1271.3e It's all relative (Fabricus)

Wherein Fabricus teaches the Elements. (Sorry I didn't make this for so long, I don't know where my head was, and I even commented to myself, I wonder why qcipher hasn't posted Fabricus's class, yet. Duh...)

No biggee, what subject am I teaching again? :laughing: Elementals I think right? There is a sharp learning curve for this subject :wink: . I'll have something posted shortly.

Relevant Item for Fabricus's discussions:

Ring of Perfect Clarity of the Master's Mind

1st effect: InMe
Detect surface thoughts of wearer.
Base 15 R: T+1 D: C+1 T: I Device Concentrates, 24/day

2nd Effect: CrIm
Create Intricate images and general sounds based off the thoughts of the wearer. They produce sight and sound Species, but they are not only elaborate, but can be improved by the user's artistic sensibilities and Finesse. The sounds are general, more for effect, they cannot make words or sophisticated noises.
Base 2 (effect 1 sense) R: T+1 D: C+1 T: I +2 Complexity Item Concentrates, 24/day

Fabricus would never reveal this weakness, but aside from the issues Verditians have with spell casting, he is also Twilight Prone. So he'll generally use this for his instructions. This is Fabricus's item for winning the Contest and got him into the school. He's reluctant to duplicate it or lend it out, but he might be able to be convinced. You need to suppress your Parma for the first effect to work as it has no Penetration.

The classroom for the Elements, Elementa, is decorated as befits a wealthy patron of the arts. Charts adorn the walls, statuary on the shelves and rare books waiting to be opened. On the desk are vials and containers, each with substances that draw the eye; sparkling crystal, green liquid, vapor in a vial that sparkles in the light, and a rock that smolders in its sealed container, waves of heat rising from it.

Seated in an ornate chair facing the desks is a stern looking middle aged man, with blond thinning hair. He has a rod that shines like gold hanging from his belt, and wears wizardly robes of exquisite tailoring. Rings adorn his fingers and chains of gold on his neck. His glare is not one of contentment and satiety though.

His fierce glare seems filled with contempt and condescension as he surveys the students who walk into his domain. When all have taken their seat he snorts and shakes his head. “How was I talked into this?” he mumbles in German before addressing the children.

“I am Fabricus Diabolicus, ex Verditius. You have the privilege and honor of learning the elements from a twice winner of the Verditian Contest, and one who will one day become an Arch Magus and be the Primus of his House. You will address me as Master Fabricus, and will speak when I speak to you first. You will not practice your pathetic and fumbling attempts at magic without my say so. Am I understood?” he twirls his hand to the class. “Say, ‘Yes Master Fabricus, you are understood.’”

Rather more weakly than Fabricus would probably like, Imric says. "yes Master Fabricus, you are understood."

"Understood, Magister Fabricus," says Ambrose, who somewhat surprisingly (compared to every other class) is sitting in the front of the class for this particular class.

Babette seems like a cornered mouse under the Master's harsh glare and she can barely find the breath to squeak out a response. "Yes Master Fabricus, you are understood."

Margerethe, who tries as usual to be the first to arrive, looks over the strange items with a fascinated look on her face before she finds a seat at the front of the room.

She laughs softly in spite of herself, but quickly catches herself and tries to match Fabricus's stern expression.

[color=purple]"Yes, Master Fabricus, you are understood." Margerethe says with a distinct German accent to her Latin.

Julius quickly makes some notes on his wax tablet.
what is the Verditian Contest?
How to be an Archmagus?
What is an Archmagus?

Yes, Master Fabricus, you are understood. Julius echos with the others.

Fabricus acknowledges their responses with a slight grunt. "You are in this class to learn of the elemental Forms. You are in this school to learn to become a magus. You are on this earth to teach others what the power and majesty of magic promises. The life of a magus is hard. Envy, spite, venom, fear and respect. These you will wear as badges of honor if you learn your craft properly. There are few true magi that are liked. But all true magi are feared and respected. Do not cross the threshold of my class if you are not willing to accept that."

He stands and walks towards the desk of his apparati. "Practicing magic requires strength of will! Anyone can can strike a stone against flint and make sparks, but only a magus can conjure the flame from nothing and make it dance to his tune. Fools claim that the wind whispers into their ear, but a Magus can call down the very lightning of heaven! Braggarts boast of commanding the waves, but a magus can bring forth a rishing torrent in the desert! And any brute can dig in the earth, but only a magus can command it to yield the brilliant treasures it conceals. The power of the elements are some of the most impressive Arts that a Magus can call upon, but do not think they bend to the weak willed and lily-livered. You may have the Gift, but do you have the spine? This is what we will discover."

