1261.2 - The Fighting Cephalopods

The spring equinox approaches and Arktos is preparing for him dive into the hot spring.


I figure you can use some time to prepare for the dive on the equinox. Even doing some pre-dives to check your preparations. Let me know what he is planning and I will roll on from there.

[size=50]The Fighting Cephalopods is Miskatonic University's mascot/team name[/size]

(How far is my lab from the spring again? If it's near, I'll do the preparations in my lab and just squiddle my way across. Otherwise I'll have to go there first.

Also, what is your policy on whether effects remain when you shapeshift? Some GMs have held that they cease, so I'd have to transform first and cast everything later [and couldn't transform back without losing them], or the other way around.)

Arktos will cast the following spells on himself in preparation for this potentially dangerous task; he rests in between the sponts. Then he transforms into squid form:

Beast of Outlandish Size (after transformation; will be at Size +1 and Str +3 altogether)
The Hunter's Stealth
Personal Veil of Invisibility

Clear Sight of the Naiad (at Sun, so level 15; Arktos has 13 InAq + 6 Aura + 2 Sta + 2 Shout&Wave = 23 if in human form in his lab; he uses Life-Linked)

invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4801566/ success, loses 2 fatigue

Ward Against Heat and Flames (Arktos feels how hot the springs seems with his hand beforehand. If he thinks a ward against +10 heat damage suffices, he casts that. So level 20. He has 24 ReIg + 6 Aura + 2 Talisman + 2 Shout&Wave + 2 Sta = 36; he uses Life-Linked just in case)

invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4801567/ success, loses 2 fatige

Hear the Presence of Vis (He hears vis; Base 1, +3 Hearing, +2 Sun, so level 10. He has 12 InVi + 6 Aura + 2 Sta + 2 Shout&Wave = 22)

invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4801568/ success, loses 1 fatigue

((You lab is no more than 20' from the spring))

((I've always thought the body changes but not the items for shape shifting. your Talisman would be an exception. If it is done via magic like Cloak of Feathers, the items can change as well but supernatural shape shifters is just the body. I am open to a troupe discussion/rule))

((Once changed, do you account for no words or gestures in the casting?))

((Also, is this before the Spring equinox for scouting?))

(Yeah, that's my interpretation regarding items as well. I formulated the question badly; what I meant to ask was whether spell effects stop when I change shape.)

(Yeah, the formulaics are easy and the sponts I can cast in human shape IF the effects don't end when I change to squid.)

([strike]I think he will only cast the spells when he actually goes for a dive because of the risk of botch, so after equinox.[/strike] He would take a superficial look at the lake first, though, so if the lake is obviously too hot or if there's something else obvious then he should probably know beforehand.)

(No wait, the equinox is when the vis forms. I forgot about that. So yeah, he does the whole thing before the equinox to be ready to gather it when it forms.)

((Just in case we have not answered it. Your spells should be fine when you change form as your essential nature has not changed.))

The water is a bit cloudy with alga and smaller creatures. It's temperature is 30 C (86F) and the current is quite strong. Basic exploring shows a gentle slope to the on the side nearest the Oppidum and a steep cliff-like face on the other. As Arktos get deeper the lake get hotter ( not over whelming his ward but just to make note). The bottom is about 30 meters down and slopes away from the Oppidum ( to the steep face side). No vis is detected as he swims around and no other life either. But you would not expect it at these temperatures. The current is stronger at the bottom from the far side.

Arktos takes about half a day to very methodically search the bottom. He looks and feels for anything that sticks out. He also keeps an eye on the water and its taste.

On the steep side ( west side) the current is very strong and hotter. Arktos finds a small (5') cave at the base of the wall and bottom that seems to be the source of the strong current.

((Awareness roll while exploring.))

((Did you roll already? If not, I rolled a 4 using my dice, invisible castle is down. The total is 10 for eyesight, 7 for other stuff.))

((5' means 5 feet, right? I'm not fitting in there))

Arktos settles on the bottom and squirms in for a closer look at the hole. He swirls his bulbous eye to see if there's anything of note in there.

(yes 5' is 5 feet. That is the actual cave. There is a cone shaped entrance that is about 12 feet wide and narrows down to a 5 foot hole. the cone would be described as wide and shallow))

You catch some movement in the cave. It was very quick and you are not quite sure if you were not seeing something.

Arktos sits near the cave entrance and sponts Prying Eyes to see if he could peek inside. (Rolled a 3, no botch)

A very steep slope downwards then expanding into a larger area. The light decreases rapidly as the tunnel descends until you can not see.

((You would need a different spell to see with no light. Clear Sight of the Naiad would not help in this case.))