23/30 Familiars for November

This post is currently a table of contents, and I'll be adding to it as I get more done. Unless otherwise specified, all familiars are designed at Might 10 and Summer abilities.

  1. Marthen the Adventurous Mouse
  2. Helpful Otterdog the Water Dog
  3. The Hungering Blight, a swarm of rats
  4. The Machiavellian Kitten
  5. The Inspiring Monarch of the Garden
  6. Quiet, the Midnight Hunter
  7. Little Drake, who's totally a dragon
  8. The Serpent Who Eats magic
  9. Kairo, Cauldron Frog of the Bog Witch
  10. Gul, the Jackal of Eternal Rest (Might 15, Winter)
  11. Towerhorn, the Mighty (Might 15, Summer)
  12. Visier, the Witch's Cat
  13. Chatter the gossipy bat (Might 10, Spring)
  14. The Guardian Bear of the Deep Forest (Might 20, Summer)
  15. Dugmore, the Digger Mole
  16. Joshua the Goodest Boy
  17. Pride, the Storm-Charger (Might 15, Summer)
  18. Finn-Wolf, who is totally not Fenris (Might 20, Winter)
  19. Iacin the clever fox, who enjoys working with humans
  20. Niklaus the Virtuous, a donkey who inspires humans with steady hooves
  21. Energis, Eyes of the Storm, a winged dragon (Might 25, Autumn)
  22. Daphne, the Water Dancer, a carefree dolphin
  23. Razor-Fins, the monstrous shark, the Flint of the Oceans
  24. The Raven who steals dark secrets (Did not finish)

Adding a bit of my ideas down to keep me moving forwards!
As a note, mechanically, designing any familiar with a cunning score is just a terrible math choice, since a cunning score of any number becomes an intelligence of -3. I suggest re-statting any cunning familiar to put more characteristics points into other mental stats to show it's enhanced mental facilities when bound. (example, Cun +0 becomes Int -3, so raise it's Pre from +2 to +3, and Per from +0 to +2.)

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Marthen is a brave young mouse, who grew up in a magical forest. He came from a long line of forest mice, who all lived happily among the boughs of the forest, feasting upon the magical nuts of the trees. Then, one day the cats came- they came from a tall tower, and they feasted upon his family and friends, mice or bird or skunk or hare. Marthen was a cunning mouse, and he asked the forest-spirit for aid, a spirit that had grown idle in the long centuries since the pagans worshipped at its roots. So the spirit gave the mouse brilliance, and speed, and strength, and size. And young Marthen, now more clever and less cunning, fought off the cats with his new size - much larger than them!
When the humans came, more forest creatures died, but Marthen saw their tools, and decided to make some of his own. He stole silver needles for swords, and brass buttons for shields, and thread to tie it all together. Then, when the human hunters came, he fought them off with his trusty sword and shield that he made himself.
At least, that is how Marthen remembers it all - until he got gifted with Intelligence, he was a cunning creature.
Marthen is a small mouse with a cat-claw wound over one eye. He usually wears a belt of braided thread, and a cloak made from a skinned calico cat, He carries his Sword of Might, which is a sharp silver needle with a crossguard bound onto it; and his Shield of Guardians, which is a buckler fashioned from a small brass button. When he becomes Mighty, he grows to size -2.

This adventurous mouse can be bound with a Muto Animal lab total of ... -5 or higher.

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"You've certainly heard the story of the Fishherd? It's a dog that grew up in the magical rivers of (Wales?). While normal dogs can swim, but usually trot around on the land and herd sheep for the humans who own them, this dog seems to lay claim to the many rivers of the land, and it swims about and herds the fish towards fishermen near the shores it treads. It's a good sign when it's nearby, because it'll bark the fish into yer nets!"
"Nah, that's just superstition. First, that dog was probably born as an otter, and it'll only help ye if'n it's not busy howling fish away from you and into someone else's nets. Or just keepin' them all for itself!"

Otterdog Fishherd
Magical Might: 11 (Animal)
Characteristics: Cun +1, Per +4, Pre -2, Com 2, Str -2, Sta +2, Dex +2, Qik +3
Size: -1
Season: Summer
Confidence: 1
Virtues and Flaws: Magical Animal; Keen Smell, Long-Winded, Magic Sensitivity, Puissant Swim*, Sharp ears; Anchored to the Rivers, Magical Friend, Meddler(major)
Magical Qualities and Inferiorities: Improved Damage(bite), Improved Fatigue x2, Improved Powers, Lesser Power(Herd the School), Minor Virtue(Puissant Swim), Personal Power(Aquatic Breath, Track the Fisherfriend), Improved Characteristics (Per) x2
Personality Traits: Overly Helpful +6, Likes Strange Foods +2, Territorial +2
Reputations: Helpful Water-Dog 1 (fisherman), Annoying Water-dog 1 (other fisherman)
Abilities: Athletics(running) 4, Awareness(patrolling) 4, Area Lore: My Rivers(fishing spots) 2, Area Lore: My Shores(fishing spots) 1, Brawl (bite) 5, Hunt(by scent) 4, Magic Sensitivity 3, Stealth(lurking underwater) 2, Swim(bursts of speed) 5+2

  • Aquatic Breath (0 might points): Otterdog can breath water with no difficulty, and can even have it's barks and howls be heard beneath the waves clearly. (MuAq base 4, +2 sun, +1 constant, +1 howling underwater, -2 might from improved powers)
  • Herd the School (4 might points): Otterdog's howls and barks can herd a school of fish as if they were sheep. He often summons fish to the nets of kind fishermen. (base 5, +2 Voice, +2 Group)
  • Track the Fisherfriend (0 might points): Otterdog is a tracker, and can find friend and foe in the waters by the scent of them. His ability to track by scent underwater allows him to track in ways humans can't understand. (InAq Base 1, +2 sun, +1 constant, -1 might from Improved)

Vis: 2 Aquam vis in lungs

Otterdog likes humans, but doesn't understand humans. The humans who smell nice, he herds fish into their nets. He patrols his areas, and doesn't like people who dump filth into the waters. If there's a human on the shores of his river, he will interact with them, whether it's helpful or hurtful. You could also easily make him a shore-dog, and have him venture into brackish rivers instead; Otterdog Fishherd can be bound as a familiar with Rego, Aquam, and Animal, with a lab total of 31 or more.

We all heard the rumors of the disease-ridden rats in the biggest, filthiest cities of Europe. In one particular city, this little monster was a reason for most of the rat infestation - and surprisingly, it also chased out most of the non-conjured rats with it's summoned horde. Unfortunately for it, and nearby villages, when a wizard (or possibly hedge witch) cast a ritual to chase the diseases and vermin out of the city, this little monster had to flee. This lead to a sudden blight of swarming rats roving through the nearby villages and towns and devouring everything.

