2.1 Short Character Summaries

Please post summaries of all your characters here, and in the appropriate heading page of the wiki (with link to their full character sheets). Be sure to clearly note if they are magi, companions or grogs. If a companion, note whose companion it is. Do not post your character sheets here. Use your own topic for your character.

Please remember to post your magi's personal build point expenditures on their character thread, and in their wiki page.

Viscaria Verditii, of House Verditus, is a very short woman, usually dressed in thick leather smithy clothes or provocatively skimpy togas and straps. Beyond her Gift and her obvious dwarven/fae heritage, there is something earthy and secretive about Viscaria, whose easy laughter is oft replaced with a suspicious glare. She'll wrap a shivering puppy in her last bit of clean clothing, mumbling all the while about how the brute will be sure to bite her.

A variety of small baubles hang off of belts and straps. Her eyes look startlingly like cut amethysts. She is often nervous in unfamiliar environments, but loves to write letters to people she's met only once.

She seems to display a obsessive interest in freedom, safety and security.

She is an adept glassworker who loves all things made of stone - from cathedrals to the smallest statuette.

Viscaria has no companion at this time.

Viscaria arrives at Phoenix with 5 Specialists, who are all faerie-blooded, sired by members of the same clan which spawned Viscaria.

  1. Craft: Furnace Operator 5 (potash maker), dwarf-blooded
  2. Craft:Glass 5, dwarf-blooded
  3. Craft:Mirror 5, dwarf blooded
  4. Craft:Silversmith 5, dwarf blooded
  5. Faerie Lore 8, + 2 Com, Teacher 3, goblin blooded

Jamie Lannister of House Flambeau started life as a hot-headed, devoted Christian. He later became a passionate protector of the Moslem culture. The fires which burned within him have left his spirit in ashes, after the death of his sister, with whom he had an incestuous love affair. His body is badly injured from the Battle of Las Navas De Tolosa.

"Amos Scutum of House Flambeau at your... umm.. service. How can I - I mean how can you assist m-- :sigh: what can I do for you? Umm... I don't shake hands."

 [b]Magus Nothos Constantine Amos filius Martreau scholae Flambeau Scutum ab Constantinople[/b] (ref [durenmar.de/articles/naming.html](http://www.durenmar.de/articles/naming.html), somebody had too much time on their hands - stolen from Arya [i]Shores of Albion[/i]) is an extremely short, lanky magus with light hazel world-weary eyes and shoulder length wavy, black hair - the hair has a bad habit of curling into his face.  It frizzes badly in humidity, and he's constantly retying it with a leather strap.  He can be mistaken for a female girl in britches from behind when not wearing his cloak.  He's commonly seen with wearing a white robe and dark bluish grey cloak with a hood.  On special occasions, he wears a brown suit designed and cut in the same manner as leather, but is obviously cloth.  
 Amos is very soft-spoken, and rarely speaks above a whisper.  The only time most people remember him shout is when he yells, "[b]DON'T TOUCH ME![/b]" after someone taps him.  He seems to have no problem hugging and contacting women.  He wears a red coral cross around his neck - a gift from from his pater [b]Magus Martreau.[/b]  Besides a Bible in his hands he rarely carries anything or keeps much on him.  His hands are inevitably bandaged from animal scratches and bites.  Upon first introduction he seems sullen and withdrawn; Amos always stumbles and stutters through his first introduction.  However, his face seems to sparkle and light up whenever he's around his friends and close associates so much so that most people who spend time around him want to become one (a friend or close associate).  He does not consider himself a[b] Reconquista[/b] and hopes he is willing to judge any new person by their actions, but his ingrained habits may belie that.

When injustice occurs in front of him or someone abuses his power, a hush falls over everyone and his stare suddenly become cold as ice. Heat radiates from him as if he has caught on fire. Usually, the abuser actually does. In silence, more and more things will start happening to the abuser and Amos is prone to become a flailing rampaging spitball throwing a temper tantrum doing very little physical damage. After calming him down, he usually enters some kind or rant about Demons, and the hatred is quite evident on his face.