He stands now in front of his apparati and glares down at the children. "The elements each belong to one of the Arts of Magic, the Forms. Aquam, Auram, Ignem and Terram. All are found in abundance upon the earth, so being a master of them affords one great power. As they are Forms, they define the substance, but it is the Technique that defines the use you shall put to it. Bonisagus was the greatest Magus any know, and in his wisdom he made his Magic Theory so simple that even children can possibly learn it. But it takes hard work and discipline to master! Do not think that the trinkets before you and the prestige I am cloaked in were gifts?! They are the result of work! Hard work! Do you understand?" he twirls his hand indicating that he awaits a response.

"Y- yes Master Fabricus," Imric says a bit hesitantly. "You are understood."

Yes, Master Fabricus, you are understood.

More notes.
Everyone [strike]hates[/strike] fears magi.

Babette seems about to cry or flee the class room or perhaps both. But the promise of learning to control the fire that she was so afraid of was something she desperately needed. She clenched her little hands into fists. "Yes Master Fabricus, you are understood." she says quietly, resolutely.

[color=purple]"Yes, Master Fabricus, you are understood," Margerethe says.

Fabricus acknowledges their responses with a nod. "Knowledge of the elements can provide one with protection against them as well. Magi skilled in Ignem are resistant to fires both magical and mundane. Aquam masters rarely drown, and Auram masters fear not the weather. Terram magi can even withstand blows from metal weapons...to some degree. Another reason to improve your Arts in the elements as many use these Forms as method of attack. You own Arts will provide magical resistance to them, and if that should fail and the magic effect you, it shall at least allow you more ability to survive it. This is true of all Forms, but the elements are often used in attack, being strong in them will lend to your defense. There are even similarities to the Humours within your bodies; a humour for each element. But I shall leave that relationship for another time. Now then, take up your stylus and observe and take notes of the phenomena of using magic on the elemental forms."

He makes a slight gesture with his right hand and a phantasmal image of a young magus (possibly Fabricus when he was younger?) springs up in front of the class. He gestures grandly and makes sounds that are vaguely Latin sounding, but are actually gibberish. A moment later a brilliant lance of flame blossoms from his hand and streak across the room to burst against the wall. The image is so real that one almost expects to see the room on fire. But there is no smoke, no damage as the ghostly wizard stands proudly with his hands on his hips.

"Can anyone tell me what Arts are used to cast the spell just displayed? If you want to truly impress me, you'll tell me the spell's name and its creator's name. Anyone that can do that may claim an item from me if you graduate."

((Perception+Finesse plus 3 for Free Expression virtue. Fabricus used the ring to create vibrant illusion:

1d10+7 → [8,7] = (15)
Linkhttp://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4519880/ ))

Julius tentatively puts up his hand. Crreeeoooo Ignem? He says in a not so sure voice.

Margerethe raises her hand as well. [color=purple]"Creo Imaginem," she says when Fabricus calls on her, with more confidence than Julius had shown.

Fabricus nods but does not comment yet, it is difficult to tell exactly what he's thinking. The image of the wizard stands with a large smile on his lips and his hands on his hips. "Any other guesses?"

Fabricus takes a seat again while the image of the magus stays where he's at. "Well. It is a bit early in the studies. The Arts used in the spell displayed were Creo Ignem." he nods to Julius and the image makes a polite handclap in recognition as well. "And the display itself was made using Creo Imaginem." he nods to Margarethe as well and the image makes a mock scolding gesture in recognition of the girl's cleverness.

"Now, that spell is rather famous within the Order and infamous without. It is called the Pilum of Fire. It was created by Flambeau the Founder himself. What is particularly interesting about the spell, was that he created it before he met with Bonisagus. It is known that Flambeau's own apprenticeship may have been cut short, and using his limited skill at creating fire managed to make a spell that was fast in the casting and devastating in the damage it caused. With it he hunted down many vile sorcerers; conjurers of spirits of Hell, the kind that killed his own master. It goes to show what tenacity and hard work can do for a magus. He went on to join the Order, contribute greatly in its early defense as well as the rules for conduct, and encouraged many Gifted individuals to join. His House is a proud part of the Order and long may it be so. And he did it...with a rather low power, but efficient spell using the elements."

He stood up again. "Using the Arts of Creo and one of the elements, how might you protect yourself against an attacker? This is a test of your creativity. While you are not asked to be warriors, it is a foolish magus who trusts in the good will and intentions of others."

Margerethe raises her hand. [color=purple]"What kind of attacker, Professor?"