2.1 Gone...(I) Winter of 1215-16

[tab][/tab] During the month past the winter solstice, and the performance of the Aegis ritual that wards the perimeter of the Covenant, new magi have started appearing at the doorstep, one by one with their possessions and retinue in caravans or just by themselves, braving the winter snows. Under the missive of Anastaj, the newcomers used the Halcyon days of this winter to travel from the towns they wintered up the mountains and up the river to the covenant, despite the snows. Named after the tragic daughter of Aeolus whom the gods transformed into a kingfisher, these seven days were a break in the bad weather scouring the mountains, when even the sun was allowed to shine again... not that you could observed it directly since the covenant is in a shadow place. The three young men were welcomed by an absent-minded Anastaj (and a bit preoccupied with...something), who gave them the 'tour' and the 'speech' and after giving each a ceramic Aegis token with the stamp of a saint Christopher, promptly foisted them off to Dimitrios his aide. The young man is a serious fellow and apparently the unofficial seneschal of the place, since he knows everyone and everything, has the keys to all the doors and handles the day to day affairs with stoicism. Moreover he is more forthcoming with information and swiftly performs his duties and any (reasonable) requests.
[tab][/tab] While Anastaj, the eldest of the magi here, is 'busy' in his underground laboratory, there are other magi present. In fact, every member of the covenant except a Bjornaer who missed the Aegis ceremony and is wintering in the far north. The main building of the Rotunda houses their living quarters and laboratories, except the only maga who has a separate house with her family (all muslims!). The snow filled gorge contains seven more outbuildings, five rickety cottages that have been abandoned during winter, a small stone house used by the blacksmith's family, and a long stone building that houses the guards, with a newly made outside paddock for a pair of horses. Some ways down the path bellow the covenant grounds is a newly made stone building with few narrow windows, the purpose or use of which is unclear.
[tab][/tab] Each of the newcomers is provided with his/her own private quarters, simple rooms in the main building that are thankfully warm and watertight, even though not that comfortable, while Dimitrios explains that there are large spaces for laboratories and such in the floors above and below, available for research. He provides a scribed copy of the Charter for their perusal and explains basic things about the life in Meru Mudi (meals, laundry, baths, etiquette and other such 'minor' stuff necessary for living). Besides the sancti of the magi, all other rooms and spaces are open for their perusal.
[tab][/tab] The people of Meru Mudi are a mixed lot. Right from the start it is evident that while everyone is cordial and deferential, there is much mistrust towards the strangers. The greeks are polite but calculating, the vlachs guarded and openly observing, and the few servs are outright fearful and make themselves scarce. Some people are more open to chatter, men and women in direct service to one or more magi commonly called companions, but even they show a guarded stance, sharing little of value. The magi are another matter...
[tab][/tab] The Charter has seven members. Of the two Bjornaer, only Pavo a surprisingly Flamboyant man is present. The Bonisaga named Raven makes her home outside the Rotunda with her family, Aristocles and Scylax have quarters inside. The last two are Anastaj the Vlach, locked up in his semi-underground laboratory (though from what you hear he frequently outs to roam the mountains), nominally the founder and head of the covenant, and Christophoros another founder who is now dead, though his name has yet to be crossed from the list. In the days before the official inclusion of the newcomers into the Covenant, there have been many chance encounters and discussions, people getting to know each other, despite the weirdly oppressive feeling of mistrust that is hanging in the air.
[tab][/tab] On January the 25th, the council convenes in the morning and the new people will be giving their oaths and a place at the (now crowded) conference table. The council is to convene at noon after lunch and all members are required to be present. The small room will quickly fill up. Outside the last remnants of yesterday's storm blow away, trapping you in another week of cold and

[Hello, and welcome!

[tab][/tab] This adventure starts on January 25th during a Council meeting called by Anastaj to introduce the new comers to the other folk of the covenant. All magi are present, but when and how you come to the council chamber is up to you. It would be good if you split your posts into groups for the first phase of this adventure: the first part should be what is happening now before and during the Council. After that you can add meetings and chance encounters you had during the week with other magi in your quest to get acquainted (some of the 'old guard' can be very social, while others might be recluses and avoid contact until the last minute). These encounters are up to you to flesh out.
[tab][/tab] There are few companions at this time of the year around, and those that are present are busy. Anastaj is 'busy' as well and unless its something important he will see you all at the council itself. Dimitrios will be the person to go to (I am sure I had a description of him somewhere posted...). Please any information you want to ask, put it at the end of your post or do a PM. I will be doing the end of year report for 1215 soon-ish for stuff needed from there, try not to foreshadow. Good luck!]

