1271.3e It's all relative (Fabricus)

Imric also raises his hand. "I could create a suit or armor using Creo Terram," he says. "To protect me from an attack."

At Margarethe's question he focuses on the image of the wizard, after a second or two the image changes to show a rather fearsome looking bandit wearing leather armor mixed with bits of metal links and carrying a wooden shield and a crude spiked mace. He leers manacingly at the students and beats his mace on his shield.

"Someone like this Margarathe, met while on the road in a forest." At Imric's response Fabricus raises an eyebrow. "That is a decent answer. Here are some problems with it. Observe this brute. Would you want to be hit by him, even if protected by armor? And, while Creo Terram would indeed create a suit of metal armor, a suit of mail is more than the metal links. Also, creating something intricate with magic is well within our power, it does require a certain facility with your magic, a certain Finesse we call it. Otherwise you will conjure an ill fitting suit that might offer little protection. The other issue is that as I said, armor is composed of more than just the mail. There is the padding underneath as well as the leather straps, as they are not metal, you would need to add additional Forms to your spell, which adds to its complexity."

"But, that is not a bad answer, merely a straightforward one, that is still possible once one takes into account the additional factors I mentioned. Anyone else?"

Julius raises his hand. A wall of stone. Perhaps around him?

"Lightning, like my grandmother, to destroy my enemies," Ambrose states simply. "Or wind, to blow them into the air."

"Flames." Babette simply states. "Large roaring flames conjured between he and I. Flames that he could feel from paces away, flames that promised his destruction..."

Babette's eyes seem unfocused and her words have a peculiar echo to them as she speaks. A moment later she shakes her head and looks about her in some confusion and then stares pointedly at the desk.

Margerethe looks at Ambrose (with some annoyance), Babette (with concern), and Julius, as she ticks off the elements in her head. The only one left is...

[color=purple]"A ball of water," she says as she raises her hand, [color=purple]"around his head so he can't breathe."

Fabricus seems mildly impressed as he listens to the responses. "All good options, some defensive and some offensive. I'm impressed with the idea of attacking the attacker. So let us look at them."

He points to Julius. "The wall of stone, there are versions of that spell in libraries throughout the Order, making it easy to learn. Encircling the bandit requires finesse, but if you succeed it will work well. If it is just a wall he can climb it or go around it."

"Ambrose...you propose a lightning strike, the Incantation of Lightning. While I'm certain your grandmother could cast such a powerful spell, I have only even heard of one apprentice who could cast such a spell right after his Gauntlet. Ambition is a fine thing, but one must know one's limits...in order to exceed them. The wind blast is very effective and easier to cast. Always have a second option."

He quirks an eyebrow as he looks at Babette. "Flames, very effective, easy to cast and men and beast fear them. But one must be careful when calling up the hungry power, it feeds indiscriminately."

At Margerethe's spell he nods appreciatively. "Now that is original. It would be difficult, to aim it at his head, and would require the Technique of Rego to maintain the water around his head, rather than fall to earth like a turned over bucket. But, original." he paces in front of the class.

"Margerethe's spell brings up a phenomena that happens all too often in intricate spells especially Elementa spells. It is called a Requisite. A Requisite means you are using an additional Technique or Form for your spell. In the case of the water around the bandit's head, you would use Creo to conjure it and then Rego to keep it aloft and wrapped around his head. If you were to transform water into gold...you would use Muto and then Aquam with a requisite of Terram. The requisite draws on the power of both of the Arts and will usually be no stronger than the weakest of the two Arts. A Terram magus who neglected his Aquam would find the transformation of gold far more difficult than merely conjuring the gold from nothing." He walks to the podium and opens a book resting on it.

"Now...we shall explore the hard theory. Terram. Terram is the most abundant of the Elementa, do not ignore it. It is Terram that builds empires. Perhaps the greatest Terram master of the Order was Guernicus, and he brought great power to this Art when he joined. We shall read though The Veins and Bones of the Mountain, written by one Dourgin ex Merinita. He tells of a journey inside a mountain, only to discover that the inert rock is in fact a living thing, and like all living things, Man is given dominion over it. One merely needs to know the proper commands. So, attend to me well students and save your questions for when I allow them." he begins to read the book aloud in a clear and commanding tone.

"Then you've heard of my grandmother, or your knowledge isn't so vast as you think it is. It's not impossible for apprentices to learn 7th magnitude spells. In fact, it seems as if it's easier to learn said spells than be able to cast them reliably. Or so my grandmother told me. She said she could even reliably penetrate 2nd magnitude resistance at gauntlet."

