2.4 Amos's tasks

Chico, since you're keeping restricted hours, let's summarize the research you need to do for the council meeting and dice it out, okay? You need to look up vis sources and dwarved contracts. Fixer is in charge of the faerie stuff, including the dwarven contracts.

Where does Amos go to look for this information, and what questions does he seek the answers to? Once you've answered that, roll some dice to see how well he does at finding the answers.

Am I? Oh, sh*t!!!

I'll do it, okay, but It'll be very improvised :blush:
What Faerie Stuff do you want me to do exactly? See if it can spring up something :wink: Yes, maybe it will... :smiling_imp:

?? I thought we discussed this over email. Viscaria has story flaws associated with the dwarves, so I can't run them.

Aaaah! Now I remember, it was a little told over here. It wasn't me, but I can't tell who.
What I'm supposed to do is viscaria's lab thingies.

I thought it was me, actually. And I do have a storyline in mind starting Midsummer's Eve.

Ooops. Next time, I will double check my notes. Sorry about the confusion.

We need to pass this buck to the two new magi, or appropriately skilled grogs.