1229 redcap business

this does not interfere with exploring the faerie regio, nor does it count as an adventure for experience or story points, but may well lay the foundation for future stories:

In fall of 1229 the Redcaps of the Greater Alps tribunal are called in for a meeting. There are reports suggesting war between Fredrick II and the Pope, in addition to whatever turmoil might be caused by recent rulings in the Grand tribunal. Given her equipment profile they want Guida to take one of the winter routes, and will give her the choice of her second season before they break into smaller groups to decide what those routes will be.

Is House Mercere expecting that the conflict between the Pope and the HRE will somehow involve the order, or is it mostly concern that the routes may be dangerous, or a desire to scout and keep abreast of events just in case?

The routes are certain to become more dangerous, which is of course the main concern. There is conjecture that some magi might use the war as a basis to try and undermine the strength of the Church in it's expansion of divine auras, though the nature of that interference is uncertain. Keeping abreast of events is of course always valuable to being able to deal with these events without being surprised by them.

I'll take the winter 1229 and spring 1230 routes.

These would be long term assignments (basically until discussed further) not just for a single year. It is generally considered best for the same redcap to routinely visit the same covenants so they become better adapted to those magi's Gifts.

Sure, I'll consider those her regular work seasons as a redcap until there is a reason to change them.

The winter group meets first, a half dozen hearty or well prepared redcaps to discuss the distribution of routes.
There are 5 primary routes by pass locations- the Simplon route, the Gotthard route, the Splugen route, the Reschen route, the Brennen route, and the Radstater route. Obviously these are all more difficult in winter, and most of the covenants do not lie directly on these trade routes.
The copper rooster is between the Simplon and Gotthard routes at the northern edge, the highest concentration of covenants are off the Brenner and Radstater routes, but the Simplon and Gotthard routes frequently involve carrying messages into the Roman or Rhine tribunals, while the Hermes gate for the area is on the Splugen route. Local administration would like to get a gate for each route.

What do you mean when you say House Mercere would like to get a gate for each route? The only gates I can think of are Mercere portals, but obviously a redcap wouldn't build one, so there must be something I'm not understanding properly about what they are asking Guida to do.

Yes, I am talking about Mercere portals, and they are not asking her to secure them, just commenting on what they want for their long term plans.
What they do want you to do is rank which routes you would be interested in (the routes are named for real world passes)...

Understood, thank you. Guida would prefer the Simplon and Gotthard routes. She already has area lore from outside the tribunal so that will come in handy if she is to go to the Roman or Rhine tribunals to deliver messages. Plus, stops at the Inn will let her check up covenant messages that come in.

They readily agree to give you the Simplon pass route for the winter, leading to your meeting regarding spring routes, and whether you want a different route for spring or the same one.

A different route if possible, to keep some diversity in the work done.

Are you agreeable to the Radstatter route?