1261.1-1261.4 Coming to Hèviz

This will be a catchall thread for anyone who wants to interact with all of the visitors that the Oppidum will get during the year.


The big news in Transylvania's Emergency Tribunal in the winter of 1261 is the news that Poena is stepping down as soon as a successor is chosen. There are a flurry of names tossed about for who might be the new Primus of the House. Laterala's name is in the list. along with Juturnus, Angiola and Honorius. They are not the only ones but ones that most non-Tremere in the Oppidum might know.

Soon after the end of the Tribunal, a group of RedCaps arrive as more of an honor guard than having business. They are escorting a very pregnant Mercere magus named Panacea who has come to see Laterala. The Redcaps are walking on eggshells near her as she seems to be both demanding and in a foul mood. She is escorted to the Oppidum's council chambers to wait.

Zoltan is ordinarily unconcerned with the comings and goings people at the Oppida, but even he cannot miss the importance of a visit of multiple Redcaps to their home. When word comes of Panacea though he gets a bit worried.

He actually sneaks out of his cottage and closes the door behind him and makes his way to the inn where he saw some of the Redcaps make their lodgings. Once there he tries to ignore the evil eye several give him as well as crossing themselves as he takes his usual out of the way spot. He gets a drink and then waits several tense minutes before waving over to one of the Redcaps with some urgency.

Hearing about the news of a guest in the oppidium, Damasus apologies to his teacher and leaves his Slavic lesson. He heads to the inn to greet the redcaps to learn about the Panacea's intentions and then plans to meet her in the council room. He arrives to the inn soon after Zoltan and walks to their group.

There is a very slight pause in the flow of the Inn as Damasus comes in. Several patrons wave and call a greeting to him. He quickly scans the room and sees the bubble that has formed around a table in the back where Zoltan is sitting The glance also gathers in a group of Redcaps that Zoltan seems to be gesturing to. Waving to those that greeted him, Damasus makes his way back to Zoltan.

The small group of Redcaps eye Zoltan for a bit and have a hurried discussion. The oldest of the group, a man that Zoltan would guess is about 40 breaks from the group and begins heading to Zoltans table. He arrives near enough to the same time as Damasus.

In a voice tinged with pride and cautiousness he greets both Magi. Sodales.

Zoltan looks over in surprise as Damasus sits down and then lingers his uncomfortable gaze for several moments. "Ah...Sodale, good day to you." he then looks back distractedly at the Redcaps who still seem to be deciding if they will come over or not. "No doubt, you have seen the Redcaps." he asks as he sips his drink. "I have...concerns about one of them." As one of the Redcpaps finally heads over Zoltan smiles in what he hopes is a pleasant manner; it is not though.

"Sodale." he returns the greeting while looking deeply into his eyes until he can see him squirm and then shakes his head. "Sorry..." he mumbles, as if he cannot help himself. "Please sit down, join us for some hospitality." he looks over at the rest of the Redcaps and flashes the same sharklike smile, ensuring that they keep their distance. "I am Zoltan and this is Damaus. Welcome to our Oppida."

Damasus thinks for himself I guess the slavic lessons are starting to bear fruit

Damasus seems as surprised as Zoltan, he's barely seen him outside of meetings and even less in the tavern. He's not really surprised by his gaze, even if he's not really accustomed to it already. "Greeting sodale"

"Indeed I was informed that we had a guest, followed by redcaps." He signals the owner he wishes a beer by a hand sign and continues " It's only natural for me to come and meet them. We rarely receive more than one redcap at a time, this is probably an important personality.' he gives Zoltan a mocking smile and adds "you're probably going to explain me there's a fairy plot behind their presence "

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"Welcome sodale" as he welcomes him he slightly touches his arm and uses the opportunity to share his parma with the guy and wink at him as he does. "what brings you here"

Zoltan seems taken aback at the mocking statement and his gaze shifts from the approaching Redcap back to Damasus like his head was on a swivel. "What do you mean?" he hisses, but he has to let the question go for now as the Redcap reaches the table and turns back to greet him.