Julius looks at Ambrose then raises his hand. Professor? What else can you do with a...7th magnitude spell?

Fabricus stops before he begins reading at the impertinent questions and even more impertinent tone. He levels a hard stare at Ambrose. "And you have already forgotten not to speak unless spoken to." he also looks at Julius with the same intensity. "Now then. I never said it was impossible, just difficult. I love apprentices so focused in just two Arts. They bring me a lot of business to make up for the Arts they have neglected. Focus is a good thing, do not get me wrong, it can lead to great but narrow range of power. For my needs, I wish to be strong in all my Arts in order to make any item that is required. As for the power of a 7th Magnitude...I shall give some basic application of Magic Theory. The power of a 7th magnitude is impressive just for how much power it takes to cast, but the effects are quite varied, but I shall stick to the Elementa. A 7th Magnitude spell can for example create an undertow strong enough to pull a rowboat into the depths; The Pull of the Watery Grave. The effect that costs the most power is the range, which is anywhere within sight. The Incantation of Lightning as was stated is 7th magnitude, and stretches a stroke of lightning from your hand. Similar in destructive power is the Ball of Abysmal Flame, two spells that are the lament of many a hedge wizard or dangerous beast. One of the most spectacular spells is Conjuring the Mystic Tower, created by Bonisagus himself, or at least first cast by him, creating a massive and majestic tower from a single piece of stone. Many covenants use this, Durenmar has no less than three. Every spell can be increased in power by doing such things as enlarging the range of it. For the Pull of the Watery Grave, it would only be of the 6th Magnitude if the magic reached only as far as the caster's voice and not his sight. Some spells though are powerful simply by virtue of the actual effect intended. A ritual spell to heal yourself is using the lowest range and duration and target, yet it can be considerably powerful if the healing is significant." he sighs and rubs his temple.

"Now, I shall continue from this text and then give you your assignment."

Ambrose replies back, "You said my name. You spoke to me. And just now, when you chastised me, you spoke to me again. Does the rule need to be changed so that you must ask us a question, in order to speak? Or do we raise hands and wait to be called upon? I guess I don't understand your rules."

Fabricus's hand flashes to the brass rod on his belt. "You will mind me boy. You will mind me and learn to fear my temper. Do not pretend that you do not understand the rules of decorum in this or any other classroom! You will hold your insolent tongue until I address you and indicate a response is merited, and you will give me the last word! As your professor and as a magus I will have your compliance. Am I understood? Ambrose! Am...I...understood?"

Ambrose stares back defiantly, not speaking.

"Well...you are either stupid or defiant. And we did not allow in any stupid children. Your assignment shall be different. In addition to tonight's reading you will report to Vasil, he is in charge of the school's stable...and you at this point. You will assist him and his sons in cleaning the stables, and I would not suggest your sass with him; judging by the whip marks on the horses that I've seen he is not as tolerant as I. One lesson you will learn well from me boy is the price of your defiance. Those stables will be clean and not by any magic either. Now...Ambrose, am I understood? Or will you be housed in the stables as well? I will get your answer now boy." Fabricus twirls his hand as before. "Say, 'Yes Master Fabricus, you are understood.'" he adds, silently daring the boy to stay silent or say something else.

"I hear you." And after a long pause he adds, "Fabricus."

Imric's eyes widen at the brazenness of Ambrose's defiance of Master Fabricus. A little sass was one thing. But this was going a bit far.

"Well...enjoy your night in the stables then." Fabricus says, unwilling to spend more time on a battle of wills with someone under ten years old. "Tonight you shall all read from the Summae, the first chapter of 'All that Glitters'. We will be devoting an equal time to all of the Elementa so as not to become overly focused, but they still must be studied one at a time. Be ready to devise the concept for a spell to enrich your covenant using the Form of Terram. Class dismissed, Ambrose, report to Vasil after classes and before supper. I'll inform him to expect you and devise chores appropriate to your temper." He makes a dismissive wave of his hand as he returns to his throne.

((Qcipher, you want to detail anything related to the punishment or just, say it happened?))

((We can say it just happened, unless Ambrose tries to get out of it, then we'll have to get creative))

Vasil reports late that night that Ambrose wandered around muttering in Latin (not loud enough for him to be heard) for many minutes and summoned what appeared to be dust or hay devils that he directed in cleaning the stables.