Rat of Hungering Blight
Magical Might: 20
Characteristics: Cun +1, Per +1, Pre +1, Com -2, Str -16, Sta +2, Dex +2, Qik +9
Size: -8
Season: Summer
Confidence: 1
Virtues and Flaws: Magical Animal; Greater Immunity(diseases), Second Sight, Sharp Ears, Strong-Willed; Avaricious(hunger, Major), Magical Monster
Qualities and Inferiorities: Greater Power(Disloyal Swarm), Improved Damage x3 (bite), Improved Might x2, Lesser Power x2(Gnashing Teeth of Iron, Devouring Iron),
Personality Traits: Hungry +6, Greedy +1, Careless +2
Reputations: Devouring swarm 4 (local village)
Abilities: Athletics(climbing) 3, Awareness(predators) 4, Brawl(teeth) 4, Concentration (eating) 1, Leadership(rats) 3, Stealth(amid filth) 6, Survival(scavenging) 4, Swim(sewers) 3 [15 xp unspent]

  • Disloyal Swarm (4 might): Summons a monstrous swarm of a couple thousand rats. This grants no control over the rats, as they are free to do what they will, though the Hungering Blight can use his leadership to command a number of them. The Hungering Blight uses this ability at sunup and sundown somewhat instinctively. (base 15, +1 touch, +2 group, +2 Sun)[40 level]
  • Gnashing Teeth of Iron (2 might): The teeth of the Hungering Blight, as well any rats it is commanding, can be as hard as iron - or actual iron. This grants it +2 damage, and lets the rats damage things they normally could not. (MuAn(Te) base 4, +1 Te Req, +1 diameter, +2 Group) [level 20, -2 might]
  • Devouring Iron (1 might): The Hungering Blight has developed a taste for iron and steel, and other metals. He will break them down to nothing and devour them with his teeth. This can also be used to burrow holes into stone or metal. (PeTe 5, +1 Touch, +1 concentration) [level 15, -2 might]

Vis: 4 perdo in incisors

The Rat of Hungering Blight is a very cunning creature, but it is not truly intelligent. It can create a large number of its rodentia allies, but it cannot control them directly. I would definitely allow the Blight to use its leadership on larger numbers of rats instead of just the 3-4 it normally allows because of how small rats are - say 5 or 10 rats per point of leadership. The Blight can be bound with a Perdo Animal lab total of 5 or higher. Your saga may allow Perdo Terram as well.

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I was planning something similar, but demonic, for later in the month.

It'd be interesting to compare how the numbers come out from the magical and infernal versions, but it might be easier to just use your numbers and put the Infernal Animal pack over the top. Would you mind? I'd credit and link in the notes.

Mine's the swarm of rats God sends to punish a gluttonous bishop. The version of the legend I'm using is by Robert Southey. https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/45179/gods-judgment-on-a-wicked-bishop

You're more than welcome to take what you need. I have some plans to make a few infernal and faerie style familiars this month.

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There was a small town that was infested by a horde of magical (or demonic) rats. A group of wizards chased them off. The cats in the area, feasting apon the slain and warp-ridden rat-corpses grew some magical prowess - including the smallest of the litter.
The Little Prince, a tawny-and-white cat that never grew larger, had to survive by its wits and its charm. It found humans were it's greatest resource, and focused on them. It usually pretends to be a small kitten and manipulates humankind. It hates the fact it cannot control animals, and tends to avoid other breasts, magical or not.

Little Prince
Magical Might 15
Characteristics: Int +5, Per +1, Pre +5, Com +1, Str -9, Sta -2, Dex +1, Qik +4
Size -4
Season Summer
Confidence 2
Virtues and Flaws: Magical Animal; Great Intelligence, Great Presence, Perfect Balance, Self-Confident, Sharp Ears, Unaffected by the Gift; Ambitious (Major), Magical Friend, Nocturnal, Small Frame
Magical Qualities: Greater Power x2 (Protect the kitten, Enslave the Mortal Mind, Nothing to See Here), Improved Might x1, Lesser Power (My Mind Known), Minor Virtue x2 (Great Intelligence, Great Presence)
Personality Traits: Machiavellian +6, Afraid of Animals+2, Humans are Toys +3
Reputations: Poor, Harmless Little Thing 3 (local humans)

  • Protect the Kitten (3 might points): This strange power transforms the target's strongest personality trait into 'Protective of this kitten'. (MuMe Base 4, +1 Eye, +2 Sun, +1 complexity) [30 levels, but base is possibly wrong]
  • Enslave the Mortal Mind (3 might points): As the spell of the same name, but concentration duration (Base 25, +1 eye, +1 concentration) [level 35]
  • My Mind Known (0 points): This power gives the target the impression that it can undestand the kitten's meows. Such as, "Oh, you're hungry!" or "You must be cold!". (CrMe Base 4, +2 Voice) [Level 10, -2 might]
  • Nothing to See (4 points): This power makes it hard for the targets to notice the little Prince. (ReMe base 5, +2 group, +3 sight, +1 concentration) [35 levels]

Vis: 3 Mentem vis in eyes and tongue

Binding the Little Prince will require a Rego Mentem or Animal lab total of 20.


There is a beautiful garden, off in the deep wilds, and hidden in a regio. The Magical aura there is impressive, the garden is well-tended, and the place is peaceful and gentle. Some who found the place have referred to it as a reflection of the Garden of Eden, though it is not divine by nature, and people who enjoy the garden peacefully are often inspired to great works of art. No humans know who tends the garden, but a few magi who have spoken to the animals and plants near there have heard rumors of the mythical Monarch of the Garden.
The Monarch avoids humans, a massive butterfly with wings like stained glass and gemstones. Animals and plants who live near its garden are reverential and respectful of it, and even predators in the garden would not hunt their prey under its flowering boughs. In fact, the garden regio can only be entered by those in a peaceful state of mind, and being inside the regio grants the personality trait Tranquil +3.

Monarch of the Garden
Magical Might: 24
Characteristics: Int +3, Per +3, Pre +5, Com +3, Str -11, Sta -3, Dex +2, Qik +5
Size: -4
Season: Summer
Confidence: 1
Virtues and Flaws: Magical Animal; Free Expression, Great Presence x2*, Improved Characteristics x3*, Inspirational, Magical Master; Ability Block (combat), Noncombatant, Proud (major)
Magical Qualities: Focus Power (Rainbow Glimmer), Gigantic x2, Improved Powers, Lesser Power(Beautify the Garden, Whisper of the Blossom), Minor Virtues x5(Improved Characteristics x3, Great Presence x2), Personal Power(Beautify the Flower, Hide Amid the Flowers), Ritual Power (Inspire the Heart); Reduced Abilities x2
Personality Traits: Prideful +6, Artistic +3, Dainty +2
Reputations: Monarch of the Garden 4 (Animals and plants near the garden)
Abilities: Area Lore: Home Forest (flowers) 2, Athletics (flying) 1, Awareness (predators) 2, Craft: Garden(flower arrangement) 3, Finesse(imaginem) 5, Magic Lore(auras) 2, Profession: Gardening (cross-pollination) 6, Stealth (hiding in plants) 3

