1261.2 - Uncommon Criminals

Zoltan is working in his lab when a page knocks on the door and hands him a note. It is in Laterala's sharp handwriting.


It seems that something has come up that the Praeco has asked for your assistance. His representative is waiting with me in the council chambers. Do not make us wait long.


Zoltan is barely dressed when he takes the note, the page can see an auburn haired young woman getting dressed further in the domicile, Zoltan closes the door without saying a word and heads to his own dresser.

"Zoltan, dearest, have you seen my hair ribbon?" the woman asks, though there is a bit of a forced emotion in her tone. Zoltan sighs as he begins to put on his shirt and trousers.

"Juriska may have taken it."

"Juriska?" there was easily heard doubt in her voice. "I've heard from others, you blame everything on that person...but we know she isn't real."

A smile crept on his face while he finished dressing.

"Well then, I suppose you don't wish to know the charm that will keep her away?"

"To keep away a faerie tale? No, I'll be fine, I must have just misplaced it. I'll look for it while I clean up here and leave supper for when you return."

Zoltan put on his cloak as he opened the door. "That's fine, I'm sure you'll be ok." When he walked out the door and closed it, a little blue skinned girl in a child's chemise could be seen if you looked hard enough, hiding in the shadows near the door. Her wide yellowish eyes were now narrowly focused on the barely dressed woman who was blissfully looking around and under furniture, trying to find the hair ribbon that the blue girl was clutching in her tiny blackened fingers. As Zoltan walked away, he could just hear the sound of a wind picking up from within his cottage and the candles blowing out, followed by a surprised gasp.

Zoltan picks up his pace and his mirth at the servant's plight fades as he reaches Laterala's meeting place and straightens his attire and hair one more time. Considering that the Praeco's assistant was within he decided against his usual theatrical entrance and simply knocked upon the door.

Zoltan enters the council chamber and finds Laterala seated at her normal seat and another with the robes of the Termere seated across from her. They turn at his entrance and he sees the other magus is a strikingly woman with long dark hair held in a single brad down her back. Her face is more narrow and cheekbones are high. Her eyes have an almond shape that makes Zoltan think she has more than a little Fairy blood.

Hermina, this is Zoltan ex Merinita. Zoltan this is Hermina ex Tremere. She is lately of the Normandy Tribunal but here with an interesting task for you to consider.

Hermina waits until Zoltan has settled himself before she begins. I belong to a Covenant in Normandy called Bibracte. We are a summer Covenant and have some senior magi and a not minor Aegis. For the last year we have experienced some minor items come up missing. It started with some of our sheep then items from the custos but has progressed to minor things taken from magi sactiums. As you might guess, this has caused quite a stir. Our investigations lead us to believe that it is not infernal in nature. This makes us think it is either a fairy or magic in nature. What ever it is, it is entering an Aegis of 8th magnitude. I sent a report of our investigations and it caused some people to notice. And that is why I am here. Important people in my House have would like to see if you can determine if this is fairy in origin. If so we would like the entity documented and perhaps captured.

Zoltan seems attentive and interested in the story, nodding the entire time. "Do you have the report? Can I see it?" he steeples his hands under his chin before he continues. "So, you have mischief being done and believe it might be the fae. Items and animals missing, penetrating deep within the aegis. If it is a fae, have you considered that even as we speak you are doing its bidding?" he asks, as he leans forward with his unnerving stare letting the two women ponder his question.

Hermina hands over a scroll detailing all of the missing items and countermeasures taken by the Covenant. The countermeasures include wards vs all of the forms at various levels from a vim and corpus wards of 8th magnitude to 3rd and 4th magnitude wards for animal and mentem. most of the other wards are at 5th magnitude. Items are taken from within the wards. Nothing valuable is taken. Most of the items are food and drink but some others like cups and paper and quills show up on the list.

It occurred to us that this is what the fae may want but Praeco seems to be interesting in their ability to penetrate wards and the Aegis. Hermina says.

Zoltan looks over the page of missing items and also the wards, which seem rather adequate for most cases. "I am glad you have taken reasonable precautions as well as entertained the possible reasons for this mischief. Without seeing the casting of these wards I'm left with a few conclusions as to what's causing it. If it's a fae, then it's either a fae of some power to be able to pierce the wards, or there are times when the wards are not in place or the casting was compromised in some way. The same could apply if it were a ghost or spirit of the magic realm." he sighs. "There is not much to go on as it stands," he holds up the report "am I correct in assuming you would like me to go there and investigate and present my findings? This is what I was contracted for by my hosts the Tremere, though I am surprised that it would take my talents outside of this Tribunal. If that is your wish though, I shall go." he bows. "Provided my contract is upheld while abroad, including expenses, meals, exclusion of certain spices and dogs and of course...companionship." he adds as his mind mulls over the famed women of Normandy.

I'm afraid we can only guarantee your contract while in the Tribunal. Hermina is aware of your...conditions and will strive to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Hermina gives Laterala a look and says Not too comfortable.

If you are agreed then Zoltan. We will arrange transport through House Mercere. Bibracte has a portal so you will not have to travel far in uncivilized lands. Laterala says with a smile that does not extend to her eye.

Zoltan bows, a slight smile curling around his lips. "Excellent, I shall have my valet begin packing for me and should be ready shortly. What allowances for sundry materials and assistance will be provided on this excursion?"

OOC: not sure what would be the best set up for grogs, it might actually be of benefit to have some of the grogs and others with Zoltan be from the other Covenant. Not sure if Juriska can go, but Zoltan will likely create a fae or two when he arrives to help him out, those might be playable as well. I don't recall though, does Zoltan have an official companion? On Fragile Things he went with a companion, Ivan the Son of the Dragon.

((You will be based in another covenant with its own grogs, Aegis, ect... You might want to take some vis that you think you may need as Bibracte will not open up its stores for you. You could request more later if needed but having some on hand just in case you needed it now. Ivan was one you made which is fine. someone else can play him if they want.))

OOC: considering the nature of the mission, I think he'd like to take some Rego vis to help with Wards and perhaps Intellego for detection. But that's pretty valuable stuff. How much could he requisition?

( try to estimate what he might need and add 3-5 :slight_smile: )

OOC: So we'll say he needs 5 of each, so we'll say 10 each and hope for the best

Laterala agrees and writes out a note for you to present to the Mensari at Harrco. They will give you the vis for our accounts. Please note when you use it and do return any unused vis to Harrco upon leaving.

Zoltan tries to hide any surprise that his request for vis was accepted and makes a mental note to ask for more the next time for one of these junkets. From there he heads back to his cottage to find the serving girl gone and what looked like a small tornado had blown through.

"Juriska! Juriska, you are breaking my things, we agreed that was not allowed! If you break things of mine, I will break things of yours! Understood?" there is no answer, just the sound of settling debris. He scowls and heads to a small chest behind a cabinet and opens it up, pulling out a ragdoll that had been given t0 him when he arrived and he had given to the little fae girl shortly after. "Juriska, do you want me to tear this up? I know how much you like your friend here..." he stared around the room, his eyes finally spotting the blue skinned girl up in the rafters. "There you are! You will come down and begin cleaning immediately or I will throw your doll into the fire!"

The blue skinned girl floats down and with a pout begins to push debris around with gusts of wind. Zoltan frowns and holds onto the doll as he begins looing for his travelling trunk. In the end he'd have to have servants do it. Juriska likely didn't understand the difference between dirty and clean.

"I'm going to be out for some time. While I'm gone you are to remain in my home and not touch things that you are not supposed to touch. If you do that I'll bring something nice back from where I'm going."