1267-1271 OOC

So, it now is obvious to me, that magi now have two more seasons to get from Spring of 1270 to Fall of 1270 when classes commence for the first crop of apprentices to have their Arts opened.

The idea behind the professor threads is to do some free form RP between the professor and the students for a bit. Develop a routine on how your day class progresses. I added the time of the day the class is taught, so you can add that to your RP arsenal. For a while the professor will lead,and then I'll create some shenanigans based on the active participant(s) flaws.

I missed where jebrick said that, and just now found it. Summae are provided by House Bonisagus and House Tremere. These are all L10Q10 summae for Arts and L4Q10 summae for Abilities. It's important to note that the classes cover multiple topics and therefore these summae are also on multiple topics. There's no need for a professor to spend the time doing this.

Excellent to know. I'll adjust my actions.