Pavo comes down from his modest lab, and sweeps into the chamber. He takes a seat and pours a modest goblet of wine.

"Salve sodales, I am Pavo of Bjornaer. I am glad to see the covenant has attracted more people. I apologise for Aquila's absence, but he has to study far from here. I know some healing and Animal magics, but would be happy to hear what research interests you bring to our merry grouping."

Pierrick comes out of his assigned room in what he expects to be a proper outfit for the occasion. He rarely wears wizardry robe that he finds ceremonial and cumbersome but he's wearing one for the occasion. It's mostly brown with red ribbons on the collar, wrists and bottom. There's a golden embroidered symbol of House Guernicus on the back behind the collar and the triforce like symbol of terram on heart.

He waits to see if there are designated seats and sits.

"Greetings ! I'm Pierrick Of House Guernicus, I'm coming from confluensis and I'm eager to learn to know the tribunal and its denizens. As for my interests, even if that's a bit of an exaggeration considering my young age, I'm a Terram specialist."

Aristocles enters the room just before the planned start time in simple clothing covered by a long leather apron, his hands and face covered in soot. "Greetings sodales and welcome to the newcomers, I am Aristocles of Verditius and specialise in the enchantment of armour. I hope we are not going to take to long, I have work in progress"

Prometheus will probably be the last - though still in time - to enter the room. He is dressed like a local from Epireus.
"Γεια σας φίλοι, είμαι ο Προμηθέας? Ο γιος του Κρόνου είναι? Από το σπίτι Tytalus."

[OOC that should be the best classical greek Prometheus can manage; which should be 3 (Romaic Greek 5 - 2 for language differences) - I used Google translate (twice actually), according to that it is Greek for "Salve sodales; ego sum Prometheus; filius Kronos; ex domo Tytalus." He’ll continue in Romaic Greek but watch out for reactions, does everyone understand? Should he notice part of the present magi don't understand He’ll repeat and continue in Latin or both (if Latin isn’t well understood by everyone either)]

"I am grateful to finally arrive in Meru Mudi. The weather makes this place difficult to reach."
With that he takes a seat. If available, he'll take a seat from which he can see the door.

Prometheus arrives early at Meru Mudi. He will be wandering the covenant and talk with everybody available. Due to the gentle nature of his gift, he should not be as restrained as others might be. What's the latest gossip? Who is known for what? What does covenfolk think about the magi present in the covenant? [Roll Gossip for 6+: 1D10 = [6]= 6 success]

He also inspects the free rooms, to get a feeling for what's available. The new building could give an interesting home...

Scylax arrives in clean but simple clothing, perhaps a tunic. He smiles broadly and while he greets in a formal manner, is quick to engage in genial chitchat. He speaks in Romaic Greek. Welcome to our little spot of solace! I am Scylax ex Miscellanea, of the line of Pralix (he emphasizes that name looking at the Tytali, as she was one of the greatest, if not the greatest of that House), I have some expertise in Perdo and Vim. It would give me great pleasure to hold discourse and compare insights with each of you! Over a beer or some wine, perhaps, lest our throats go dry!

Raven comes to the table dressed in a leather vest over a cloth shirt with loose sleeves and a leather skirt covering her legs. A winter coat is her outermost layer although she takes it off and puts in on the back of the chair. Raven ex Bonisagus, welcome all. My family is settling in nicely.


Pertheus is a slender, pale man dressed in a tunic, breeches, with a dark leather vest and matching boots. Despite his fairly informal appearance, his tone of voice - light and generally pleasant - may seem oddly formal, as he's speaking in Ancient Greek rather than Romaic. "Greetings, soldades. For those of you who I haven't had the pleasure of meeting before, I am Pertheus of Tytalus, previously of Hedyosmos. I primarily work with Rego Vim, and have come here hoping to study some of the incorporeal entities I have heard inhabit this region."


Pertheus would have unloaded his materials into whatever his assigned quarters are at Meru Mundi. Depending on what those are, exactly (still TBD) he may have seemed slightly disappointed at not-awesome-lab-potential of the accommodations. He'd have written here in advance informing the covenant of his plans to relocate there after Anastaj's polite invitation, and have tried to meet as many of the other magi - at least in passing - as possible before the meeting. For any young Theban Tribunal Magi, he's probably met them at least once before, if not anytime recently - at the Apprentice Presentation (TSE 33).