  • Beautify the flower(0 might): Wherever the Monarch lands is just more beautiful, more wondrous, whether this be on a flowering vine, or on a lovely tree, or even a person who's settled as a throne for the butterfly. This effect moves with the butterfly, should the Monarch choose a new perch. (MuIm 5; base 1, +1 touch, +2 sun, +1 constant; -1 might)
  • Hide amid the Flowers(2 might): When threatened, or curious, the Monarch can alter its own colors such that it is almost invisible, blending in to its surroundings. The Monarch has not yet found any surface she cannot match her glorious wings to, and this will make her effectively invisible except from certain angles. It sometimes uses this power to change its colors, even when not hiding. (MuAn(Im) 20; base 5, +1 concentration, +2 complexity)
  • Beautify the Garden(4 might): The Monarch can make the world she lives in eternally beautiful. This enhances colors, scents, and touch to be more wonderful, wherever the Monarch dwells. Note, that though this is marked as 'room', it should target a garden, rather than some gloomy indoor place.(MuIm 20; base 3, +1 touch, +2 room/garden, +2 sun)
  • Whisper of the Blossom(0 might): The Monarch is a magical gardener, and knows everything about her own garden - and other plants as well, by alighting apon them. (InHe 5; base 4, +1 touch; -1 might)
  • Inspire the Heart (5 might): The Monarch can grant those viewing its chosen garden inspiration, giving them the Free Expression virtue. Once the artistic inspiration has been used to create something, gift will fade. Refusing to use the gift will also cause it to disappear. (Grant Lesser Virtue ritual power)
  • Rainbow Glimmer(x might): The Monarch can, in fact, just create glowing images and lights around it. When threatened, it creates clouds and streaks of chaotic colors to confuse attackers or predators. Effects created by this power look like patterns cast by stained glass. (This focus power emulates Creo Imaginem effects for creating colors and shapes.)

Vis: 5 pawns Imaginem in wings

Actually befriending the Monarch is difficult, but if accomplished, binding her as a familiar requires a Muto Imaginem score of 25. The Monarch was designed with a base might of 20, making it more powerful than most of the other Familiars I've done... but it is also a noncombatant butterfly. I also think I accidentally gave it a few too many xp of abilities, but...


People tell stories about the ghostly bird which hunts that dark forest. It never loses a prey, it is never found during the day. The animals all fear it, whisper about it. The human hunters who stalk that forest call it a good omen to see it. They speak of the great owl, which hunts whenever it is awake, and allows no other birds to hunt in it's forest.
Despite the 'omens', the owl known as Quiet grants no luck - however it takes an alert and skilled hunter to see them, so those hunters in effect have found their own luck already. Though they never need to rest, Quiet still hates the day, and has a voracious and insatiable hunger. Quiet sometimes ventures out to hunt during the daytime, but always shrouds the area in darkness when they do.

Quiet, the Midnight Hunter
Magical Might: 13
Characteristics: Int -1, Per +5, Pre +0, Com -3, Str -5, Sta +2, Dex +2, Qik +4
Size: -3
Season: Summer
Confidence: 1
Virtues and Flaws: Magical Animal; Essential Trait(stealthy, major), Great Perception x2, Keen Vision, Piercing Gaze, Puissant Hunt, Second Sight, Sharp Ears; Magical Friend, Mute, Nocturnal
Magical Qualities: Lesser Powers x2 (Stalker's Eyes, Daytime Shadow), Major Virtue(Essential Trait), Minor Virtue x2(Great Perception), No Fatigue, Personal Power (Silent Flight); Succeptible to Deprivation
Personality Traits: Owl +3*, Stealthy +6*, Predatory +2
Reputations: Hunter at Midnight 2(animals near home), Favorable Omen 1 (hunters near home)
Abilities: Area Lore(woods) 4, Athletics (flying) 4, Awareness (prey) 4, Brawl (swooping) 3, Hunt(rodents) 4+2, Second Sight(regiones) 3, Survival 3, Stealth 5

  • Silent Flight(0 might): As Quiet soars through their domain, they make no sound in the night (or day) air. While all owls are quiet, Quiet is utterly silent when flying around. (PeIm 15; base 3, +2 sun, +1 moving image, +1 constant; -2 might)
  • Stalker's Eyes (1 might): Quiet never loses prey once they find it. Selecting their prey is the first step to inevitable victory for the hunter, and the prey can never hide where Quiet cannot follow. (InAn(Co) 20; base 3?, +1 corpus requisite, +1 concentration, +3 sight range; -3 might) [Doesn't quite line up with hermetic theory]
  • Daytime Shadows (3 might): The hunting owl thrives at night, and Quiet can call the night-time when they desire. Quiet can banish the daytime and fill the world about it with gloom and shadow. This is nto complete darkness, but it will enshroud even brighter lights so Quiet can hunt more effectively. (PeIg 15; base 2, +1 touch, +1 intensity(can dim even bright lights, but does not create utter darkness), +2 room-sized area, +1 diameter)

Vis: 3 Perdo vis in eyes and heart

Quiet, the Midnight Hunter can be bound as a familiar, if you prove your worth. It requires an Intellego Animal lab total of 22. You can also make arguments for Perdo or Ignem/Imaginem.

Long ago there was a dragon lair in those hills. It has since been destroyed and most of its treasure taken, though the aura in its lair is still strong. A small clutch of lizard eggs hatched, and the survivor of that clutch has become imbued with the power of the draconic aura of its lair. Drake, as he has named himself, is defending his home like a dragon should. He's confident he will grow larger as he gets older, and has begin to set himself a bed of wealth to sleep on.
Drake is not actually a dragon, but he refuses to acknowledge that. He has wings (even if they're ugly and stubby), he can breath fire - inhale AND exhale! And after eating enough fire, he can cough up vis-imbued coal. Even larger beasts are afraid of his mighty roar!

Magical Might 15 (Animal)
Characteristics: Int +1, Per -1, Pre -2, Com -2, Str -10, Sta +2, Dex +3, Qik +7
Size -6
Season: Spring
Confidence 2
Virtues and Flaws: Magical Animal; Greater Immunity(heat and flame), Personal Vis Source, Self Confident, Tough, Unaffected by the Gift; Animal Monstrosity, Delusion(I'm a Dragon), Greedy (major), Magical Monster
Magical Qualities: Focus Power(Breathe Fire), Gift of Speech, Improved Attack (bite), Improved Damage(bite) x2, Improved Powers, Lesser Power x2(Breathe Fire, Terror), Personal Power (Scent of the Hoard); Reduced Might
Personality Traits: Greedy Little Dragon +6*, I'm Still Growing! +3, Easily Distracted +1
Reputations: Local Terror 1
Abilities: Area Lore: My Mountain (dens) 2, Athletics(gliding) 2, Awareness (glints and glimmers) 3, Brawl(bite) 3, Magic Lore(dragons) 1, Local Language(threats) 2, Leadership(intimidation) 1, Stealth (abushes) 1

  • Bite: Init + 7, Attack +11, Defense +11, Damage -3
    Soak +6 (+1 for heavy scales)


