1271.3a The Voodoo that You Do (Fiona)

Fiona gives her a brief overview of the school before she comes to the real reason she asked Viviana to come.

[color=blue]"One of our students is...plagued, shall we say, by visions. She fears that they are a sign of her sinfulness, that they are a punishment from God. To make matters worse, her priest back home more or less cast her out of her village because of it. She's especially traumatized by visions of her burning down a barn full of horses.

"Unfortunately, I don't understand how visions work, or why, or how to deal with them, so I'm at a loss as to how to best help her. I was hoping you could, and would."

"Fiona, when you say she believes her visions are sinful and a punishment, does this also mean the child is observant? I may not be the right person, for I am not observant at Church."
Viviana consider for a moment. "I'll speak to her if you insist, but it may not have the best results. Maybe one of the Criamon or some magus who is devout."

Fiona nods. [color=blue]"She seems to be. More so than I. Of course, I'm only as pious as I have to be...although I have been known to spend a lot of time on my knees or screaming the Lord's name," she says with a cheeky grin.

[color=blue]"Perhaps. If you think you wouldn't do much good, or if your...lack of devotion would be an impediment to her taking whatever advice you have to offer, then maybe it would be best to find someone else who can relate to her better. Do you know of anyone?

"I'd hate to think you came all this way for nothing, though. Would you like to share some whiskey and spend some...quality time together?"

"I'm happy to talk to the child, dear Fiona. A vision I had some time ago has become clearer, and it is meant for me to speak with her."

Fiona nods. [color=blue]"Thank you. Do you want to see her now, or tomorrow? And would you like us to bring her to you, or do you want to see her at the school?"

"I'll come to your class, darling. I would look upon the faces of the next generation taught in this great experiment," she says with a serious tone, more serious than she'd used prior to the conversation.

[color=blue]"That is a good idea. My class is the first of the day, at half past seven in the morning."

Fiona gives Viviana a wicked grin. [color=blue]"So...shall I stay and walk with you to school, or come back for you in the morning?"

Viviana gives Fiona a long glance, but it isn't one of passion, "Fiona, it is something of an open secret that you've come into your sexuality. I'm not quite as indiscriminate in my pursuits as you..." Her tone of voice changes significantly and her eyes get rheumy, "You may find that your life will become very hard in a few years. While relationships between apprentices and masters are not unheard of nor are they held in any special level if low regard, you will find that this attitude will change, and you will be confronted by a student who will be your undoing. He will appear to be someone else, but will in fact be someone you already know." Viviana's voice returns to normal and picks up with the end of her sentence before a Vision overcame her, "... are. I am simply not interested in women. Or women pretending to be men."

Fiona says nothing during Viviana's Trelawney-esque episode, resolving to write it all down as soon as she's able.

Fiona shrugs. [color=blue]"It never hurts to ask...and I keep hoping you'll change your mind. I will be back shortly after dawn, and walk with you to the school. Perhaps take you on a tour of the grounds later, if you wish. Sleep well, sodalis."

When she returns to her laboratory, she gets a piece of parchment, quill, and ink, setting it at her desk before she casts a spontaneous Creo Mentem spell on herself to make her memory of the prophecy as fresh as if it had just happened, a base 4 ("Restore a memory of a brief event to a fresh state, as long as a fragment of it remains. The affected memory can be no more extensive than a short conversation (two or three rounds)."). The Range is Personal, Duration: Concentration +1, Target: Individual, for a final Spell Level of 5. Her CT is Sta 3 + Cr 7 + Me 5 + Aura 4 + die roll of 6 = 25, halved is 12. (Well over her target, and enough to trigger her Chaotic Magic, but her scores weren't good enough for her to cast it without Fatigue.)

With the memory supernaturally fresh in her mind, she will pen the prophecy, along with whatever she can remember about Viviana's tone of voice, facial expressions, body language, etc.

Once that's done, she will head to the staff's quarters to find someone to salve her bruised ego after her (not unexpected) rejection by Viviana.

I ruminated on the effect of the spell.
Fiona doesn't sleep well that night as the memory is constantly replayed in her mind, over and over.
What dreams she does have involve her time at Insula Canaria a few years after she relocated to Mons Electi.

The next morning, after a restless night (and not in the way she had hoped), Fiona goes to Viviana's wagon and knocks on the door. [color=blue]"Are ye ready to meet the students, Viviana?"

"Yes, darling. I'll be out in a moment." A few moments later she comes out in resplendent red robes.
"Take me to your students. I've been interested to see how this works for a while now, but I didn't feel I could press my luck and ask for an invitation to visit, and I'm not much of a teacher."

Quick question: Does Fiona know whether Viviana has any filii and, if so, who they are? Order of Hermes roll: Int 1 + OoH Lore 3 + die roll of 9 = 13.

Fiona isn't 100% certain, having been in a different Tribunal than Vivianna has been these many years. Given the rules of Transylvania, it's very possible that she has not been eligible take one.

[color=blue]"I would have thought you would have had at least one apprentice by now," Fiona says, watching Viviana out of the corner of her eye.

[color=blue]"But what we're doing here is vastly different from the traditional maga-apprentice model. My class, Magia Theoria is first, and the students should start arriving momentarily. If you don't mind taking a seat in a corner where you can observe without being too much of a distraction?"

Before long, the students arrive.

Margerethe sees the visitor and waves excitedly before clambering up into her seat.

Once everyone is settled, Fiona leans against her desk. [color=blue]"Students, this is Maga Viviana ex Miscellanea, from the Oppidum ____________ here in Transylvania. She is visiting for a short while and has asked to observe some of the classes here. As our guest, I expect you all to treat her with at least as much, if not more fleeting glance at Ambrose courtesy and respect as you do your professors. Do you have any questions?

"Maga Viviana, do you wish to say anything before we begin?"

Vanadís seems to barely contain the urge to wave at the visitor, but she's a professor, so a grin and a nod it is. She chews a little on her bottom lip (as is her habit), wondering what kind of magical interests the guest has.

Babette sits quietly but can't help but suppress a giggle when Professor Fiona directed her glare at Ambrose. She beams a bright smile at the visitor though and waits to hear from her.

Fleeting glance is not equal to a glare... :stuck_out_tongue:

"No, pay me no mind, I'll just observe quietly, Fiona." She looks at each of the students intently and lingers longest on Ambrose and Babette.

Julius looks at Vanadís for a bit. It is a curiosity of a new person/magus than anything else. He turns his attention to Fiona when the class starts.

Averell takes his seat, making note of the visitor that Professor Fiona points out when the class is about to begin. He holds back a snicker when Fiona calls out Ambrose...

...not directly, but that comment was directed AT him...

...before fully settling into his seat, waiting for class to begin.