1st ed Marked for Death e-book

Anyone know where I can buy an ebook copy of 1st Ed Marked for Death (DAE1401). It's one of the few 1st ed resources not up at DriveThruRPG.


It and Back for Seconds never got an e-book version. The same thing with Nexus and the one supplement made for it, the game Feng Shui uses the base system from. (Nexus is a must have if you like doing some lite number crunching to see how the core archetypes got made. I made a post on this a few years back. )

The adventure Shaolin Hearth Break, from Marked for Death has been posted online by the author of it, Allen Varney. The online version has some text that got cut in the print version. It doesn't have the maps though, but you don't use maps in Feng Shui. Also, note that it was done using a rough draft of the rules before they were published so you may need to adjust things.


You can get an e-book version of BTRCs Guns,Guns, Guns which does have Feng Shui rules in it relating to gun conversion/design. You can get this at Drive through RPG. The companion book More Guns Guns Guns which has over 500 firearms for use with various systems does not not have a PDF version.

Also be sure to see the Errata thread for 1st edition edition. The Atlas printings of some of the book made errors that weren't in the older ones non-Atlas print.. (Magic Cop's Martial Arts is missing, Pocket Demon's stats missing, etc.).

Some of the official magazine articles do have a free online version. I made a thread about what magazines had what stuff in them on the forum a while back.