Amos Scutum will arrive at Phoenix with 3 shield Grogs in tow. Molly is the leader and an older, portly woman who barely fits into her armor. She acts motherly to everyone she meets and has a bosomly hug for all. She lets her "children" make their own mistakes and is more than willing to let them stumble and fall, but treats every return to her side like the return of the Prodigal Son. Her two "children" are a pair of very young grogs-in-training Augustus and Brigitte. Fifteen and thirteen respectively, they call each other brother and sister but very much do NOT act like brother and sister. Both were adopted by Molly off the streets of slums in different cities. Unlike their mother, who carries around a giant shield and similarly sized military hammer, they both wield bows and arrows and are more apt to go slinking off into the woods. The bows are thick enough to use as staffs if the bowstring snaps, and Molly seems to keep a pair of spare staffs with her equipment. None of them seem to care about religion, although they know every ritual, festival, celebration, and holiday if you ask. They'll also tell you growing up in a Crusader's household comes with certain expectations.

Also accompanying him will be his best friend who acts as his butler in public - Nicholas of Champagne. Nicholas's wife and cook, Jeanette, and their two very young children Francois and Josephine (possible future companion characters or magi for someone else to pick up) are along for the ride. Also, Jeanette's drunkard of a younger brother Xavier will be in tow to "clean up" and "make something" of himself. He has many skills, all of which can and do get him into constant trouble wherever he stays. Jeanette hopes dragging him out to Iberia will help him start over. His last job was as a pig farmer. She does not know they are going to wine country. They are all good Catholics... Xavier says he still a good Catholic anyways. (possible companion character for someone else to pick up)

Lastly, Father Pierre de Lyons rounds out the party. He is a missionary out to spread the word of God amongst the heathens. Outwardly, he projects the demeanor and speech of a pacifist, although his personal chest clanks and clangs a lot. If you get him preaching long enough, he begins peppering his speech with ways to fight off Infernalism, without actually coming out and calling it Demons and Infernalism. He is a good friend of Magus Martreau, and another Latin rescue from Constantinople, making him an East Orthodox Priest. Amos gives him a LOT of respect but also a very cold shoulder. (possible companion character for someone else to pick up)

Hiems Ex Miscellanea

Tall and slim, with pale blue hair and eyes, which, combined with his pale skin, betray his overwordly origin. When travelling among mundanes, he usually dyes his hair black, though.
His skin is cold to the touch, and winter seems to settle with him, as rooms are always colder when he's somewhere.
He sometimes wears furs whatever the weather, not because he needs to, but because he likes it.
Generally cool and collected, he has a chevalrous temperament, especially towards women.

Hermetically, he seems to share the Faeries flexibility towards magic, at a great cost to him, though. More importantly, he has also proven himself to be a master of Cold, with an interest in Ice and Corpus spells.

He came to Phoenix with a small band of grogs:

  • Damien, his tough, but overconfident shield grog. Brave +3, Loyal +3, Proud +1
  • Gerard, a strong and carefree fighter who likes to carouse. Brave +3, Loyal +2, Protective +1
  • Cecilia, a gifted Cook that, behind her facade of a gossip, is in fact a master spy with a sharp mind. Analytical +2, Brave +1, Loyal +2
  • Esteban, a Doctor and talented natural magician, prematuraly aged by a failed experiment. Arrogant +1, Bitter +1, Helpful +2, Brave -2
  • Marie, a young, small girl still traumatized by her pedophile father. She is gifted with second sight, and has a knack with bows. Brave +1, Independent +2, Naive -2, Nervous Around the Opposite Sex +3
  • 4 more people, plus a companion to do. One of them probably being a talking, lecherous horse.

Cygna ex Bjornaer is a tall, slender long-necked woman who normally dresses in light-colored homespun robes. Her most noticeable features are her piercing black eyes and her snowy white hair, which is accented by a black bar on each side of the temple.

She strives to be analytical in her studies and often tends to sing softly. On the other hand, she also has a volatile temper: she's been known to throw whatever was at hand in fits of rage, and has been overheard to yell even when there was no-one around to infuriate her.

She has a melodic voice, and speaks Latin with an English accent.

Hermetically, she specializes in Mentem, and has an interest in ghosts, spirits, and shades.