1271.4-1272.4 Extracurricular Activities (Students)

For student interactions outside of class.

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That evening, Margerethe clambers up onto a chair next to Averell. [color=purple]"Ready for some practice, Averell?" she says with a grin.

Averell smiles at Margarethe.

"I sure am. I don't want to be the only one who can't do this."

Apprentices introduces the concept of the Turbulence (basically Twilight for kids!) and trying to control it to get access to greater power. Turbulent prone (childhood flaw) cannot ever control their Turbulence. Turbulences are usually the result of a botch (under 14/15 they don't grant warping), but they can be initiated by spending a Confidence Point. Once a turbulence is under way, you attempt to control it much as a full blow magus controls his Twilight experience.

To control it you have to beat an opposing roll of Warping score + Stress die with a Stamina + Stress die roll (no age modifier). The difference between the two is divided by two which determines the magnitude of effect. So if you have a difference of 10 on the roll, you create a 5th magnitude effect.

I mention this, because Averell could be just desperate enough to try and pull something off, and the results could be spectacular and interesting either way.

[color=purple]"Okay, let's try to create a breeze. I'll go first, then you go. I know you can do it...maybe it's just the teachers that make you nervous."

She will try a spont CrAu, base 1, Range: Voice +2, D: Concentration +1, T: Individual, for a final Spell Level of 4. Her CT is Sta -1 + Cr 1 + Au 2 + Aura 4 + die roll of 8 = 14, halved is 7.

Margerethe creates a good, stiff breeze blowing in from the closed window, keeps the wind going long enough to ruffle her and Averell's hair, and lets it die after a moment, smiling the whole time.

[color=purple]"Okay, your turn." She will watch Averell closely to see if she can tell whether he's doing anything wrong.

Averell watches Margarethe closely, semi-practicing along with her to get the right words and motions and proper technique down. When she finishes, he makes his own attempt[sup]1[/sup]. When the slight breeze starts to emanate from his fingers, pushing outward and upward, he can barely contain himself. His eyes widen, his mouth drops agape.

"Margarethe! Do you see this? I'm doing it!"

After several moments the breeze ends, but Averell's excitement and pumping adrenaline have not.

[sup]1[/sup]: Attempt is also for a CrAu 4. Creo 1 + Auram 1 - Stamina 2 + Aura 4 + stress die roll of 7 = 11, halved is 5.5

[color=purple]"See? I told you you could do it!" Margerethe says as she throws her tiny arms around Averell. [color=purple]"And I bet you could do it again if you wanted to!"

How does this interact with characters that already have Warping from merits and/or flaws? Vanadís, for instance, has Faerie-realm based warping (2).