1271.3a The Voodoo that You Do (Fiona)

Babette looks blankly at the stylus for a few moments before reaching for her stylus and carving into her tablet.

With Rego, I could keep a fire from hurting others.

Julius looks chastised at the slight rebuke. He pulls out his stylus and begins writing


Rego Terram: get hot metal out of the forge without tongs.
Rego Aquam: fetch water from the well.
Rego Mentem: control another's mind

((missed the just Rego part))

Ambrose writes the following on his stylus.

Any Form: ward beings aligned with that Form.

Babette is still thinking and then writes on the tablet.

Rego Aquam and a magus could part the sea like Moses
Rego Auram could make a wind
Rego Animal and the horses would have run out of the barn rather than stay while it burned

She stops at that and puts her stylus down and covers her face as she begins to cry.

Margerethe thinks for a moment.

[i]Auram – make the wind blow strong enough to lift me into the air.

Corpus – make me fly.

Herbam – bend a tree down to make a bridge across the stream.[/i] she writes.

Fiona has been watching the class as they work, but her eyes fix on Babette when she starts to cry.

Still in Petite Masquerade form, she kneels next to Babette. [color=blue]"Is everything okay?" she says softly in French(5) as she tries to take a peek at what the student wrote.

"Madame Professor!" she wails and turns to hug Fiona. "It is my fault! I am stupid! If I knew to say 'Rego'! Those poor horses! And the people...they were so angry with me! Mama always said it was not my fault, but it was! Why didn't I know! Why am I so foolish!" she sobs against Fiona. The wax tablet shows what work she has done so far on the assignment.

[color=blue]"We are almost finished with today's lesson," Fiona whispers. [color=blue]"Stay after class, and we can talk."

Fiona gets up and returns to the front of the class. [color=blue]"Styluses down, everyone. Let's go around the class and everyone read what you wrote." She starts to her left and goes around in order.

Once everyone's finished, she continues. [color=blue]"Your assignment for tomorrow is to come up with one thing you could do with every combination of Technique and Form, without repeating what anyone wrote today or any examples we've already discussed. You may go."

Babette sits in her chair sniffling and wiping her eyes, her cheeks red from her emotions. She seems actually hot to the touch, like she has a fever or sunburn. "I'm sorry Madame Professor, I just...feel so stupid and useless. And I see things...things that may come to pass, I worry...does God want me to punish people? I think that is what I see...fire and burning..."

[color=blue]"I'm not going to say I know exactly how you feel," Fiona says tenderly, keeping the conversation in French to try to set Babette more at ease. She pauses for a second to cast Revealed Flaws of Mortal Flesh silently[sup]1[/sup] to be sure the child isn't actually sick.

[color=blue]"But I went through something similar when I was your age. I had a hard time controlling my magic, especially when I was upset." She smiles. [color=blue]"We had a cat, a ratter that got stuck high up in a tree, higher than even I could reach. I was so upset, I wanted Leòmhann to come down from the branches so badly that I accidentally gave him wings.[sup]2[/sup]

"I don't think any of us can see what you see, visions of things that may come to pass. The closest we have is Professor Catrina, who can see things that are there that none of the rest of us see. I think I may know someone who might be able to talk about this with you. If you'd like, I can write him, see if he'd be willing to come talk to you about it?

"As far as God wanting you to punish people, by burning them...that is between you and God." Fiona is reminded of Alexei, and wishes he were still around; his faith was strong enough that he could have talked to the girl about her fears. [color=blue]"There are magi who serve as enforcers of the Code, who mete out justice for the Order.

"But remember that you are not alone, you don't have to face your visions, your fears alone. You can always come to me, or to any of the other teachers, and we will do what we can for you. That is part of our duty as domini...as professors."
[hr][/hr][sup]1[/sup] CT is +28, -10 for No Words (she has the spell Mastered for Still Casting), +3 for Aura, for a CS of 21 + die roll of 9 = 30, vs. a Spell Level of 10.
[sup]2[/sup] This story is a total fabrication, trying to lift Babette's spirits. Fiona's BS roll is Com 2 + Guile 3 + die roll of 5 = 10.