  • Breathe Fire(x might): Drake can spew out incredible amounts of fire from his tiny lil maw. (Focus power, CrIg up to level 25; +10 levels and +1 initiative from Mastery)
  • Breathe Fire(2 might): Exhale /and/ inhale. Drake can also destroy fires by swallowing them. He can swallow fires up to +20 damage, and sizes up to a few paces in diameter. He metabolizes these fires slowly and vomits out vis as coal at a later date. (PeIg 25; base 4, +1 Touch, +1 size, +3 intensity; -3 might)
  • Scent of the Hoard (0 might): Drake can smell precious metals from quite a ways away. (InTe 20; base 2, +2 smell, +2 sun, +1 additional precious metals, +1 constant; -2 might)
  • Terror of Dragon Wrath(3 might): Drake's mighty roar can inspire fear into human and animal alike. He can hit a small squad of soldiers, or their mounts. This causes them to feel fear at the sight of the little 'dragon'. (CrMe 25; Base 4, +2 Voice, +2 Group, +1 diameter; -2 might)

Vis: 3 ignem vis in stomach

Drake, the little 'dragon', can be bound with Creo Ignem or Creo Animal lab total of 10. A bit more comical than my usual, but he can be quite a little terror if you're not expecting him to spend 5 might to spew a field of fire all over your grogs.

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Rumors tell of a place that is often viewd of as magical, but despite that, no magical creatures are found, no vis is ever located. Many small pockets of auras are found in the rolling grasslands, yet no vis forms, no magical creatures are found roaming the hills. Even magi who tried to set up shop there found all their magic falling apart. It's almost as if the cause is hiding.
The Serpent Who Eats Magic was once just a small, hungry warped creature. It fed on the vis accumulated in its home, and became something more, something greater... and ever hungrier. The Serpent Who Eats Magic has transformed into a creature of magical might, a potential threat or boon for those who can find it. It can smell magic (as easily as a human might hear) and will respond to any detection spells or wards by eating them. The serpent has grown fat and massive on its glut of vis and other magics, and is almost large enough to swallow a child whole now.

The Serpent Who Eats Magic
Magical Might: 11
Characteristics: Cun +3, Per -1, Pre -2, Com -1, Str 0, Sta +1, Dex +2, Qik +2
Size: -1
Season: Summer
Confidence: 1
Virtues and Flaws: Magical Animal; Ferocity (when hungry), Keen Smell, Lightning Reflexes, Magical Sensitivity, Puissant Stealth, Rapid Convalescence; Hunger for Form Magic, Magical Monster
Magical Qualities: Focus Power(Devour Magic), Gigantic, Imrpoved Damage(bite), Improved Powers, Personal Power x2(Scent of Magic)
Personality Traits: Rapacious +5, Cautious +2, Snake +3*
Abilities: Awareness(wizards) 4, Brawl(bite) 6, Concentration(hunting) 2, Hunt (magical beasts) 4, Magic Sensitivity(vis) 2, Stealth(underbrush) 6+2, Survival(grassy areas) 3. 10 unspent points.

  • Scent of Magic (0 might): The serpent can 'scent' magic, and determine its strength and flavor, as well as location. This will let him easier devour it.(InVi 50; Base 10, +3 'taste', +2 technique and form, +2 sun, +1 constant, -5 might)
  • Devour Magic (x might): Once a source of magic is located, the serpent can devour it. By detecting the flavor and form of the magic, his destructive hunger can more efficiently eat his fill. With 2 might, he can devour a magnitude of 25 + a stress die, and each additional might spent can raise that total by 5. (PeVi focus power, dispel a form of magic, +1 touch)
  • Steal the Magic Egg(3 might): The Serpent can transfer vis it has found into a new, more edible form for later consumption. (MuVi 15; base 10 +1 touch)

Vis: 3 Perdo in stomach, plus probably a lot of rotting snacks around for later

If befriended, this dangerous devourer would require a Perdo Vim or Perdo Animal lab total of 31. While technically, as a being of Cunning, it turns +3 cunning into -3 Intelligence, I would give it an Int of +0, trade away it's Ferocity for Improved Characteristics. Unbound, it's Hunger for Form Magic requires it to eat 3 pawns of any vis each season, but in binding it should trade for Hunger for Vim magic.


Familiars have been a trope of magical power for longer than the Order of Hermes has existed. While only the order has the binding and cords necessary to become part of a familiar relationship, many hedge witches, infernalists, and others have bound magical creatures to their side.
That crazy old witch who lives in the swamps and bogs north of your covenant is one of those witches with a familiar. In her case, it's Kairo, an incredibly fat luminescent frog. The frog helps her identify potions and fluids, assists her in brewing her strange tinctures and potions, and secretly recreates rarer potions for mass sale to the local rubes - "You must drink this within six days or the stars will no longer be aligned." Also, that potion of virility is going to turn back into a slurry paste of mealworms and algae-ridden bog-water.

Kairo, the Witch's Familiar
Magical Might: 20
Characteristics: Int +3, Per 0, Pre -2, Com +1, Str -19, Sta +2, Dex +1, Qik +9
Size: -8
Season: Summer
Confidence: 1
Virtues and Flaws: Magical Animal; Greater Immunity to Poisons, Large; Magical Friend, Slow Power (Stir the Cauldron), Social Handicap(doesn't shut up), Weakness (will drink anything except lava)
Magical Qualities: Gift of Speech, Greater Power (Stir the Cauldron), Improved Abilities, Improved Might x2, Improved Powers, Lesser Power (Skin of the Frog), Personal Power (Tongue of the Alchemist)
Personality Traits: Garrulous +3, experimental +2 Playful -3
Reputations: Witch's Familiar 1
Abilities: Area Lore: The Bog(traps) 2, Athletics(jumping) 2, Awareness(predators) 4, Bargain(potions) 2, Brawl(dodging) 3, Folk Ken( 2, Guile(obvious lies) 4, Language Local(poetic incantations) 4, Language Local(curses) 2, Profession: Apothecary(mushrooms) 3, Stealth(underwater) 4, Swim(bogs) 5

  • Tongue of the Alchemist (0 might): Kairo can discern the properties of any liquid it tastes. This includes mixtures and potentially magical properties. (InAq 25; base 10, taste, +2 sun, +1 constant, -3 might)
  • Stir the Cauldron (4 might): Kairo is a useful frog, and helps transform potions into their purest form. Given a sample of a liquid, Kairo can transform existing liquids into copies of the whatever he was given. While it is not a permanent change, it lasted long enough for the cobbled-together tinctures and mixtures that the bog witch had. This can effect 100 doses of specialized potions - a cauldron's worth.(MuAq 40; base 5, +3 Moon, +1 touch, +1 variable liquids, +2 size)
  • Skin of the Frog(2 might): To defend himself, Kairo has learned to reproduce some toxins. He often coats himself with these glowing hallucinigenic fluids, but sometimes he sprays the vile-looking liquids out of his mouth for short ranges, because some creatures are dumb enough to bite the poison frog anyway. This glowing hallucinigen is also something Kairo can always mix with Stir the Cauldron. (CrAq 20;base 3, +1 touch, +2 very unnatural liquid, +1 rego requisite, +1 diameter; -2 might)

Vis: 4 pawns of muto in guts

Gaining Kairo's friendship will involve not killing the ancient crone who he serves. Also, he likes drinking strange liquors, even if he doesn't feel the effects of it. Binding him as a familiar requires a Muto Aquam or Muto Animal score of 5, because tiny familiars are easy to bind.

