2.3 The First Council Meeting - OoC

As Serrano is probably dining with members of the Phoenix christian community , he respectfully declines.
Awaiting the outcome of whatever is decided at the coucil meeting , regarding the actions of Amos , then he will not be there.

Due to words from Hiems , this will not happen , Serrano will have packed and left and be on the road.
I can edit the post accordingly.

This bodes ill :laughing:

Between hiems who depress given even the slighter reason, Amos and Serrano's temper... Despite her fury, cygna has so far been the most reasonnable :laughing:

What a big bunch of losers :laughing:

Serrano does not have a temper! :angry: :stuck_out_tongue:
Amos has one as a major flaw , the one for Cygna is now a minor flaw , Serrano has none (major or minor).
Call it righteous indignation if you must.

And that scares me.

So why did the magi simply not spont something to remove excess salt , or make it taste better? :stuck_out_tongue:
Missed an opportunity to ask who prepared the meal and scare them to death by demanding their presence for a "please explain?"

Nothing stopping them from doing so now.

Because Cygna's not slick enough to spont a ReAn(He) 10 spell to make the food more palatable (Base level 1, Manipulate items made from animal products; R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Group), especially if she wants to do Quiet words (due to her Necessary Condition, she can't do No Words), and no or subtle gestures.

Plus, for all she knows, this is how food is supposed to be prepared here, and she's going to have to get used to it. Doesn't mean she's not going to get a bit of a buzz going from all the wine she's drinking, though. :laughing:

I thought about it.
Hiems didn't, due to his blindside :wink:

Would I be correct in assuming that all the supplicants are speaking in Latin?

And also, that we have some time between supplicants? So that we, for example, Father Pierre comes, talks, leaves, we debate, discuss, and decide (or not); then the Widow Mustafa comes, lather, rinse, repeat.

~hates the language thing~

The vineyard manager's words have to be translated. Fati has Latin 3. The others all have Latin 4 or 5, thankfully.

You can ask further questions to each supplicant, and can discuss each matter between supplicants, and then after they all leave. The entire process feels very informal to you. If asked, Jaime doesn't object to creating a more formal system for future meetings.

Sorry. Someone very important to me had a death in the family, and, well, I'm being my usual empathic sponge and loyal-dumb paladin, taking care of those I love.

Be well, my friend, and take care of those around you to the best of your ability. Just remember not to burn yourself out in the effort to support others, fellow paladin :wink:

Ironically, Fati probably knows how to read and write Arabic. ~snickers at mental image~

Found the character description I was looking for of Father Pierre. It seems I went a little off-target from Chico's original concept. Chico, do you mind if we play that off as his outrage at the potential infernalism of all these ghosts? Once he understands the situation (I have that figured out already -- if you want to play him, we can work through it together), he'll come across as much more pacificistic.

I know there's been a thread or two debating penetration with regards to the Aegis (the one I've been trying to read is here), but nothing I've seen has convinced me that a Penetration total is actually relevant when casting Aegis of the Hearth...or any other ward, actually, without totally nerfing Wards altogether. I just can't understand why you would need to get a casting total of 50 for a Level 25 Ward, which supposedly stops any creature (of a particular type) from crossing a entering the circle. Maybe it's just be, but it makes no sense.

Or is that my 5e inexperience talking?

Well, in Ars 5th, all spells need to penetrate to affect someone or something (although, for things, MR is usually 0. Not always: See Relics).

For wards, this was explicitely confirmed by David Chart on these very boards (since the clarification on HoH:S p 113 "Wards and Penetration" was still not enough for some :unamused: ).

There's absolutely no statement saying that the Aegis is an exception to that rule, although some people prefer it to be so, probably in part out of habit.

Me, I prefer the Aegis to penetrate too, not so much for consistency's sake (The "partially non-hermetic effect" could explain that difference), but because it keeps the Aegis from being insanely high (Else, all you need is a lab total of 40 to have an Aegis able to keep out your average faerie lord. Way too easy), and makes Wizard's Communion useful.

So, am I correct in understanding that it would happen thusly (for example):

  • We cast, somehow, a Level 40 Aegis (maybe with outside help), but the Casting Total is exactly 0. The caster has a Penetration of 2, e.g., so the Penetration total is 2.
  • A freshly-gauntleted wizard from, say, one of the Roman covenants walk in. He has Parma 1 and Vim 6 (giving him a total MR of 3 vs. Vim, which Aegis of the Hearth is.
  • The Penetration of 2 is less than the wizard's MR of 3, so the Aegis has no effect on him.
  • He is now able to cast all of his spells without hindrance.

For some reason, this doesn't sound right to me.

And I'm still not sure that I like the fact that you now have to learn a Ward Against Blah at twice the level you did to have the desired effect, to get past the Penetration thing. I'll accept that it's RaW, but it still seems counter-intuitive to me.

Sorry for disappearing on everyone. Lost the internet for a couple of days/didn't expect to be without connection for so long. Reading through everything I missed, too late to post something today for me and still make work tomorrow morning - I will be posting Fati's "report" tomorrow evening.

Pretty happy about Cecilia's talk :smiley: I think I did a fine job here :smiley:

A flambeau journeyman, with Cr 15, Ig 14, Int 2, casts a Ball of Abysmall flame with a roll of 4. He has Penetration 2, so the penetration total is 2.
A freshly-gauntleted wizard with Parma 1 (MR 5) and Ignem 0 resists his mighty spell.

How is that any different?

But then, I think the Aegis having to penetrate is mostly great for creature purposes, and that's all. And, although I could very well be wrong, I'm not sure this applies for this effect that, anyway, I'd be happy to house-rule out.

Think about it: We're just 5 years out of gauntlet at best. Do you really want us to be able to cast an Aegis that blocks anything other that major saints, dragons and faerie lords? I think that, say, a lvl 20 Aegis cast through Wizard's communion would be much more in line with our power level, potent enough to protect us from most low to medium threats.

Well, DEO works in a similar way :wink:
IMO, it'd be better if wards against creatures had a fixed level, though (say, lvl 15), since this makes wards increasingly harder, but this is the problem, not Penetration.

I think we're forgetting something, here. The Aegis of the Hearth was a minor Hermetical Breakthrough and does not perfectly conform to the Lesser Limits - as such, it is NOT the exact same thing as all the other wards out there. It was meant to help give magi a "home base" to be safe and keep stuff out. The reason young Spring Covenants do not have impressive Aegises is because A - none of us can cast the spell. Heck, can any of us get the Lab Totals to even know the spell? and B - yes, if we all go together with Wizard's Communion, we might be able to pull it off. But that requires a LOT of pre-planning with an expected goal in mind during creation. We created our characters seperately. Notice - none of us learned Wizard's Communion. To get all of us to learn Wizard's Communion to cast this Level 40 Aegis would take just as long, if not longer, as one of us learning the spell. Problem C - I don't think any of us have a Magic Theory Score high enough to use 8 pawns of vis.

So - does it make sense for this Covenant to have a Level 40 Aegis Spell in its libraries? Yes, yes I think it does. Will any of us cast it anytime soon? No, probably not. We still need to find a means of gathering the Vim Vis and a low enough Aegis spell that we can learn and cast, by trade and/or calf and cow.

I meant for him to be fairly ambiguous and can be played either way. His speech does not need to match his actions, or vice versa- I wasn't planning on playing him. I can definitely see him believing ghosts to be more signs of the Infernal instead of Arcane until he expands his understanding. That makes sense too, though. :slight_smile: