2 new players in need of a game

Hello everyone,

I came to pen and paper a little late but I've been hooked on Ars Magica. Unfortunately I can't seem to find anyone in my immediate area with a desire for Pen and Paper at all. I do have one gaming friend and both of us are willing to play over the web. We ask to use voice chat of some kind though, as doing that much typing can be a strain. I have played a couple sessions while he has played none. I'm willing to keep him up to speed and help him make his Magus but we would like more people with whom we can play. Unfortunately I only have the 4th edition of the books on hand. Willing to use 5th if they can be obtained freely.

If any storyguides are available or if other players need me to do the task, we'd love to join with you.

Just a heads up, I"m still seeking a game and willing to use any edition. I can offer Teamspeak and have experience with Roll20. Please PM or email me. I'm willing to be the storyguide but would be happy if someone else is already planning on it.