Alright, this was a big one.

Gul is an ancient magical beast. He has immense knowledge, though the wane of his gods, and the drive to complete his calling, he has not gained as much power as one might expect. Gul has a simple goal; To lay to rest all wandering spirits. Gul finds ghosts, and he sends them to their eternal rest.
Gul doesn't just destroy ghosts, he helps them pass on so that they may find their eternal rest. Gul is intelligent, and realizes that his ancient culture has fallen, and that new gods have risen, but his calling has not changed, even if the gods they are sent home to are new.
Gul spent a majority of his time roaming along the Persian deserts and Canaan, sometimes roaming as far north as the lands of Greece. He was also captured by a canny Roman wizard, and brought to visit Rome, during its height. He has made a few alliances with wizards, but has for the most part found them to be manipulative and evil, always seeking to use the dead to their own gain.

Gul, Spirit Guide
Magical Might: 17
Characteristics: Int +1, Per +3, Pre +1, Com -1, Str -3, Sta +1, Dex +1, Qik +4
Size: -2
Season: Winter
Confidence: 1
Virtues and Flaws: Magical Animal; Improved Characteristics x2, Linguist, Second Sight, Unaffected by the gift; Foreign Upbringing, Higher Purpose, Incomprehensible, Tainted with Evil, Worthless Abilities
Magical Qualities: Gift of Speech, Greater Power(Howl of the Spirits), Improved Abilities x4, Improved Powers x2, Lesser Powers x4(Conjure the Protection, Bind the Servants of X), Personal Power (Scent of the Flesh)
Personality Traits:
Abilities: Area Lore: Ancient Egypt (burial sites)5, Area Lore: Canaan(burial sites) 4, Area Lore: Italy(catacombs) 2, Artes Liberales(Astrology) 3, Athletics(long-distance running) 4, Awareness(scent) 6, Brawl(bite) 6, Chirurgy(first aid) 2, Etiquette(priests) 2, Faerie Lore(Egypt) 4, Hunt(rodents) 5, Infernal Lore(ghosts) 3, Intrigue(ciphers) 1, Language: Coptic (ritual language) 6, Language: Hebrew(religious use) 4, Language: Aramaic(religious use) 4, Language: Persian(military slang) 3, Language: Latin(religious use) 2, Leadership(jackals) 3, Magic Lore(Ghosts) 5, Org Lore: Egyptian Priests(burial rites) 4, Org Lore: Cannaanite Priests(burial rites) 2, Penetration(against ghosts) 3, Medicine(forensics) 2, Second Sight(ghosts) 6, Stealth(skulking) 5, Survival(scavenging) 4, Swim(rivers) 3, Teaching(priests) 2, Theology: Egyptian(Anubis) 6, Theology: Jewish(burial rites) 3

  • Howl of the Spirits(3 might): Makes spirits visible when he howls. (MuMeIm 35, base 15, +2 Voice, +2 group/room, -1 might)
  • Conjure the Protection of the Dead(2 might): With a bark in his ancient language, Gul can summon a perfect ring of beaten bronze inlaid with lead, suitable for protecting or binding someone. (CrTe 25 base 5, +2 Sun, +1 Touch, +1 intricacy; -3 might)
  • Bind the Servants of Set(2 might): The ancient Gul knows the words necessary to trap evil spirits. Infernal ghosts of Might less than 25 are unable to cross the ring he traces (or summons). (ReMe 25; base 10, +2 ring, +1 touch; -3 might)
    He also can bind Faerie and Magical ghosts, the same way.
  • Scent of the Flesh (2 might): Gul can track the corporeal remains of a ghost he has met by scent. (InCo 20; Base 3, +3 Scent, +2 Sun)

Vis: 5 pawns mentem, right eye

Gul looks like a sleek, muscular jackal. Strange markings appear to be painted on his fur, and his right eye glows brightly when he looks at an observer. His ebony fur is almost reflective, and at night, the starry sky can be seen in it.

Befriending Gul will require the magus to prove himself religious - though Gul doesn't care what religion. It will also require the magus to prove they will never bind and molest spirits. Gul is likely going to desire an enchantment to sever the familiar bond if the magus dies, so he can continue his divine-given work - and ensure the magus passes on. it will also require a Rego Mentem/Animal lab total of 32, and a lot of tenacity. You could also very reasonably make this powerful creature might 22, and give him more magical abilities, but this is a good core to work with.


The Mighty Towerhorn is a massive goat who roams the hills in Thessaloniki. He protects his domain, his herd, and his pride. He leads his herd up to the highest peaks, and down to the lush valleys, following the growth of food and the safest places. The massive goat has found himself growing older than generations of his kin, and has taken on the role of protector, and as he gets older he has found himself less interested in besting all the rams and taking all the does himself - in his youth he would claim each and every one he could, nowadays, he strangely finds himself content with only six or eight a season. He's always been a charming and impressive male.
More importantly, the wolves are becoming more predatory, and humans are cleaving deeper into the wilds near his home, threatening the magical aura of his mountain and valley. So he chases off the humans as best he can, and he kills every predatory beast who comes across his land.

Magical Might: 14
Characteristics: Int 0, Per -1, Pre +1, Com -3, Str +5, Sta +2, Dex +2, Qik +0
Size: +1
Season: Summer
Confidence: 1
Virtues and Flaws: Magical Animal; Berserk, Perfect Balance, Puissant Brawl, Tough; Lecherous, Magical Monster
Magical Qualities: Gigantic, Improved Damage x2(horns), Improved Defense(horns) x3, Lesser power x2(Bellow of Challenge, Goatworthy), Personal Power x2(bellow of the mighty, Unbreakable Horns), Ritual Power(Towertough)
Personality Traits: Goat +3*, Lustful +3, Protective +2
Abilities: Area Lore(good eating) 2, Athletics(climbing) 5, Awareness(predators) 4, Brawl(horns) 6+2, Concentration(stare-downs) 2, Leadership(intimidation) 3, Magic Lore (auras) 1, Stealth (mountains) 3, Survival(mountains) 3 [20 unspent points]

  • Tower-Tough(5 might): Towerhorn can grant the Tough virtue to his animal allies. (Ritual power, no hermetic equivalent)
  • Goatworthy(3 points): The mighty Towerhorn leads his herd to the highest peaks and lushest valleys. He can grant his goats a +2 bonus to Athletics for climbing and steady-feet. (MuAn/Co 20; base 3, +1 touch, +2 group, +2 sun; -1 might)
  • Bellow of the Mighty(1 pt): With a bit of effort, Towerhorn can enhance the power of his voice to massive ranges, letting everyone know his territory. this can reach across an entire valley. (MuAnIm 10, base 5, +1 magnitude)
  • Bellow of Challenge(2 might): The massive goat can demand attention. When he challenges someone, they often find they cannot focus on anyone else. (ReAn(Me) 20; base 5, +1 voice, +1 concentration, +1 Mentem requisite; -2 might points)
  • Unbreakable Horns(0 might): Towerhorn's mighty horns are practically unbreakable. Though not actually iron, they are as hard as such. (MuAn 20; base 5, +2 sun, +1 constant)

Vis: 3 Animal in heart.. or loins if you prefer that

Towerhorn may take some work to befriend him. He doesn't actually use his mind much, being a happy, lazy, lustful herd leader, but he enjoys pondering mysteries, and he's amazingly smart for a beast who acts like an animal so often. He understands that his aura is threatened, and he tries to protect it by chasing off the humans.
Binding him will require a Muto Animal score of 44.

