I'll let it be most advantageous to the PCs the first round, but on subsequent rounds, you have to state where the bonus will be used.