30 Days of Josephine, Merinita

Conjury of Glorious Attire (CrIm 10)

Despite one of the other magi in her covenant referring to this spell as 'Emergency Trousers', Josephine detests that nickname. This spell summons up the illusion of glamorous robes or other clothing to cover the form of the wearer - or theoretically someone else. The spell's mimicry covers the sight of the robes, the swish of the fabric, and the touch of it. The complexity of the spell allows the illusion to move in a fashion that the caster expects -brushing around corners or past objects, for instance - though because it reacts to the caster's expectations, if they do not notice a footstool or an invisible object, the illusory robes will pass right through them.
(Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 complex moving image, +1 Diameter)


Conjure the Complex Attire (Creo Herbam [Animal] 20)

R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Group
Josephine would call it a cruel trick of fate how often she needs to spontaneously change clothes or get dressed in a hurry - whether a giant tearing at her robes while trying to kidnap her, or an unwanted suitor getting angry, a botched spellcasting, or transformation spell that didn't quite work. An illusion of clothing is good in a pinch, but when it's colder out, only a real outfit would do. Conjure the Complex Attire creates a complete outfit, from wool-lined boots and velvet robes, to soft linen undergarments and a warm hood. Though Josephine didn't know it when she created this spell, a surprising amount of her unfortunate situations are the Doll Josie's fault. Josephine's version of the spell has the outfit summoned out of swirling starlights, and the quality of the outfit is based on an Intelligence + Finesse roll (ease factor 6 for just simple garb, up to ease factor 15 for something suitable for a grand ball).
(Base 1, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 treated and processed, +2 group)

Design Notes

This spell is one I like, but am also cautious about. I used an Herbam base, because I also had an idea for a fine linen underdress spell (Not posted here, but it was Conjure Delicate Garments). I'm considering a +1 magnitude for Animal requisite, or possibly making the spell only able to add accoutrements of animal products. Not sure yet. Opinions?


To Be Dragged Away By The Collar (Rego Animal 15)

R: Voice, D: Conc, T: Ind
This spell grabs a a target by an article of clothing and drags them away. The round the spell is cast, the targeted clothing tightens and wraps itself around the target, and in subsequent rounds it will drag the target in a direction chosen by the caster. The unlucky person wearing the outfit must make a Strength roll to resist, though shoddily made attire will rip if too much force is used. Josephine's sigil causes a fist of ghostly stars to wrap around the target article.
(Base 3, +2 voice, +1 concentration)

Design Notes

"Seriously," Josephine says, staring dangerous daggers through the fourth marriage proposal of the hour. With a gesture, the man's overly expensive tunic tightens, hoists itself up like it was held by an angry innkeeper, and drags the man down the stairs and out of the building. "I think I might be cursed," she grumbles to her shield grog, who is madly in love with her, and trying to hide that fact so he can stay near her even longer.
I decided not to call this spell 'Trouser Telekinesis', but I did think of the joke. This is just Josephine trying to solve her problems by using her magical focus, as usual. It probably should have been made last tribunal, but here it is.

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A Weak Defense (Muto Animal 5)
R: Voice, D: Mom, T: Ind<
Josephine used spells similar to this one spontaneously quite frequently when her grogs and allies found themselves in combat, and when she had a bit of extra time one season, she took the time to design this as a formulaic spell. With an arcane utterance and a complex gesture, this spell transforms a suit of leather or hide armor into a loose, comfortable woolen bathrobe. The transformation only lasts for a few breaths, but it's enough to cause panic and possible death. It has the bonus of embaressing most highwaymen, in addition to turning the armor's protection to nothing for a round - and in most combat situations, the comfortable robe will become quite disarrayed, which when the spell wears off a round later, gives the bearer a -2 penalty to his combat totals until the appropriate straps and buckles are fixed.
(Base 3, +2 Voice)

Design Notes

This is in honor of my saga-mate's 'Mass Leather to Lard' spell, which he cast on invading pirates to trip up their assault, and completely disassemble their armor in an embarrassing fashion.