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From the southern forests, there was rumors of the hedge witch who had her familiar, a cat she summoned from the stars in a dark pact. That witch died long ago, but other hedge witches sometimes travel to her former cottage to try and re-enact the rite. In fact, a few hermetic Magi have performed similar rites for power.
Visier is a beautiful female feline, with the sleekest black fur, that flows in the shadows like spilled ink. Her ears are large, and her eyes look like twin slivers of the moon. Visier has served many witches, and gained more knowledge and power with each iteration, even if she loses most of the knowledge when she is 'killed' by pact-breaking. Visier grants her patron, when they swear oaths together, wisdom and knowledge in their magical field in return for being given feline rulership of their domain - in this case, no other cats are allowed in her new demesne, and the humans must keep her fed and fat. Oddly, Visier has no aversion to Magical (or Infernal!) cats, but does hate other Faerie cats.

Visier, the Familiar Cat
Faerie Might: 20
Characteristics: Int +2, Per +2, Pre +1, Com -1, Str -7, Sta -1, Dex +2, Qik +3
Size: -3
Virtues and Flaws: Faerie Beast; Faerie Sight, Personal Powers, Positive Folktales, Pretentious, Ritual Powers x4; Envious (major), Little, Obsessed (lab research), Might Recovery Requires Vitality (fed by human hands), Succeptible to Deprivation, Traditional Ward(mortal cats)
Personality Traits: Envious +6, Prideful +3, Curious +3
Reputations: A skilled mystical familiar 3 (among folk witches)
Pretenses: Athletics(flight) 3, Awareness(cats) 5, Brawl (claws) 4, Charm(for food) 4, Folk Ken(children) 3, Guile(innocence) 3, Language Local 4, Language Latin 4, Org Lore: Folk Witches(personalities) 3, Org Lore:Order of Hermes (personalities) 1

  • Familiar's Oath (20 Might): Visier can swear an oath to serve a magus or hedge witch as a familiar. While they are bound together, the patron must take care of Visier, as well as give her satisfying research. This grants the patron (if a Hermetic Magus) the virtues of Inventive Genius and Great Intelligence for the duration of the familiar bond. (You could also have Visier offer her patron Puissant Magic Theory, or Free Study, or some other lab-bonuses if preferred). Should the magus break the terms of the Familiar Oath, the gifts will be withdrawn as Visier 'dies' from the betrayal. This soul-crusing experience will instead replace the virtues with Creative Block and Succeptibility to Faerie Power, or some other appropriate flaw. (Ritual Powers x4 - two for the oath, and two for the granted virtues)
  • Flight(2 might): Visier can walk on air, little puffs of moonlight coming out from under her paws as she does so.

Vis: 4 Vim vis in eyes

I am aware that my numbers are way, way off. I didn't have time to balance this as a player character. But this isn't designed to be...balanced.
Visier will refuse to form an Oath with someone who has a familiar. To take Visier as a familiar, a magus would have to effectively pretend that Visier was a real familiar. Visier will also become more and more demanding as time passes on, though most of her demands will be inflicted upon the covenfolk rather than the magus. If you're using the Covenants lab customization rules, Visier counts as a Greater Guardian and Faerie Ingredients, as she brings home fun things she found prowling.
At some point, the magus might want to be rid of the troublesome faerie, perhaps because the covenfolk are becoming worn out of her demands, or perhaps so the magus can get a true familiar. Breaking this oath is quite mentally straining - though the flaws can be surprisingly chased off by keeping a number of cats in your laboratory. The oathbreaking can actually be dispelled as a level 50 Mentem effect.

Extra plot seed: Perhaps the magi hear the story of a a magus who is looking to pass his familiar off to a successor (which is normally unheard of, but the Merinita is trying to get a real familiar, and has found a loop-hole to get himself out of the oath!)
Extra Extra plot seed: Visier would actually be plausible familiar for a Bjornaer.


Chatter the vampire bat was born in Acquitaine.. probably. She thinks so at least. Chatter was gifted with great powers to speak with the animals - which includes humans. Chatter was born with magical powers to whisper and change whispers. She has a natural interest and intellect towards gathering and spreading stories. She's a natural spy!
Unfortunately.. Chatter also is very shy, and while she loves visiting the human festivals, gathering and spreading rumors, she never, ever, ever wants to be seen and will usually flee when she is noticed. Making it worse, Chatter has no sense of direction, and has long, long ago lost her colony of bats, and is now reduced to scavenging her meals off of napping goats. She has learned the local human language, and a few animal languages, and she's even learned how to sing!
Not that she would EVER EVER EVER let anyone hear her singing.

Magical Might 20 (Animal)
Characteristics: Int +1, Per +3, Pre -2, Com -2, Str -16, Sta 0, Dex +2, Qik +10
Size -8
Season: Spring
Confidence 1
Virtues and Flaws: Magical Animal; Animal Ken*, Apt Student, Gossip, Keen Vision, Sharp ears, Unaffected by the Gift; Fragile Constitution, Magical Friend, Meddler, No Sense of Direction, Reclusive
Magical Qualities: Improved Abilities x2, Improved Defense x2 (dodge), Improved Might x2, Improved Powers, Lesser Power(Pass Secrets, Whispers Impish Delight), Minor Virtue(Animal Ken), Personal Power (Listening to the Wind)
Personality Traits: Humans are Fun +1, Meddlesome Gossip +3, Shy +4
Reputations: None yet! (Please don't notice me)
Abilities: Animal Ken(birds) 1, Athletics(flying) 2, Awareness(insects) 4, Brawl(dodge) 3, Charm(peasants) 1, Concentration(listening) 1, Etiquette(courts), Finesse(Whispers) 3, Folk Ken(nobles), Intrigue(rumors) 1, French 4, Music (singing) 1, Stealth 3

  • Listening to the Wind(1 might): Chatter loves listening to the gossip of magical animals and people. She has found its much safer to listen from further away, and she is able to filter the different voices better. (InIm 15; base 1, +3 Sight, +1 concentration, +2 magnitudes for clarity; -1 might)
  • Pass on the Secrets(1 might): Little Chatter can also whisper her own voice out to where she wants it to be heard, in someone's ear, or in a distant place. (ReIm 5; base 5)
  • Whispers of Impish Delight(1 might): Her favorite trick, Chatter has the ability to alter the words said to be a different set of words. She's still learning, and it requires a tricky Finesse roll to pull it off unless people are... drunk, distracted, or over-eager, which is why Chatter likes doing it at parties. (MuIm 5; base 1, +3 sight, +1 intelligible speech)

Vis: 4 imaginem vis in ears and eyes

Her whispers will require a finesse roll to be convincing, ease factor probably 9 or 12... or possibly 6 + Folk Ken of the listener? Befriending her isn't hard, but earning a long-lasting Familiar bond will require you to prove yourself a good talker, because she loves to listen to people talk. Once done, you can bind her as a familiar with an Intellego Imaginem (or InAn) lab total of 5.


