2.2 - Spring, 1213 - OOC

Wow, that's a tall order. Remote, cold, dark, north, windy, near trees....

Description of the environs is here. As previously discussed, the regio has the aura, not the mundane level.

We're map-free in the Regio right now, so North doesn't mean much. Underground? One of the out buildings?

Since I've already given Ravenscroft/Serrano the option to tweak things, and want to do some tweaking myself, I'll rule that people are allowed to refine their characters and personal build point expenditures up until we start the first council meeting. Don't change your character concept too much (I am personally debating if that means I can or cannot change Viscaria's craft skills).

(While we're talking about tweaking...Hey, Ravenscroft, do you want to change one of your Death of Vermin to attract outdoor pests? Things that destroy crops, for example?)

Chapter 2.2 - Spring, 1213 - The New Magi Settle In could be very short, if everybody just takes an empty room and hides in it until the council meeting. Exploring the sanctums, covenant or town will make it go longer.

Let's have Grog activity happen in 2.1 Prelude - The Subtle Rebellion and have it run concurrent with the above-mentioned thread.

If there's a lab or they're habitable, the ruins of Salamandrus's Wizards Tower would be great: In the regio, covered by the future aegis, yet afar and letting him wander if he wants to :smiley:
And if he stays long enough, his simple presence will make the place cold enough :smiley:

Nothing so extreme :laughing: Hiems is great as he is :smiley:

It's just that, for a long time, I've fantasized about hold in Ars, like in Amber, Dying Earth or, now that I think of it, D&D. But there wasn't much point in it. But with Hiems tradition, there's one! So these would be relatively common among them. His parens talisman is enchanted with such effects, so he gave an old ring of his to hiems.
Basically, this stores a spell up to moon duration. Not very useful to an average magus, but Hiems, if preparing in advance, can ritually spont a spell, put enough fatigue in it, and thus have, say, a lvl 15-20 spell on hold if need be. That rewards planning and is awesome IMO to have a wizard prepare effects in advance. And it is useful, too, working as a one-use magical effect.
I wanted to do this, but I forgot :blush:

There's no way to tell from a simple glance. The bottom two levels of exterior wall are still intact, but it has been overgrown by decades of vine-growth. Hiems would have to investigate it IC.

(OOC, that's a yes, but it is a ruined tower, with all such things entail)

I haven't read the sourcebooks in question for your tradition (what are those, by the way?), but that sounds like a Rego Vim container item to me! (ArM 161, sidebar)

You mean like locusts , boll weevils or something that specifically attacks grapes?
Sure , i can change one.

If you wondered why i had the Motivated Plough , it was so the people he is with can more easily do gardens for food plants and kitchen herbs.

I just figured it was a trade good that will happen to be very convenient for the covenant. Do you have backstory for where they came from? Or are we just going to handwave it?

I guess we could trade if we had to , but i figured these things would get used for the Covenant also.
When choosing items , i was trying to think would would be most useful for travellers , hence so many vermin traps.
Setting up campsites is easier , especially digging latrine pits , if the ground is softened by being ploughed first.
Backstory is that items were acquired in trade/payment for the work Serrano would have done at various Covenants.
I hadnt considered detailed backstories for each item to be honest.

I meant this. Plough is dead useful to a covenant.

You keep this up and I'm going to add "Gullible +1" to your personality traits. ~giggles with glee~

I'm being picky again , but i don't think it is possible for a bird foot to do this.
If you can get the raptor (kestrel) claw through the ring , then the ring is too large to easily stay on the bird leg methinks.

I just lost my post in response to Jaime , don't feel like retyping it right now.

Basically , Serrano is going on a religous retreat , until just before next Tribunal.
After said Tribunal , then Phoenix Covenant can have his vote , if they still want it.
If the period as a Probationary Member , proves to be Hermetically Momentary or rescinded ,
then a shorter retreat seems likely.

Yeah, Jaime wants all the votes in his pocket before he starts beating the bushes, and he has a high Code of Hermes skill. Play it out when you get a chance.

You want to go help out the new monastery? Installing your Dependants there would be cool, from an ASG perspective. Or shall I find a couple more examples and let you Serrano choose between, say, three?

Oh, though I will point out that with everything that is going to happen in the first few seasons, plot wise, and based on the post-rate we've been having, having Serrano do anything but join the covenant is essentially going to mean stepping out of the game for months.

Serrano has no skill with CoH , so no need to play it out.
All he knows is that he won't be bullied into accepting anything less than Full Member status.

Oh, don't worry. Depending on jamie's reaction to Amos's version of events, or a better clarification of what's going on, I'll certamen again for Serrano to join as a full member. I'm sure to be brought up on charges of abuse thru certain, but being censured and fined will be miles better than getting reamed out by an archmagus.

Should I change it to the necklace idea?

Don't go on just my say so , see what the others have to say first.
I could be totally wrong after all.

Ok , i know i have not been quick in reposting my revised character sheet , But Serrano does have Brave +03.
I certainly don't have any intention of stepping out of the game for several months , if given a choice.
Serrano has no social skills and will simply fail all rolls involving them , some gaining 3 extra botch dice for not having the skill.
(Unless he lucks out on a stress roll)
Having someone with a Major Flaw of Fury is bound to cause friction somehow , someway with the other characters.
(i definitely don't consider it a personal attack , in case anyone thought so)

Because there isn't any :laughing: :wink:
He's a standard ex misc, so he comes from some Ex Misc tradition. As written (IIRC) in his background, his tradition virtues are Life Boost and Strong Faerie blood: They use the magic of their faerie nature to power their spells with extra might. By the same token, a sizeable percentage of them (all proportions guarded, Hiems and Goliath may be about the only ones left) has Life-Linked Spontaneous Magic, taping into that same essence to power "on-the-fly" effects.

And yes, it's a ReVi container :smiley:

Hiems will make some effort to find serrano and sort things out.
If he doesn't, though, he'll just let it go after a while. It's not like he knows the man, it's just that this feels a stupid waste. Hiems may not be great as Code of Hermes, but he knows enough to understand there was a tragic misunderstanding. And, well, he doesn't wish anybody to be ostracized and alone (Yes, this is coherent with him searching to avoid people :laughing: ).
So, you tell me if he finds serrano of not.

IMO, that's solve everything without any possible ambiguity.

Just out of curiosity, do we have craftsmen/workers who can make something out of the "ruined buildings of queer design, made from stone" in the regio area? I'm toying with the idea of having them either build her a place in the regio, or having a lab on the Left Side and a cottage on the Right Side.

I have my copy of The Church!
It arrived 10 minutes ago.