Stealing Josie's Dress (ReTe[req] 20)

R: Voice, D: Mom, T: Ind
A spell that Josephine learned during a conflict with the empowered Other, Josie. Teleports an article of clothing from someone in range, directly onto the caster's body. The caster's outerwear gets teleported in return somewhere random nearby to make room for the new outfit. Perception + Finesse ease factor 9 to put the dress on properly (6 if there's no laces or things to tie, 12 if its an incredibly complex outfit). Usually, this has an Animal requisite, since fine dresses tend to be silk, but if the target article is a linen or cotton outfit, it would be Herbam. Theoretically, if you were aware of what underthings a debutante was wearing, you could steal those instead, but with a +3 Ease Factor and two extra botch dice - not that Josephine would EVER steal a a rival's underthings while the other was dancing.
(base 4, +2 voice, +1 50 pace range, +1 to remove caster's clothing)

Design Notes

I am definitely abusing Faerie-Raised magic to get spells at higher level without having to spend multiple seasons, but I'm also trying to get five new spells per tribunal - that is a LOT of lab time, which means Josephine is getting less xp per tribunal than normal.
On to this spell! Josie the faerie needs to steal clothing, and keeps stealing Josephine's clothing to mimic her - naturally, Josephine wants the ability to do it in retaliation. Plus, other useful spells (And the first step in teleporting trousers.)
Because the Rego Animal guidelines for teleportation work with living animals, Transforming Mythic Europe uses Rego Terram for teleporting all inanimate objects, and here we are.


Posting this early for tomorrow since I had time to advance it today, and I do not know what tomorrow will look like.

Originally an Other Doll, Josie's obsession with Josephine has caused her to learn and grow, and the men and women who interacted with the pair of them have flooded Josie with vitality and allowed her to change to a more powerful faerie creature.

No longer an Other Doll, Josie is now the Other Woman. Though she still loves stealing Josie's guise and playing as her to get closer to her obsession, Josie has found that it is... invigorating to steal the appearance of other people near Josephine's presence. No longer seeks attention from partygoers to give her life, instead the romantically predatory faerie seeks out suitors and paramours who have been rejected and rebuffed, offering them solace for the evening. Since Josephine's Benediction (and Curse of Venus) give her no end of unwanted, rejected, and rebuffed paramours, Josie has learned to harvest an incredible amount of vitality by being the beautiful woman who the men turn to when they need to find themselves some soothing peace. Usually, this means a drunken noble thinking he spent an evening with a noblewoman or servant who has no memory of him and alibis to her chastity.

The Other Woman - Josie
Faerie Might 10+10 (Animal)
Characteristics: Int 0, Per 0, Pre +3, Com +2, Str -2, Sta -2, Dex +2, Qik +1
Size -1

Virtues and Flaws: Faerie Sight, Faerie Speech, Gossip, Humanoid Faerie, Increased Faerie Might, Lesser Power(Allure, Steal the Perfect Disguise), Personal Power(Stolen Guise), Perfect Balance, Place of Power (Parties), Pretentious; Narrowly Cognizant, Passes for Human; Fear of Fire, Lecherous(minor), Noncombatant, Obsession(Josephine), Slow Power (Stolen Guise), Small Frame, Traditional Ward (Candles), Vulnerable to Fire (15 mastery)

Personality Traits: Afraid of Fire +3, Brave -2, Sultry +3

Dodge: init +1, Atk - , Dfn +1, Dmg -
Soak -2

Pretenses: Area Lore: Local 3 (parties), Athletics 3 (grace), Awareness 2 (Josephine), Bargain 1 (faerie bargains), Carouse 2 (fitting in), Charm 5 (seduction), Etiquette 4 (nobility), Faerie Speech 5(entendres), Folk Ken 2(people desiring Josephine), Guile 4 (playing her guise), Intrigue 3 (gossip), Organization Lore: Nobility 2 (Personalities), Penetration 2(Allure), Profession: Servant 4 (staying unobtrusive), Profession: Noble 3 (small talk), Stealth 4 (staying unobtrusive)


  • Stolen Guise (1 points, init 0 [slow power, extra round], Corpus)
    This power allows the faerie to steal the appearance and look of another person. Josie usually will sneak into a manor home or castle and steal the guise of a servant before a party, and then during the party try and steal the image of someone who leaves the main party area. While arguably able to do this at will, Josie traditionally tries to steal an article of clothing from the person they imitate. Due to Faerie glamour, their clothing usually changes to match.
    (Base 3, +2 Sun, +1 Specific Person) [10 power levels]
  • Allure (1 point, Init -3, Mentem [ROP:F p57])
  • Steal the Perfect Disguise (2 points, init -3, Terram/Animal/Herbam)
    Josie needs to get her hands on the right outfit to mimic the right person, and oftentimes its hard to sneak in and steal an article of clothing. So, Josie's magic has developed and evolved to help her perform her task - her powers now allow her to steal clothing or jewelry so she can mimic the target of her choice - usually, this is Josephine or one of her attendants.
    (Base 4, +2 Voice, +1 teleport 50 feet) [15 power levels, 1 intricacy from Personal Power]

