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After several minutes, Twigberry pulls up. "There, you've run a mile."
He looks at everyone huffing and puffing, "Now everyone get back to the dormitory and prepare for classes, break your fast, etc. The last one back has to see me after classes for extra instruction."

Everyone needs to make stamina (stress, 2 botch dice) rolls, an EF of 6, but you do not include the size modifier on this roll. For every point under 6, you have to subtract that much from the following roll. So, for example, roll a 4, you missed it by 2 and the next roll gets a -2 penalty. The next roll to check is the Quickness roll to see who makes it back, first, and it is a straight competitive roll among all the students. I'll do Ambrose's last.

Julius' long stride keeps him near the front of the pack but he is breathing hard and has no breath to talk.

Endurance Athletics 2 + Stam +2 - 2 age modifier + Athletics (1d10=4) = 6
Speed: Athletics2 + Qik -1 + Athletics (1d10=1) + Athletics (1d10=8) = 17

TB's announcement spurs Julius to really make use of his long legs in the push for the dorm.(he must have been dogging it on the mile run :mrgreen: )

Stamina +2 + stamina stress (1d10=9) = 11
Quickness +1 + quickness (1d10=7) = 8

Averell hears the instruction about running to the dormitories, but his little body is spent and slow; he'll be lucky if he isn't the last one up the stairs.

Stamina: Stress Die of 7 +/- Stamina 0 = 7
Quickness: Simple Die of 6 - 1 (Quickness is -3, but no age modifier) = 5

((JL said to ignore the age change for this roll so your stamina would be 0+7 = success. and your Quickness would only be -1))

Edit: he said size modifier but I read it as age modifier. He will have to clarify

I mean age modifier...

(OOC: Post updated then. Still a stretch for Averell to not be last up the stairs, so I'm hoping someone else botches that Stamina roll!)

Margerethe scowls as she sees Ambrose pass her by. [color=purple]Why is he running to the front? Didn't Herr Twigberry tell him to stay to the back? She then glances behind her and sees the wolves, and understands. She runs faster for a moment, until she realizes that the wolves are keeping their distance behind everyone. She finds herself wondering whether the wolves are even real, or if they're magical, or faerie.

Margerethe frowns in mock seriousness. [color=purple]"I don't know...he seems rather gristly."

[color=purple]"Aw, man!" Margerethe thinks, believing that her size (or lack thereof) puts her at quite a disadvantage here. But she still runs as fast as she can back to the dormitory.

(adjusting the Characteristics for no age modifier.)

Stamina check: Sta 2 + die roll of 8 = 10.

Quickness check: Qui 0 + die roll of 4 = 4.

Imric keeps a nice pace going for the run, his natural endurance holding up well.[sup]1[/sup] He also manages a nice burst of speed at the end as he tries to impress Twigberry.[sup]2[/sup]

[sup]1[/sup] Stamina check = 1d10 + 3 (Sta) = 1d10+3=7

[sup]2[/sup] Quickness check: 1d10 + 0 (Qik) = 1d10=1, 1d10=6 = 6x2 + 0 = 12

Babette's spirit is not everlasting and she groans at the thought of still more running. But she takes a deep breath and starts back.

1d10+1 → [7,1] = 8 If I did this right, I didn't include the age modifier so the next roll is normal

1d10+1 → [2,1] = (3)

Babette paces herself but never has to stop to rest.

Ambrose takes off at an extremely fast sprint, even pulling even with Imric for a bit. Before too long though, the effort of maintaining pace with Imric takes its toll and he ends up pulling up on the side of the road retching. The rest of his trip back is a grueling walk

Margerethe looks around when she reaches the finish, congratulating those who beat her there, and cheering on those who are still running. When the last arrives, she realizes that Ambrose isn't there yet, and decides to go check on him.

When she finds him, she can tell he looks like he's struggling. [color=purple]"Are you all right?" she asks with a concerned look on her face.

"Well, I over did it. Got a cramp and had to stop and wretch on the side of the road. I'm just taking it easy so I can regain my appetite by the time I get back to the school. It's very kind of you to check on me, Margerethe."

[color=purple]"Do you want one of the magi to look at you to make sure it's nothing serious? I'm sure Catrina, or Fiona, or...one of them can help if you need it."

"No. I'm fine. I just ran too hard, too fast. I've done this before when running from my grandmother."

The next day after calisthenics Twigberry lines everyone up in pairs for sparring practice. Twigberry demonstrates some throwing and grappling techniques along with punches and blocks and then pairs everyone up for practice while handing out a pair of padded gloves to each student.
He matches Ambrose to Averell, Babette to Magereth and Julius to Imric.

"Have at it. If you draw blood, you're going to be doing calisthenics until your Magic Theory class. Got it?"

((Damage done here is fatigue damage, only, unless someone botches a defense roll while their opponent also exploded on the attack roll. I'll adjudicate that result on a case by case basis.))

Seeing himself squared off with Ambrose, Averell suppresses a slight smile. He knows he isn't the biggest kid or the most athletic. But here before him stood a chance to make good with his own family, and it was one he hoped he would do right.

Using a series of strikes and blocks as shown to him by Professor Twigberry, he spars with Ambrose.

I'm just going to put all my combat stuff here and let the SG sort it out. If I've goofed on any of this, please say so.

Initiative: Stress die of 1, which allows a second roll of 8, doubled is 16. Subtracting Quickness of -3, no Encombrance, no Weapon Modifier, gives a total of 13.
Attack: Stress die of 0, checked for and validated as a botch, means the attack will fail.
Defense: Stress die of 4. Subtracting Quickness of -3, no weapon modifier, no Combat Ability, gives a total of 1.
Soak: No armor bonus, Stamina of -2. If Averell gets hit, he will take damage.

Ambrose is normally quick, but Averell's quickness surprises him, but when he guards against the incoming punch, he easily avoids it causing Averell to trip and fall over himself. Ambrose delivers a similarly ineffective punch, which Averell does manage to roll out of the way and avoid.

Initiative of 2.
Defense of 10.
Attack of http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4561715/.
Averell needs to roll Dex+Athletics of (EF 6) next round to get off the ground, and can't attack, but he can still defend. If he gets up he defends as normal, if he can't get up he defends at -3.
As edited above, any damage done here is fatigue damage, unless someone botches a defense roll while their opponent also exploded on the attack roll.

Julius is not unfamiliar with brawling as the Gift made life hard on him until he began to outgrow his tormentors and give better than he got. He is also scare if hurting people because of his size. He opts to play defensive and use his long arms to keep Imric at bay.


Initiative: init (1d10=7) - 1 for Quickness = 6
Defense: Brawl 2 - 1 Quick + defense (1d10=1) exploder defense exploder (1d10=8) = 18
attack: dex -2 + Brawl 2 + attack (1d10=2) = 2

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Shrieks and giggles abound from the pairing of Babette and Margarethe as a melee of girls spinning in circles and holding hands and occasionally trying to tickle each other ensues.

As Margarethe and Babette are holding hands and twirling around, they both feel their hands spasm and they lose grip on each other and go spinning into the other participants. ((Holding action here until Trogdor can post a bit.))