23 Rune Scripts using Ansuz (Complete)


So I wanted to do an experiment to see if it was possible to create a Method II Rune Script for each combination of effect-target options available for Vitkir.

That was a lot of work, but I have finished the first part of that: These are all Method II Rune Scripts that attempt use Ansuz as their target. I had to stretch things a little in places, owing to the specific nature of the target.

Ansuz is very flexible and a great Rune to use as a target if you want to be an illusionist or affect other's minds, since it can affect at least four different types of target. Several of these Rune Scripts allow you to summon the image of a thing, or use Ansuz to create an illusory version of something the Rune can normally create in reality. Others combine effects that alter targets with some natural part of something's sound or image.

A few of them even use the fact that Ansuz can directly target the mouth as a physical part of the body, which I'm particularly amused by.

I tried to avoid some fairly straightforward ones, such as using Gebo (Ansuz) to let you enthrall someone's mind with your voice (But I will admit the Berkanan script was a compromise).

So without further ado, the 23 Rune Scripts:

I, (The Runemaster), Heal the Friendly Wight
Level 20 Berkanan (Ansuz), Method II

This rune is carved upon an amulet and given to a creature with Might that is capable of human speech. Its wounds gain a +12 Recovery bonus for as long as they continue to possess the amulet.

I, (The Runemaster), Hide the Stony Chasm
Level 20 Dagaz (Ansuz), Method II

This rune is carved over the entrance to a cave or other entrance into the earth. As the sun rises, the apparent size of the cave opening diminishes. It appears a fourth as large at sunrise and half that size at noon. It remains in this diminished state until sunset.

These changes are purely illusory and never completely conceal the entrance, but may make a small cave opening or similar appear inaccessible to most adult humans during the day.

I, (The Runemaster), Tame the Wicked Tongue
Level 20 Ehwaz (Ansuz), Method II

These runes are typically carved onto a small staff of wood and twined with an arcane connection, such as a hair or a drop of blood, to a particular person. That person finds it impossible to say bad things about the runemaster.

If the speaker attempts to say something that is meant to defame, insult or harm the runemaster, their tongue refuses to move and form the sounds. This rune script is limited in that it considers only what the runemaster would find offensive or insulting, and permits things that the runemaster would consider inoffensive, even if those things are in an objective sense.

I, (The Runemaster), Capture the Poet’s Voice
Level 35 Fehu (Ansuz), Method II

When combined with an arcane connection to a person, these runes steal the target’ voice. This only works if the voice of the target is deeply connected with their profession or personal wealth, such as if they are a professional poet or singer. It requires that the voice of the target be the main source of their wealth, rather than an important, but inessential, part of it. This is why it can capture the voice of a poet, but not that of a merchant, as a merchant’s wealth flows from goods sold rather than directly from the sweetness of their voice.

The lost voice is trapped within the runes. The runemaster can command the voice to perform whatever songs, poems or other performances the target knows and it may speak from the object the runes are inscribed upon.

Once the runes are destroyed, the voice returns to the target over the course of a month. Until then, they are unable to speak or utter any sound.

I, (The Runemaster), Bid The Dead to Depart
Level 30 Gebo (Ansuz), Method II

Traditionally, these runes are carved over the entrance to a home being haunted by a spirit or ghost. If the runes penetrate, the spirit is forced to depart from the haunted home and return to their grave.

I, (The Runemaster), Call the False Storm
Level 15 Hagalaz (Ansuz), Method II

These runes are often carved surreptitiously upon the ship of a rival. They cause, over the next day,the signs and omens of ill weather and storms to form around the ship. Thunder and rising winds are heard in the distance and seem to slowly grow more intense and closer to the ship, accompanied by the smell of fresh storm wind and the tinge of ill omened weather in the air.

The false storm pursues the ship for several days before finally fading, though the destruction of the runes may end it early. Characters familiar with sea weather can make an Ease Factor 9 Perception + Profession: Sailor check to identify that the weather is somehow false or unnatural.

These portents may appear distant, but the illusion is bound up within ten paces of the runes. Anyone upon the ship who jumps overboard and swims away will see these signs vanish as soon as they leave that range.

I, (The Runemaster), Send the Mind to Winter
Level 20 Isa (Ansuz), Method II

These runes are carved alongside an arcane connection to a target. The next time the runemaster speaks with the target, the runes take effect upon the target. Their mind is frozen and still. They find it impossible to hold a coherent conversation or even maintain a train of thought.

The target suffers a -3 penalty to all actions and double that to Concentration checks. They also act as though they have the Short Attention Span flaw and are unable to commit to any mentally intensive seasonal activities, such as study, teaching or the practice of magic.

I, (The Runemaster), Carve These Runes for Taste
Level 15 Jera (Ansuz), Method II

These runes are carved onto a piece of wood and placed near food or drink. When she carves them, the runemaster focuses on her memory of a particular taste- typically a rare spice or some strange magical food. The rune calls this memory out and casts it into the food or drink present, causing them to be laced with the remembered taste.

I, (The Runemaster) Curse the Slanderers with Burning Tongues
Level 10 Kauno (Ansuz), Method II

Once these runes are carved, any within ten paces of them who speak slanderously of another, or speak in a way that would defame another’s character, or spread rumors of another’s misbehavior suffer the power of the runes.

Their mouths are filled with sudden, painful heat, as if they had eaten hot ash. The heat fades at once if they cease to speak. These runes can inflict +5 damage if a target continues speaking once the heat begins, but causes only lingering pain in those who stop.