Traditional Ward: Candles - Josie cannot harm anyone who carries a candle or is near them. In addition to being rather flammable - her true form made of cloth and fabric - a sacred candle can show their true appearance with their shadow. Her fear of fire only matters if the fire is either uncontrolled or brandished - she won't avoid lit lanterns, but will not want to stand near a fireplace.
Vis: 2 pawn of Animal vis, an elegant doll's dress

Design Notes

Advancement (140 pretense):

5 - Transform Lecherous major to Vulnerable to Fire
10 - Gain Personal Power and Lecherous minor. (I then rearranged Josie's powers, and spent 1 intricacy on lowering the cost of pants-thievery)
15 - gain Increased Faerie Might
Penetration 1-2, Charm 4-5, Profession Servant 3-4, Folk Ken 1-2, Stealth 3-4, Area Lore 2-3


Josephine is so very, very done with this Beauteous Curse. By the time she's coming to this Tribunal, she has planned to avoid most of the social engagements she used to thrive on. Despite her more reclusive attitude, she continues to have a building reputation as an ... affectionate companion. She has discovered Josie's existence, and has begun to study her stalking doppelganger and learned at least one new spell - as a Merinita, she is curious how much she can learn.

At Tribunal, she is looking for knowledge! She's hoping to arrange some book trades or sales, looking for specifically Tractati on Arthurian legends (and Faerie Lore), Magic Theory(spell design), and Finesse. She unfortunately is going to be rather harassed by any of the young redcaps who don't have many children yet, and the magi in your saga may want to assist her with that problem. She is also looking to curry favors from any promising magi by utilizing her talents or offering to make lab texts for her spells.

If anyone is trying to curry favor with her for political reasons, she will react well to anyone complimenting her cleverness (she's not that clever) and will react quite badly to anyone complimenting how beautiful she is.

Josephine the Beautiful, of Merinita
House: Merinita

Characteristics: Int +1, Per 0, Pre +3, Com +1, Str -2, Sta +1, Dex +1, Qik 0
Size 0
Age 37 (49)
Warping 3 (19)
Confidence 1 (3)
Virtues: The Gift, Hermetic Magus, Faerie Magic; Affinity for Muto, Faerie Raised Magic, Faerie Sympathy (Beautiful), Lesser Benediction(Enchanting Beauty), Minor Magical Focus (Clothing), Puissant Finesse
Flaws: Ambitious(minor), Curse of Venus, Deleterious Circumstances(being ugly), Faerie Upbringing, Poor Student, Weird Magic
Personality Traits: Ambitious +3, Hedonistic +3, Wild +4
Reputation: Mysterious Beauty 3 (nobles), Beautiful Seductress 2 (Magi)
Faerie Sympathy: Beautiful +3

Abilities: Artes Liberales 1 (Ceremonial Casting), Bargain 2 (Faeries), Brawl 1 (dodge), Charm 4(seduction), Code of Hermes 1 (faeries), Concentration 1 (spells), Etiquette 4 (nobles), Faerie Lore 2 (court faeries), Finesse 2+2 (fine control), French 5 (flirting), Folk Ken 2 (males), Guile 2 (playing innocent), Intrigue 2 (starting rumors), Latin 4 (Hermetic slang), Legerdemain 1 (hiding objects), Magic Lore 1 (regios), Magic Theory 6 (Spell Design), Order of Hermes Lore 2 (Merinita), Parma Magica 3 (Corpus), Penetration 1 (Animal), Stealth 3 (hiding in crowds), Survival 1 (forests)

Arts (Casting sigil: glittering stars)
Creo 7, Intellego 5, Muto 15(+3xp), Perdo 5, Rego 9,
Animal 10, Aquam 0, Auram 0, Corpus 0, Herbam 7,
Ignem 5, Imaginem 8, Mentem 5, Terram 5, Vim 7