The deep forest is a place where magic dwells. The forest is a powerful aura, and likely contains a few Regios hidden in its depths. Once, it was a place of worship by the tribes of primitive humans who lived nearby. The forest is also constantly threatened by 'modern; humans who want to exploit it for resources, fed by the nearby towns' need for lumber, furs, and exotic goods. So the forest created a guardian.
The Guardian of the Deep Forest is a massive bear. This bear is a defender, not a creature of vengeance, It guards the forest, it patrols the dark wooded paths, and it speaks to the trees. It is rather pacifistic, and generally will not engage in combat unless it is forced. Generally, when humans invade the forest, it will first attempt to scare them off, then magically subdue them if needed; only if they resist its magic will the bear fight - but it is still a powerful combatant. To properly punish the sleeping humans, it usually will turn them into small bear cubs for a week or two, and may teach them of the forest if they are wise enough to stay around.

Guardian of the Deep Forest
Magical Might 17
Characteristics: Int 2, Per 0, Pre 1, Com 0, Str 8, Sta 2, Dex 0, Qik -3
Size +3
Season Summer
Confidence 1
Virtues and Flaws: Magical Animal; Good Teacher, Magical Master, Reserves of Strength, Tough; Hatred (Defilers, major), Missing Ear, Missing Hand, Vow(Pacifism)
Magical Qualities: Greater Power x2(Roar of Slumber, Curse of the Cub), Gigantic, Improved Attack x2, Improved Powers x2, Improved Soak x2, Lesser Power x2(Whispers of the Seedlings, Intuition of the Forest), Minor Virtue (Improved Characteristics), Personal Power x2 (See Dark Intent)
Personality Traits: Maternal +3, Hatred of Defiler Humans +6, Peaceful +3
Reputations: Guardian of the Woods 4
Abilities: Area Lore Forest(hideaways) 2, Athletics(climbing) 3, Awareness(hunters) 4, Brawl(claws) 7, Hunt(fish) 4, Stealth(staying still) 3, Survival(scavenging) 2, Teaching(cubs) 3

  • Roar of Slumber(3 might): The Bear can let out a roar that causes a group of invading humans to drowse into slumber. (ReMe 30; base 4, +2 voice, +2 group)
  • Curse of the Cub(3 might):The humans need to be taught their lessons. The Guardian Bear is a teacher - and thus transforms the slumbering or slow-running invaders into bear cubs for a time so they may learn how to properly respect the forest. (MuCo/An 30; base 10, +1 touch, +3 moon)
  • Intuition of the Forest(3 might): As per the Hermetic spell of the same name; The great Bear is in tune with the forest that birthed it, and gets a +3 to all nature-oriented rolls in its forest- and its a very large forest. (InHe 15; base 1, +1 touch, +2 sun, +2 Group, +1 group size)
  • See Dark Intent(5 might): The mighty Guardian knows humans are the cause of the damage to its natural home, but it also knows that humans have been worshippers and caretakers of the woods as well. The Guardian bear can tell the harmful or reverential emotions a human feels towards the Bear's home woods - and in fact can just read the emotions of any human it's looking at. (InMe 45; base 10, +4 vision, +2 sun, +1 constant)
  • Whispers of the Seedlings(0 might): To help watch over its home, the Guardian Bear asks help from the forest itself, the great oaks that helped birth him as well as seedlings it planted, and everything in between. The Bear can speak to plants. (InHe 25; base 15, +2 voice; -5 might)

Vis: 4 Rego in eyes

Well, obviously falling behind. Mixture of reasons.
Binding the bear takes Rego Mentem lab total of 57

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In the higher mountains, there are a few small mining towns that tell rumors of a 'good luck mole'. They say it has fur of silver and copper, with eyes like gemstones. Some miners even try to hunt down the mole to sell its body, though most will try and stop such fools. There is definitely a faerie creature running around the towns that is feeding off of their vitality, but the truth is that the stories started because of a magical mole that inhabits the cave-regios in the area.
The mole, named Dugmore, has long explored the cave regios in those mountains. On one hand, Dugmore feels their his - as much as anyone can own a set of caves, of course. Dugmore often has found miners who got lost in the regios and lead them out - because Dug wants a clean home, and dislikes humans in his tunnels. When he ventures towards the less magical realms, Dug likes to hunt down precious gemstones. He likes the taste of them, though he can't eat them, he just tends to suck on them like candy, and miners finding the cast-offs when he's done are where the rumors of the 'Good Luck Mole' come from.

Dugmore the Mole
Magical Might 15
Characteristics: Int +0, Per +3, Pre -1, Com -1, Str -10, Sta +1, Dex +1, Qik +6
Size -5
Season Summer
Confidence 1
Virtues and Flaws: Magical Animal; Dowsing, Tunnel Regio Network, Voice of the Diggers; Humble, Magical Monsters, Warped Senses (Sensitive eyes)
Magical Qualities: Improved Defense x2, Improved Recovery x2, Lesser Power x2 (Move the Earth, Hard Packed Tunnel), No Fatigue, Personal Power (Scent the Precious Stones); Reduced Abilities
Personality Traits: Explorative +3, Humble +3, Shy +1
Reputations: Good Luck Mole 2 (miners)
Abilities: Area Lore: Regio Network 4, Area Lore: Local Mines (gemstones) 3, Athletics(Digging) 2, Awareness 4, Brawl(dodge) 3, Hunt(grubs) 3, Magic Lore(regios) 3, Stealth (underground) 4, Survival(underground) 3

  • Scent the Precious Stones(2 might): Dugmor the mole can smell precious stones, which are one of his favorite things. (InTe 15; base 2, +2 smell, +2 sun, +1 constant)
  • Move the Earth (2 might): Dugmor can rearrange and move the rocks in tunnels he travels, often shoring up the weaker structures of his tunnels. He theoretically can also break them down, or create extra walls, but Dug doesn't usually do that sort of wasteful thing.(ReTe 20; base 4, +1 touch, +2 group, +1 precison; -2 might)
  • Hard Packed Tunnel(2 might): Dug has the ablity to create tunnles in the soft earth, hard-packing the walls and ceilings to keep them from collapsing until the power wears off. He can effect about a thousand cubic paces of earth to make the tunnels. (ReTe 20; Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 size; -2 might)