I, (The Runemaster), Stifle my Foe's Dying Curse
Level 10 Laguz (Ansuz), Method II

These runes are carved upon a wooden box within which an arcane connection to a target is placed. Should the target fall into the sea, they find their voice is washed away by the waves. They are unable to speak or call out for help unless removed from the water, after which their voice returns after a few hour's time.

This rune script is traditionally used to stifle the death curses of one's rivals, after ensuring they drown at sea.

I, (The Runemaster), Bring the Chorus to Harmony
Level 20 Mannaz (Ansuz), Method II

These runes are carved upon a necklace worn by the leader of a group of singers. Once the leader begins singing, any who join them find that their collective voices move with incredible harmony and natural grace. This grants a +2 bonus to any roll made as part of that performance.

I, (The Runemaster), Fell the Dying Giants
Level 10 Naudiz (Ansuz), Method II

These runes are typically carved upon an arrow or staff. When in combat with an intelligent being with Might, that being suffers a -2 penalty to all rolls made while dreadfully wounded or long pursued. This effect must penetrate their magic resistance to be effective.

I, (The Runemaster), Carve These Runes for the Precious Dream
Level 35 Ingwaz (Ansuz), Method II

These runes are carved, traditionally, into a bed or near one, along with an arcane connection. If one sleeps near these runes while someone sings nearby, they will dream of a memory they hold for the person that arcane connection belongs to.

The dream is as accurate and detailed as if the sleeper were reliving it.

I, (The Runemaster), Beget Nine Rings
Level 20 Othila (Ansuz), Method II

These runes are often carved upon a golden ring. The ring is presented to someone whom the runemaster wishes to trick, and then the runemaster will say that it holds the magical property to duplicate itself nine fold every day.

The magic of the runes causes the words of the runemaster to take hold of that person. So long as they remain within ten paces of the ring, they will perceive that it does indeed create copies of itself- though these are pure illusion and exist only in the mind of the subject. They will treat them as if they were real, like someone with the Delusions flaw.

Another character whom the afflicted trusts can attempt a Communication + Charm check against an Ease Factor of 12 to free them of the wizard’s words, and a success breaks the enchantment.

The wise are more likely to simply destroy the runes upon the ring.

I, (The Runemaster), Dice with Elves
Level 20 Perth (Ansuz), Method II

These runes are often carved upon a drinking cup. They cause all beings with Might capable of speech within ten paces to suffer a -4 penalty to games of chance, as well as any other activities based purely upon luck.

I, (The Runemaster), Call the Falling Mountain
Level 35 Raido (Ansuz), Method II

In order to carve these runes, the runemaster must have a piece of stone from an avalanche, collected within an hour of it falling. These runes are often carved onto the side of a horn, with the piece of mountain stone being included as a decoration (or replaced with a rune script that creates an arcane connection). Whenever someone blows through it, the runes change their voice to become the sound of an avalanche descending at full speed.

This sound begins distantly and advances with the speed of such a thing, however, it may only last for as long as the horn is blown- it stops abruptly if the horn’s call does.

I, (The Runemaster), Speak Summer Into the Lungs
Level 25 Sowilo (Ansuz), Method II

These runes are usually carved into a necklace. They cause the mouths, throats and lungs of those within ten paces to become immune to the coldness of the air. They can speak or shout freely without becoming hoarse due to the dry chill of winter.

I, (The Runemaster), Make Truth of The Lyre
Level 30 Tiwaz (Ansuz), Method II

These runes are carved into a string instrument, such as a lyre. If the instrument is played while others within ten paces of it speak, its sound will change in accordance to the truthfulness or deceptiveness of those who speak. If only the truth is spoken, as the speaker understands it, the sound will be sweet and the performer gains a +2 bonus to any rolls made as part of the performance. However, if lies are spoken, the sound will sour and impose a -2 penalty on the same.

The runes work best when only a single person speaks at a time, as multiple speakers who lie and speak truthfully in a mixture simply muddy the power of the runes and leave the music unchanged.

I, (The Runemaster), Turn the Tongue to Fury
Level 15 Thurisaz (Ansuz), Method II

These runes are usually carved into something worn, or onto the seat of a guest or host. Those who speak within ten paces of these runes cause those who hear them to suffer a -3 penalty to personality rolls to resist wrath, fury or the like. This does not stack and does not inherently force such a personality roll, but it does make them more likely.

I, (The Runemaster), Steady the King Against Charmed Song
Level 20 Uruz (Ansuz), Method II

These runes are carved upon a crown or circlet, or a similar status symbol. They cause supernatural effects that would affect the minds of those within ten paces to fail if their level is less than twenty. However, these runes only resist such effects if they are conveyed by the voice- such as Enchanting Music or many of the other Rune Scripts above.

I, (The Runemaster), Carve These Runes to Aid the Drowning Man
Level 10 Wunjo (Ansuz), Method II

These runes are often carved into the keel of a boat, or carved into the fingernails of sailors before they leave port. Those within ten paces of these runes find that they reduce the fatigue or wound penalties they suffer from Deprivation by six, so long as they suffer them due to a lack of air.

I, (The Runemaster), Awaken the Groans of the Dead
Level 25 Ihwaz (Ansuz), Method II

These runes are usually carved near the entrance to a place which the runemaster wishes to go undisturbed. It causes the mouths and voices of any dead corpses within range of the runes to mutter, groan or utter incoherently. If one responds to these utterances, then the dead will respond with noisome groaning, wailing, screaming or roaring (as appropriate).

These runes never allow clear communication between the living and the dead, as they do not affect the dead’s spirits- only their bodies. It may also affect dead creatures as well, potentially allowing for quite sinister arrangements.

(The Runemaster) Protects Against Shouts and Surprise
Level 10 Algiz (Ansuz), Method II

It is impossible to speak within ten paces of these runes.