  • Conjure the Complex Attire (CrH [An] 20)
  • Glimpse of the Seamstress's Knowledge (InAn 10)
  • A Weak Defense (MuAn 5)
  • Doublet of Impenetrable Silk (MuAn 15)
  • The Hedgehog's Armor (MuAn 15)
  • The Queen Clad in Diamonds and Silk (MuAn [Te] 15)
  • Transformation of the Ravenous beast to the Torpid Toad (MuAn 25)
  • Decay of Fur and Hide (PeAn 10)
  • Circle of Beast Warding (ReAn 5)
  • Phantom Maids and Attendants for a Perfect Lady (ReAn 5)
  • Sooth the Ferocious Bear(ReAn 10)
  • Betrayed by the Price of Fashion (ReAn 15)
  • To Be Dragged Away By The Collar (ReAn 15)
  • Phantom Dancers (ReAn 25)
  • Eyes of the Cat (MuCo 5)
  • Disguise of the New Visage(MuCo 15)
  • Rise of the Feathery Body(ReCo 10)
  • Pass the Unyielding Portal (MuHe 5)
  • Piercing Shaft of Wood(Mu[Re]He 10)
  • Rope of Bronze (MuHe[Te] 15)
  • Strike of the Angered Branch(ReHe 15)
  • Loss of But a Moment's Memory (PeMe 15)
  • Pilum of Fire (CrIg 20)
  • Trapping the Fire (MuIg[Te])
  • Conjury of Glorious Attire (CrIm 10)
  • Aura of Ennobled Presence(MuIm 10)
  • Notes of a Delightful Sound(MuIm 10)
  • Shine Like the Stars Above (MuIm 10)
  • A New Dress From Old Fabric (MuIm 15)
  • Clad as an Empress (PeIm 15)
  • Veil of Invisibility (PeIm 20)
  • Wizard's Sidestep(ReIm 10)
  • Dance With Me (CrMe 15)
  • A Forgotten Invitation (MuMe 5)
  • Confusion of the Numbed Will (ReMe 15)
  • Supple Iron and Rigid Rope(MuTe 10)
  • Stealing Josie's Dress (ReTe[req] 20)
  • Piercing the Faerie Veil (InVi 20)
  • Wizards Communion(MuVi 15)
  • Sorcerer's Fork (MuVi 25)
  • Faerie's Eternal Oblivion (PeVi 20)

Advancement (5 years, 150 xp): [Assumed LR of 35+]

  • 18xp - Creo 5-7
  • 13xp - Herbam 6-7
  • 5xp - Terram 5
  • 15xp - Ignem 5
  • 5xp - Spell Mastery (A Weak Defense - fast casting)
  • 8xp - Stealing Josie's Dress
  • 15xp - Beautiful Sympathy 3
  • 30xp - Magic Theory 6
  • 15xp - Parma Magica 3
  • 10xp - Animal 10
  • 9xp - Rego 9
  • 5xp - Magic Lore 1
  • 2xp - Muto (3xp)

Lab Work (2 years, 8 seasons)

  1. The Hedgehog's Armor + A Weak Defense(MuAn 15+5, Lab Total 43)
  2. Conjury of Glorious Attire (CrIm 10, Lab Total 25)
  3. Conjure the Complex Attire (CrHe[An] 20, LT 30) - 1 season
  4. Conjure the Complex Attire (CrHe[An] 20, LT 30) - 2 seasons
  5. To Be Dragged Away By The Collar (ReAn 15, LT 35)
  6. Pilum of Fire from lab text (CrIg 20, LT 22)
  7. Trapping the Fire lab text (MuIgTe 25, LT 27)
  8. Stir the Slumbering Tree from lab text (MuHeMe 25+5, LT 30)

Josephine has a few goals here, but sagas always go directions unexpected. Josephine wants to break the mystic ties she has with the faeries who kidnapped her as a child - perhaps stealing an arcane connection back; She wants to expand and study more of her magic, and study the Arthurian mythos which has captured her attention; She also wants to capture Josie and see if she can use the Faerie clone to her advantage.

