1260.1 Antiqua Portas

Diotima began to carefully map the perimeter of the ancient fort and had begun to explore the buildings inside. She found it was like and unlike many of the Roman forts she had encountered before. It did not seem to have the size to hold a Legion like most others she had encountered. But the layout was very similar. None of the buildings inside the walls are original but see can see that some of them are built on the ancient foundations.

In the exploration of one of these buildings that is being used as a store house, she finds what she assumes is a fresco that shows people carrying bundles of wheat. Further exploration of the room leads her to a large stone(2'x5') in the floor that does not match any of the other stone work around it.

((I know this isn't Eve's story, but she wanted to tag along. Is that okay with Diotima? If not she'll read a book or something... :frowning: ))

((Eve is welcome to tag along))

Giving the 'modern' buildings only a cursory investigation, Diotima concentrates her efforts on the foundations. She takes the time to examine the fresco, then examines the floor and finally finds something promising, the large stone. Excited, she calls a few laborers from the oppidum, telling them to bring their tools.

"Here, lift up that stone ! I want to see what is under it !"

((fresco: I assume it is painted on a post-Roman era wall ? Is it in the Roman style ?))

The partial fresco is found on the older part of the foundation that would date back to at least Roman times. Further examination makes Diotima feel that she is looking at the middle of the fesco. Not the bottom.

The works begin working around the stone. Scraping away dirt and trying to get pry bars under the stone. After much digger and cursing, a worker comes to Diotima while she is examining the fresco.

Cometessa. The stone is too big. And we are tearing up a lot of the floor.

Diotima can see that the workers have pulled away the other stones around the large one and dug down about 6" on all sides. On closer examination of the stone there appears to be carvings on the sides of the large stone but it is impossible to see what they would be.

Diotima examines the carving on the side of the large stone, then the mural.

"I wonder... this looks like the top of an altar, but that would mean the floor of the room has been raised. All right, forget about removing the large stone. Instead, I want you to continue digging around it. let's see what it looks like, and if we can find another floor somewhere under the dirt."

I could try and use magic to assist if that was desired. Even a single magnitude of Rego Terram would be quite useful for digging work.

((OOC: If Eve is taken up on this offer she will cast a number of spells to move the dirt. At a base of 3+ 1 part +1 touch she should be able to get a good amount of dirt moved. Or she could be gentle and use a base of 2 and a diameter duration. The later is probably better.))

"If you are willing, that would be helpful. I don't think I could manage it myself, at least no more than once or twice, and that wouldn't do much."

Say no more. Eve begins to cast a spell to move dirt. She'll start with the base 2 rego terram effect. Touch range, diameter duration, and part target. Basically a super digger! Once it has been cast a couple of times I can cast a larger version, or a stronger version, but I thought I would start small.

You are in a store room that is not empty. Moving a lot of dirt and stone has to go somewhere.

We can move it out the door! We have a good two minutes to move it per cast.

((Are you saying I need to bring in more workers to make a bucket chain ? I can totally do that if Eve stops frightening them off with brazen displays of power :slight_smile: ))

Well no Eve would just use Brazen displays of power to move the dirt out the door!

((I did not describe it well enough. It is a store room that has a lot of stuff in it. The workers are panicking because things must be moved. How much must be moved depends on how big the hole will be (diameter). Just putting stuff outside will cause Aleksandar to come out and admonish the magi for making a mess in the middle of winter with supplies. I will assume that several days are taken with moving stuff before the digging begins.))

((Makes sense. So a few days later?))

((I agree. There's no hurry, so let's do this right.))

((Can you write out the spell you are using to dig? Diotima would be very careful as a spell might tear up artifacts and such if not careful.))

Dig a Hole
R: Touch D: Diam T: Part
As unseen arm except for the duration, target and range.
Base 2 +1 touch +1 diam +1 duration

This is ideal for not damaging stuff since it doesn't give the objects much ability to oppose other forces.
The spell is spontaneous and without fatigue. I'm not sure if you want rolls, or how many.

((Do 5 rolls and try not to botch for digging.))

Two Botch Checks
I'm assuming I didn't rack up more than three botch dice.
http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4308705/The first one botched! :frowning: Stupid Stress Rolls.

((1 warping point))

The earth begins to come out much faster and more randomly than intended. Eve is struck in the face with the flying dirt and is temporally blinded. Diotima sees a small bowl/cup come flying out of hole and shatter against the far wall.