1229 Flore (companion)

For the creation, discusion and advancement of the aforementioned character.

You cannot take brawl with an ability block on martial abilities. Otherwise this becomes a free virtues since you are getting virtues for not spending a virtue on martial abilities.
Aside from this everything looks okay, I assume you have already discussed with Fat Viking/Bartomeus your pre-existing relationship.

What if i changed the Ability Block to apply to Logic skills: Artes Liberales, Philosophiae, any Law, Medicine, and Theology.

The problem is that a flaw which provides no drawbacks cannot apply as a flaw- since you are not a magus and do not have access to those abilities a flaw which blocks them is meaningless, and realistically a form of trying to cheat at character creation.

If I understand the rules, a companion may learn those abilities after character creation, and not being able to learn those abilities is a drawback to the character, because it means he can never provide help to the Magi in those areas.

That said, if you stick by your decision, I will choose a completely different flaw.

In principle anyone- grog or companion, can learn those abilities after character creation, but at the same time it is so unlikely under normal circumstances as to be essentially meaningless as a flaw- after all flaws can also be lost later if you do decide to go that route, even if they are not lost easily.

Ok, so changed Ability Block to Small Frame


Does this mean that Fiore can be with Bartomeus when the others meet him?

If Bartomeus has agreed to that being part of his back story.

Bartomeus is agreed. :slight_smile:

It appears that you have placed your adventures from 1229 in 1230 on the planning chart.
A significant aspect of the planning chart is for people to post what they are planning to do, including companions- if these are intended to be player initiated adventures please indicate something about what you plan to do or seek