Plans/advice for November (Josephine of Merinita)

Because I'm unreasonably proud of it, I'm posting it here:

I posted two spells today instead of one.
I added a low level extra bonus spell today.

That thread is really a delight.
To Be Dragged Away By The Collar little text was wonderful

Josie becoming the other woman is a great and very fitting idea, although I fear she may lose in trouble potential for Josephine, sadly

I'm glad you like it - I have plans. But really, Josephine's flaw is Curse of Venus, not Plagued by Faerie, so I don't expect a low-might faerie to really plague the Merinita for tribunal after tribunal. I have plans.


Plans to develop a spell to destroy Faerie Might? She's quite patient at having that pest arround her.

If you destroy the faerie might you can't get its vis!

You also don't get harassed for two tribunal periods :laughing:

Ah ah ah ah! Very nice twist, I didn't expect it. Discovering this as a player would be quite a shock :smiley:

This reminds me very much on the wonderful comic "Once and Future", by Kieron Gillen. Things like this happen several times during that story

I just realized that this is the last day of Josephine.
This makes me sad, as this was really the thread I was looking forward to each time I connected to the boards.

Thank you very, very much. It was a wonderful thread, useful, interesting, funny, and delightful.


You do not have to stop you can keep on making updates throughout advent.

I like how quickly you are to give me more work...


It's not more work, it's more fun! It's just a question of attitude :slight_smile:

Edit: I'd not paid too much attention to the authorship of the post and thought that you were the one who'd be missing updating her

I made another plot-and-story post for Josephine, and I plan to make more additions now and again when I decide how to build her forwards.

I've also finally published her info on my site for record-keeping.


Now that I'm past that part of the 'plot'... Obviously I didn't want to destroy Josie because I had plans to turn her into a faerie familiar. Josephine, for her part, didn't want to kill Josie for sentimental value, because Josie represents her youthful indiscretion and wildness. Also, a lot of the trouble that Josie caused was not actually problems for Josephine, but instead trouble in her wake.


Yes. I loved that part, I really didn't expect it, and it was nice to see the situation be resolved in a non-confrontational way. We need more of this, IMO.

Didn't realize the part about josie having sentimental value to Josephine, this is a very nice and humanizing touch.

You really had plans and thought it all, didn't you? :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestion - I need to add the Grand Grimoire of Hermetic Spells to my toolbox.. .

Well, I did have a few final goals in mind, yes.

I wanted to play with a faerie familiar, I wanted to have her not get into any deeper mysteries, and I wanted a notably imperfect mix of virtues - Muto affinity, the clothing Focus, her early social interest and then getting fed up with it.

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This, IMO, is important, and a worthy goal.

As players, we have a tendency to create optimised characters, often with a full assortment of virtues, and we tend to forget that life doesn't work that way (and that 10 points is the maximum).
=> When creating most NPCs, I stay behind the limits of 10 v/f, I try not to optimise them too, but the "imperfect mix" was a blind spot of mine. Thanks!

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Yeah, I find sub-optimal choices makes for more interesting characters and roleplaying. Limitations promote creativity.

Usually for NPCs (when I give them full stats) I stick to 8-9 V+F, unless they're into mystery cults.

Mm, maybe I should have Josephine approached by a cult.. or one of the Merinita subcults.


I am probably done posting new things for this Tribunal - without the drive of having to post LOTS of things, I'm enjoying being able to dedicate 2-3 seasons to a single task instead of feeling pushed to make 4 or 5 new spells every tribunal.

When I get a chance I'll do the math on the next +7 years.


Small update, I've got the plans for another Tribunal of Josephine sketched out, and added a few new spells and enchantments for her to play with.

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