Plot Seeds and Adventures:
  1. Josephine is looking for someone with a knowledge of Wards, and faeries, to help her catch a stalking faerie - she doesn't want it harned, she wants to study it. Can you help her catch it and bring it to her extra lab for study? And DO NOT hurt it. Unfortunately, Josie has found an apprentice (as Magi are wont to do) and there is a new Other Doll running around social circles keeping things complicated.
  2. The players are approached while travelling - Josephine needs assistance dealing with some unwanted suitors! She knows that these magi are the best people to assist her because of how well she's viewed them in the past. There's four who all seem to believe that they have promises for her hand in marriage. Of course, Josephine is at home doing research and avoiding people, so the person actually looking for help is her Faerie stalker, who's trying to emulate her past problems in an attempt to get closer to her chosen beau.
  3. Josephine has finally discovered - in her studies of Arthurian legends - that a faerie court has become convinced she is descended of the blood of Queen Guinevere, and that is why they long ago kidnapped her as a child. Josephine needs some assistance with a King Arthur and a Mordred to go on a Faerie Adventure with her to re-write a story and help her get free of this accursed beauty.
  4. A magus or companion who frequently attends the galas of the nobility runs into Josie-as-Josephine, and the faerie is promising the player great favors if they can help the stalker Faerie get into Josephine's sanctum - Josie is confident that if she can find the right piece of jewelry from Josephine's collection, she can win her beloved's heart.
  5. A faerie knight is approaching the characters to gain assistance in their quest: It seems his lord is betrothed to Josephine, and the beauteous maga has failed to attend her wedding ceremony for year after year, despite having elegant invitations delivered. So, the faerie knight seeks aid in 'rescuing the princess' from whatever dark fate is keeping her from her betrothed. Josephine, if asked politely, will give them a wedding dress and tell them to go get married themselves. Or to go kidnap Josie instead.

Ivory Comb of Glitter and Glamour (Muto Animal 25)

R: Touch, D: Conc, T: Ind
This is an enchanted ivory hair-comb inlaid with silver and magnetite gemstones, and enchanted to create beautiful outfits. When the gemstones are touched and the secret words whispered, the enchantment on the jewelry transforms a touched article of clothing into something different - similar to The Queen Clad as Diamond and Silk, often weaving the fabric out of precious metals and inset with glimmering gems. With a few moments, an entire outfit could be transformed into something new and glamorous.
(Base 4, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration; +5 levels item maintains, +10 levels unlimited uses)

Design Notes

This is something I wanted her to make for a while. Originally, I wanted it done earlier but I decided to wait and get a broader variety of spells and skills before focusing more.
I at first wanted to make a spell or item that would transform an entire outfit into something sleek and magical and sexy, but I realized that targeting an entire outfit (group) is the same total as unlimited uses.

Be Rid of the Unwanted Suitor (Rego Animal 30)

R: Voice, D: Conc, T: Group
Another spell that's designed to deal with overzealous romantics, it also is quite useful for traversing pits and levitation. Be Rid of the Unwanted Suitor grips an entire set of garments - for example, that rich slobbering merchant's clothing - and forcibly drags the clothing in a direction of the caster's choosing, even if that direction is straight up or another direction. Because of the convenient location of her sanctum, Josephine is prone to just launch unwanted individuals out the large windows and into the nearby lake.
(Base 3, +2 voice, +1 concentration, +2 group, +1 unsupported)

Design Notes

This spell is actually the signature spell of my home saga's Jospehine/Jonequil, and literally the entire reason this character exists.
The spell takes two seasons for her to research, but its a fun one. In addition to being highly useful for mobility (forced or willing), it has some combat options as well, just levitating the enemies into positions where they can't harm you. If you're trying to quickly send people to a safe landing, it probably requires a Finesse roll.

Perfect and Comfortable Fit (Muto Animal 20)

R: Touch, D: Moon, T: Ind
This spell was actually designed for her covenfolk, rather than herself, as Josephine has found more and more that she just wants to wear simple and confortable robes. Perfect and Comfortable Fit transforms an article of clothing to gently hug the body, stretch in places where necessary for comfort, soften against the flesh to avoid chafing, and drift more lightly as the wearer moves. As an added bonus, it makes the fabric a single perfect piece, seamless, and resistant to tears and rips. This removes any penalties to physical actions that stem from ill-fitting, uncomfortable, or constricting attire. If cast on linen or cotton, it requires an herbam requisite.
(Base 4, +1 Touch, +3 Moon)

Design Notes

Josephine has been an incredibly selfish person for a long time, and is trying to make amends - not just to earn the covenfolk's good will, but because she doesn't want to act like the worst of the faeries she grew up with. Growth and change, maga.
This spell had a number of iterations in my notes, but I ended up going with this one, because its long term duration makes it manageable. Josephine has told all the women in her covenant that they can come to her for this spell twice a month, and they're allowed to bring their families. She isn't allowing men to come speak with her for the spell, because men are jerks.