1260.2 Hungry Like the Wolf

The remaining magi of the covenant retire to their sancta, and business, the rest of the season passes, and summer comes to the covenant. Magi who are here have had a chance to start on their labs, or unpack them, if they took the time and expense to bring a lab with them.

Several of the covenfolk in the early weeks of summer report sightings of wolf packs prowling the area surrounding the covenant. There have been a few close calls, but the wolves don't seem to be particular aggressive towards the people they've encountered.

I guess all the magi left the covenant...

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Thyra spent the spring setting up her basic lab. She is spending summer refining the lab with Kara.

When Nimrod comes to her with the tales about the wolves she is intrigued. "For now I will sent Vesper out to see what he can learn about and from the wolves. Do not hunt them. Inform the other guards to not harm them as well."

Calpurnia and Maria complete setup of their lab. Calpurnia also makes sure that the blacksmith is set up properly. On frustrating days. Calpurnia sits near her familiar, and watches Zeno eat slowly. After a few minutes, she feels better.

Nimrod will ensure that the magi's instructions about the wolves are passed around the grogs. He will scout around the area to see what there will be available to hunt later in the year, but will refrain from hunting during breeding season.

The two watchmen that were brought by Tacitus will take shifts making sure that someone with second sight looks out for any more illusory or faerie surprises heading the covenant's way.

Bartholomeus nods at the news, "Indeed, I've noticed that Garapadax was scared to get out of the covenant grounds. If there are wolves prowling nearby, that explains it."

Vesper prowls the grounds outside of the covenant, attempting to learn what he can of the wolves, but they appear to be adept at hiding from him, or at least evading him.
Without any rolls or description as to how he's doing what he's doing, I don't have a lot to work with. Likely it's my fault for having a rather sparse introduction. Vesper can make whatever rolls he feels are appropriate to the circumstances and the guidance his magus provided. I'm noting that there's mental communication setup, but just once. You need to pick which direction it goes: Magus to familiar or familiar to magus, to be able to conduct a conversation it needs to be in the bond twice.

The mental link will be from Vesper to Thyra.

Vesper will first patrol around looking for any markings of other wolves. I will assume that Vesper has been marking the area around the Covenant as his own since he arrived. If he can figure out where the wolves are marking their turf, he will try to wait for them on their route.

Barring all of these failing, he will go out at night an howl to see if he can get them to answer and try to find them in that manner.

Hunt roll for looking for wolves:
hunt: 1D10 +6 = [6]+6 = 12
Stealth roll for trying to spot/sneak up on them
stealth: 1D10 +5 = [3]+5 = 8

(Ooc: Agnarr stayed too but in hindsight he should have gone. He would have boldly sworn when the AC didn't work to track the magi through the portal. Btw - I've been very busy with work. It should settle soon. Apologies. )

Agnarr will start his lab setup, and once the wolves are noted he and his familiar will also try to spot and watch them; allowing that he thinks it best that they take different watches from each other.

Both Agnarr and his familiar have hunt skills (I'll do rolls as soon as I can -I'm afk). Primarily watching for