During the week before the council meeting and assuming Prometheus figures out where he is from, he is seeking to speak to Pertheus:
"Greetings, I am Prometheus. I suppose...", Prometheus points at the spiral that he certainly finds somewhere with Pertheus, "... we are sharing the same house. I am relatively new to the tribunal, just got here from over the Ionian Sea."

Turning towards Perthus as he mentions Hedyosmos.

"So you're from Hedyosmos ! interesting. I've heard some of their members are quite proficient with Terram to say the least. When you have the time, I'll be happy to hear more about your previous covenant."

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[ooc Bitter my bad. The conversation with Pertheus was meant to be prior to the council meeting. Edited my post to make this clearer.]

Prometheus nods approvingly.

"I am happy to share the wine, I have not much insight to share though with regards to Perdo or Vim." With a smile he adds: " But I am sure we will find a topic to talk or debate."

"Greetings Aristocles, would you make 'armor' out of ordinary clothes as well? I seldom where more than that but having some protection nonetheless would of course be great."

I can indeed create armoured clothing providing the clothing is made from silk, wool or leather. I would be more than happy to discuss a commission with you if you wish.

"I am pretty sure I cannot afford the services of a master armorer like you are, yet. But it is good to know whom to ask first, should this change."

"So, have you discovered the surroundings or anything worth mentioning during your first year at the covenant ?"


Scylax replies: Indeed! As you surely know, we are people-rich! That is, we are poor in every other way, so hopefully you bring some more useful talents than mine to this cadre. We are currently looking to expand our meager mundane incomes, is this within your purview? Prometheus, bringer of fire and knowledge! Auspicious! We can certainly use some more warmth and enlightenment in the shadow of the Apple Mountain! I hope we are not the Titans in this tale! laughs warmly


Scylax Con-fluen-sis, sodales? I confess my education went astray, errant, and is filled with gaps on many places beyond our little Theban corner. Where is this place, please regale us with a tale to warm this cold abode.


It's a hazardous walk in any direction outside the Aegis, particularly at night: man beasts, beast men, living mists, and just plain men, all eager to collect their toll, whether in favors, silver, or flesh; a dozen tiny and not so tiny fiefs eager for violence, it seems. So, on the brink, but opportunities to rise abound! Scylax smiles while rubbing his hands in an exaggerated manner, as if getting ready for work.
I hope to be of some service on those endeavors! I'd hazard we will speak some more of this when Annastaj arrives and the ceremonies are concluded. But Terram, certainly a worthy subject for consideration, in a place such as this.


Scylax Greetings, Pertheus ex Tytalus, and welcome! Incorporeal entities in this region? Could you expound? A proper expert on ReVi, that's a relief! I thought I might have to take up that mantle, what with my lesser understanding of such matters. But! Then I would very much crave to speak on what you see fit to share, I might be able to pick up on a few of the simpler formulae, and be the more useful magus for it.


Gravely Thank you, Lady... corrects himself ahem, Raven so-da-les. Lest I forget, Aristocles and I did make some contacts in the recent Tribunal and bring forth these happy news: the redcap Isandros knows a Bonisaga in Alexandria who would be interest in all three Tractatus of Magical Theory and asks if she could start a correspondence with Raven

Still smiling: "Ha. Don't draw too much from my name. I can surely light up a candle, but would rather use flint than the art of Ignem." Laughs. "Knowledge though... , I know one thing or another about the human mind."
After a short pause, Prometheus continues: "I usually get along with mundanes quite well. I am no merchant, but I am sure this can be used... also for our covenants profane advantage by one way or another. Where is the current, 'meager' income coming from?"

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Well, where to begin... Confluensis is one of the major powers in the Normandy tribunal, It's the biggest quaesitorial covenant. It was founded at the request of the Founder Guernicus to ensure the Hermetic law would be respected even at the edges of the order. The political struggles are very intense in my native tribunal and my previous Sodales try to make sure those political conflicts stay political, that scrying is not employed. That's a demanding task that leaves only a little spare time for magical studies.

I'm not sure I completly understand how the Theban tribunal works but I've heard this burden is more equally shared... Anyway enough with politics.

Its buildings are magnificent, they're shaped like gigantic stone flowers whose petals are platforms to allow for the constructions of other buildings. They were most likely built by a some Guernicus disciples following the Founder's Terram specialty, like myself though I'm far from their expertise at the moment.

I'm glad you're the positive kind, only seeing difficulties as opportunities to grow, let's keep that attitude and we'll prosper.

Indeed, I'm sure we'll find some use for my magic, I've heard there's still part of the covenant to be explored underground, I'm sure I could help with this.