1259.4 Ales well that ends well

Eve stops for a second like she had an idea Hey, if you're worried about the Tremere I could keep in touch with you. I can't give you any secrets for obvious reasons, and I any criminal would actually show me proof of guilt, but maybe some minor detail would help some investigation. Its not like they can object to writing with a Quaesitor. Plus we can always bounce ideas off each other to improve our magic.

I worry about everything Eve of Verditius but I will not turn down the correspondence. Perhaps, I would be able to introduce you to some people to make your stay easier in this Tribunal.

The boat makes good time down the lake. The lake sides are of tall, wooded foothills with very few small villages along the shores. Before long she can make out the village at the end of the lake.

And I would never turn down contacts in a new tribunal. Erm... what's the best way to write you? Will the Redcaps know with just your name? ((OOC: I'm guessing we are probably getting close to a fast-forward point. Also Eve's thought process behind writing him isn't that she thinks the Tremere would actually be doing anything wrong, but that she might make a contact AND possibly help put his fears to rest.))

I am a guest at the Oppidum of Seuthopolis. If any letters are sent there I will get them eventually.

I'll send my letters there then.

As the boat approaches the dock at Keszthely, Eve sees what she guesses is the friend Valerian is going to meet. He is possibly the largest man Eve has ever seen. At least 8 feet tall. Broad shouldered and massive arms and legs. There is a wide pace around him as all the people on or near the docks give him a wide berth.

As the boat prepares to tie up, she sees Valerian wave to the man and he waves back. He looks to be wearing a sleeveless leather jerkin. His arms are covered in tattoos and he has something protruding over his left shoulder that could be a staff or some other pole arm. She can also her his booming voice talking to, what she surmises, are the dock workers. He is laughing and making quips that the dock workers just hang their heads and keep working.

I think this is where we part ways. I have to hurry. I suppose it will take a bit to get all my stuff out. I'll write to you soon. Jane, we've arrived! ... Jane? Eve peeks into where Jane was hiding Crap. Juno help me find Jane, before she freaks out some... Eve winces at what she hears next.

Look what I got! A rat! Wouldn't want one every day, but- wait, something is up, YES! I remember this. No talking loud when... [size=85]right, I'm gonna go back in my box now.[/size] Jane, still in her natural form, has a mangled partly eaten rat at her feet, she lowers her voice at the end. The she picks back up her rat, and jumps pack into the box she was hiding in.

Juno a bit resigned says I'm going to start unloading the boxes. Try not to get us burned as witches.
(All of this is in Latin of course.)

The calls of crows or ravens greet Evan and Valerian as they disembark. Valerian seems a bit jumpy when he hears them and sends a rock towards the closest one with a flick of his hand causing it to fly away.

Eve has all of her baggage unloaded and finds that there is a shield grog named Djordje waiting for her. He has arranged for a wagon to carry the boxes. The trip is short and uneventful and they arrive at the Inn she was to go to early in the afternoon.

Before entering Eve says Juno you'll need to take the lead on this.

They enter (even if there is an Aegis) and Juno asks Hello, my lady Eve was invited here. Is the person she was supposed to meet here yet?

((Does Juno speak the local language?))

I meant to say that in Latin. She has one in Slavic.

Everyone in the inn looks at her but no one speaks up.

Juno looks at Eve, shrugs and tries again, this time in slavic "Eve ex Verditius here for meeting. She'll try a couple other variations if that doesn't work.

A man that Juno takes to be the Innkeeper comes up with a scroll. Eve? He holds out the scroll.

The last of my wayward charges has arrived. I've heard of your writing exploits from other friends and was surprised at your request to join our Tribunal. I'm sure we can make use of your forging talents.

When you are ready, go to the door on the east wall towards the north end. There four men sitting near it. Go to them and tell them your name and that you wish to see the Crooked One and they should open the door for you. I swear on my House and my Oath that no harm will become you.

Through the room and down the corridor ahead of you and you will find Aleksandar, our Steward. He will guide you to me.

Laterala ex Tremere
Aediles, Oppidum of Hèviz[/i]

Eve finishes reading the scroll, then heads over to the four men, in Latin Eve says I am Eve ex Verditius and I wish to see the Crooked One, I hope you speak Latin.

One of the men gets to his feet and produces a white stone that is pressed to the door which then opens.

Eve moves through the first room and into an hallway. She sees light at the end of the hall and can feel warm air coming from that direction. As she gets to the doorway he notices the room ahead is round and there is a ring, carved into the floor, on it's boundaries.

In the room, which is lit not by any fire, sits a balding man behind a large desk. He looks expectantly at Eve as he approaches the doorway into the room.

Eve steps into the room, she says I take it you are Aleksandar? Is Laterala here somewhere? while looking around.

When Eve is inevitably asked to step into the ring she will, and she'll ask That was a test for demons right? Please tell me you check for demons.

Aleksandar steps around his desk. I welcome you Eve of Verditius. he says with a bow. Demons? Yes. And other things.

After this little conversation with Aleksandar , a voice calls down from above. I invite you into my aegis Eve of Verditius. She tosses down a silver coin of ancient Rome to Eve. Laterala stands on a balcony that was nearly invisible from the doorway. Dressed in the charcoal grey robes of her House and eye-patch.

As she turns to leave. Show her to my office Aleksandar.

When Eve is assured about the ring she says Good, I wouldn't want anything masquarading as a magi. Eve catches the coin, and pockets it. Thanks for the invite. and Eve follows to the office.

Laterala is seated behind a large desk with several scrolls in front of her. A pitcher of beer and several mugs are on a side table nearby.

Please help yourself to a beer Eve.

Now tell me why you wish to be here? In Transylvania.