2.1 Prelude - Hiems Ex Miscellanea

It was the night at Clair de Lune, and Hiems was brooding. Yet again. Walking atop the walls, his thoughts wandering into the past, bitterly, painfully.
He had tried to lose himself into his studies. Into spellcasting. Into anything that might catch his attention and retain him from thinking about the one he still called milady. And it worked.
The problem, of course, was that it only worked for so long. Even 4 years later, given a moment's notice, he would remember.

He stopped, absently watching the countryside, trying to fathom what he could do, as he had so many times before.

His ruminations were interrupted when a sudden shadow obscured the moon.
You're not gonna throw yourself down there, won't you?

I... Sigh... I guess not. But I miss her so much! I can't help thinking about her, what she was like, what I could have done... It feels like I've been cursed by some terrible greek divinity...

Hiems turned to face the troll-like shape of his mentor
I talked with Lupus Ex Tytalus last season. He said that I was a fool. That I should bend her to my will. Use the Art of Mentem to change her mind. And maybe I should. Yet I... I love her for her free spirit, for that spark in her eyes, for looking at me like an equal, and... I just can't bring myself to do it

And I don't think you should either. This would be a grevious sin, and an evil act which wouldn't bring you any happiness. I've told you before, and I'll say it again: You should just let it go. Which is why I came here. Take a look at this

A clawed hand extended, gently holding a scroll. Hiems seized it, and read through it.
What does it mean? Are you casting me out?

Not unless you force me to. But I've talked to the others, and we all think you should go. I've watched you, time and again. Everything here is reminding you of your story. Every people. This country is driving you down despite your best efforts to the contrary. What you need is a fresh start, in a new, strange land. Something alien, that won't remind you of the past. And challenges enough to bolster your will to live. This is an extraordinary opportunity, especially for a young magus. Maybe too good to be true, which is fine: Rooting any treachery will be a perfect use of your time.

I don't know. I know you're right, yet this place is the only link I've got to her, it'd be like losing her a second time.

Which is exactly why you should go. You're not in a hurry, and you may go to another covenant. But I think Phoenix will be perfect for you. Even its name is auspicious. Just think about it

And with that, Goliath was gone.

(OOC note: Hard to write a dialog, especially as Hiems is in full whining mode and too depressed to act!! Especially, too, as I'm not a writer :laughing: )