Vis: 3 Terram in claws

The Magical realm, as a general rule, doesn't care about people. It cares about itself; It cares about essential nature and perfection. Dogs, however, were raised and bred to serve humans, and the essential nature of hound could be to care for it's human master. Failing to do so does not change the nature of the hound.
Joshua was a good boy. Not just a usual good boy, but a proper Good Boy. His masters told him so, ever since he was taken in as a pup. He did his best to live up to his master's expectations. He hung onto his master's words, even when he did not understand. And when Joshua's master fell to a plague, Joshua wanted to still be a good boy. He chased of bad spirits, infections, and faeries coming to feed. He defended his master until his master was no more.
It was crushing, but Joshua refused to give up his goal. There were other humans. They needed help. Joshua found a new master to defend in their time of need, and Joshua chased off the evil spirits, and the new master survived. Joshua did not need rewards though; the pat on the head, the words of encouragement, they were enough. Now Joshua knew what he could do, he could help all the masters. Joshua the dog travels and he tries to help humans in need, adopting them until they heal, or until they do not, before finding a new one.
Joshua is a big dog, and one with gleaming, almost golden-seeming fur. He always looks freshly brushed, and mud tends to look dramatic on him rather than messy.

Joshua the Good
Magical Might: 12
Characteristics: Cun -2, Per +3, Pre +2, Com -2, Str -3, Sta +1, Dex +1, Qik +3
Size: -2
Season: Summer
Confidence: 1
Virtues and Flaws: Magical Animal; Long-Winded, Second Sight/scent, Sharp Ears; Dutybound(Protect humans), Magical Friend, Soft-Hearted
Magical Qualities: Greater Power(guard the door), Improved Attack(bite) x2, Improved Powers x2, Lesser Power x3(seek the master, Patrol the Home, Heartening company)
Personality Traits: Dog* +3, Hates Evil Spirits +2, Loyal* +4, Soft-Hearted +3
Reputations: Loyal Hound 2
Abilities: Area Lore(warm hearths) 3, Athletics(distance running) 4, Awareness(scent) 5, Brawl(bite) 5, Charm(begging for food) 1, Concentration(tracking) 3, Hunt(rabbits) 3, Penetration(ward) 2, Second Sight(faeries) 4, Survival(farmlands) 1, Swim(rivers) 2 [15 unspent]

  • Seek the Master(0 might): Joshua always knows where his current master is, and their health and state. He checks up on them every morning and night. (InCo 25; base 10, +1 touch, +2 sun; -5 might)
  • Patrol the Home(3 might): Like a good boy, Joshua patrols his home and knows every inch of it, he knows it so well he can sense what's going on even when he's not there. Joshua can detect everything in his home by scent, hearing, or sight even when he is asleep or out of the house. (InIm 25; b3, +1 touch, +3 structure, +2 sun; -2 might)
  • Heartening Company(2 might): The masters heal faster and cleaner around Joshua. He checks up on them day and night, and they recover well because of his attention. Joshua gives a +9 to recovery rolls for a human he is attending. (CrCo 15; base 4, +1 touch, +2 sun; -1 might)
  • Guard the Door(2 might): Joshua knows that evil spirits are the cause of humanity's woe, so he chases them off. Joshua lays himself across the threshold of a room - the door or window - and his vigilance creates a ward against the dark faeries who feed on human misery. As much as he would like, Joshua cannot essentially deal with demons or angels, as they are god's will. (ReVi 40 ward; base 15, +2 room, +2 sun, +1 touch; -2 might)

Vis: 2 intellego in ears

Joshua is a good boy. He loves humans. He isn't however immune to the gift, so he is likely to bark of magi as evil spirits until they prove themselves. Befriending him will require you to show the same care for human life. Binding him will require an Intellego Corpus or Anmial lab total of 27. Rego or Creo are also good arguments.


His exact origins are not quite known, but a lot of people tell rumors of the Steed who Rides the Storms. There is a herd of horses lead by a massive charger with a grey pelt that gleams like a thundering storm-cloud and hooves like polished stone. He has been seen on the coasts of... (I don't know... Normandy?) though when people try to catch the steed, the charger has been seen leading his herd out onto the clouds with a thunder of stormclouds.
A rare few of these brave souls have gotten close enough to the herd that they can catch one of the slower, younger horses from the herd, and rumors say they are fine and strong steeds, who bear a trace of their sire's magic. For some unknown reason, this storm-steed and his kin seem to dislike magi.

Pride, the Charger of the Storms
Magical Might: 15
Characteristics: Int +1, Per +0, Pre +3, Com -2, Str +6, Sta +3, Dex +0, Qik +1
Size: +3
Season: Summer
Confidence: 1
Virtues and Flaws: Magical Animal; Greater Benediction*(bloodline blessed by magic), Improved Characteristics x4, Large, Lesser Immunity* (thunder and lighting), Reserves of Strength; Lesser Malediction* (bloodline is mentally challenged), Magical Monster, Proud (major)
Magical Qualities: Improved Attack (hoof) x2, Improved Damage (Hoof), Improved Might x3, Lesser Power x2 (Hooves of Thunder, Ride on the Wind), Major Virtue(Greater Benediction), Minor Virtue (Lesser Immunity), No Fatigue, Personal Power(See the Wind); Minor Flaw (Lesser Malediction)
Personality Traits: Prideful +3, Dislikes Wizards +1, Protective of Herd +3
Reputations: The Storm-Charger 4
Abilities: Area Lore: coasts (safe pastures) 4, Area Lore: Coastal Skies (weather) 2, Athletics(sure-footed) 5, Awareness (humans) 4, Brawl (hoof) 5, Concentration (thundering) 2, Leadership (horses) 3, Penetration(thunder) 2, Survival(coastal) 4

  • Hooves of Thunder (2 might): Pride's hooves are mighty, and he knows it. He can cause thunder to echo out when he charges, and often sparks of lightning will crackle around his legs and hooves when he does. His charging hoofbeats create thunder, deafening the unprepared. (CrAu 10; base 3, +1 touch, +1 concentration)
  • See the wind (3 might): Pride is a creature of the storms, and born of them; He can see the way the wind moves, and can often follow its path. (InAu 25; base 2, +4 vision, +2 sun, +1 constant)
  • Ride on the Wind(5 might): Leading his herd, Pride can storm out onto a wind as if it was solid ground. Others could technically follow him, but likely only his herd has the ability and trust to not mis-step on the invisible winds that now support them. This power does not make the wind visible, nor make it still, the wind is still turbulent and wild even if you can stand apon it. Only the upper surface of the wind gets the solidity (MuAu(Te) 25; base 10, +1 touch, +2 sun, +1 Te requisite for extra solidity, +1 part)

Vis: 3 auram in hooves - one of his hooves looks mundane for this reason

Pride's bloodline has a magical blessing - the often are born able to sense the wind or resistant to the storms, though they are also born dumb as rocks. Pride has noticed this, and is very upset, and blames wizards for the curse - he couldn't possibly believe that his foals being idiots is his fault. Binding him as a familair is difficult - he is a might steed! - and requires a Creo Auram or Animal lab total of 55

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