Babette snuffles as she tries to regain her composure. "I would like that Professor. These things are very frightening to me. I worry I am sinning, the priest at our town said I should have been cast out after the barn, and the people agreed, even my uncle, he said worse things! And then I came here, and the people of Birna showed me that I am also of their people and how to fly..." tears of perhaps joy sparkle in hr eyes. "And it was wondrous! But when I asked where I might go to church and give thanks, they seemed confused and...disappointed. They could not help me there, they spoke of things I do not know, of old spirits. They frighten me! I am lost professor, please, help me...write to your friend if you could..."

[color=blue]"You are already Bjornaer?" Fiona says, somewhat surprised.

[color=blue]"I take it you're a religious person, Babette? The nearest church, I think, is in Keszthely. If you feel the need to go, I'm sure I or one of the other teachers will escort you. Who knows, you might not be the only one going."

[color=blue]"Of course. I will write him straight away, see if I can convince him to come help. Now, let's get you to your next class before Professor Catrina wonders what I've done with you." She will walk side-by-side with Babette to the next class. [color=blue]"My apologies, Professor, for keeping Babette late. She had some rather insightful questions that I was hard-pressed to answer."

After she returns to her own cottage, she sits in her lab and ponders, going through a list in her mind of magi that she knows, remembering who had Visions that she can call on or try to convince to come help an apprentice in need (and keep her warm at night while they're at it).

I looked at the Bibracte forum, but couldn't find anyone with Visions. So, Ima try an Order of Hermes Lore roll to see who she may know from Normandy, Loch Leglean, or one of her ill-advised ventures to Grand Tribunal. Int 1 + Order of Hermes Lore 3 + die roll of 2 = 6, or 7 if they're a Muto specialist. She's willing to burn a Confidence to turn it into a 9/10 if it makes a difference.

Sorry about letting this lag...

Fiona remembers Viviana, and that Apollodorus helped relocate her to Transylvania. No confidence spent.

Fiona gets her writing kit and sets everything out before gazing at the blank parchment for entirely too long. This could be tricky, she thinks. There could easily be bad blood over Mons Electi absorbing Atsingani all those years ago. Although that's been, what almost fifty years ago? And Apollodorus helped her relocate here afterwards, so maybe that helped smooth things over.

Unfortunately, my creative well is running low at the moment, so I'm just going to bullet-point it for now. :frowning:

  • Ask how things are going in Transylvania, if Viviana is still mobile and has that enchanted wagon she had in Normandy.
  • Ask if she still keeps in touch with her sodales.
  • Let her know that she (Fiona) has recently relocated to Transylvania herself, and is teaching at an experimental new school at Hévíz, in a fairly remote part of the Tribunal.
  • Tell her that she has a student who, like Viviana, has Visions, and the student is deeply troubled by them – not so much the content as the fact that she even has them, as she feels that this gift makes her a sinner and that the muggles are right to cast her out (or worse).
  • Ask if she would be willing to come to Hévíz to speak with the student and help her deal with the issues she has about her Visions.
  • Invite her to come visit and see the new school. Or, barring that, ask if she would be willing to get together sometime and visit socially.

Viviana arrives just before the first snow falls. Her wagon is parked closer to the supporting village than the school.

Fiona and Albus make their way to the wagon, carrying a basket with bread, whiskey, and an Aegis token.

She stops a few paces from the wagon (unless she feels an Aegis, in which case she'll stop just outside the Aegis boundary).

[color=blue]"Viviana! It's Fiona! Are ye in?"

"Yes, dahling, I'm here. Come in." Fiona is obviously not going to fit into the wagon in her normal size.

Fiona concentrates for a moment and silently casts La Petite Masquerade (CT is 35 + Aura 4 – No Words 10 + die roll of 6 due to Unpredictable Magic = 35, well over the spell level of 15).

She then opens the door and steps in. [color=blue]"I've brought ye a couple of gifts, Viviana," she says as she hands her guest the basket with the bread and whiskey; the Aegis token, she'll hold on to until they actually approach the school.

[color=blue]"I'm glad you were able to make it."

"La. I was destined to be here." Viviana smiles enigmatically. "Come, sit, enjoy some tea with me. We can discuss... events."

((By the way, Viviana looks like Gina Bellma from the TV show Leverage.))